I Have Fashion Sense

The insides of my ears match my blanket.

This makes me feel qualified to tell you that maybe you could put a little more thought into your outfit. You know I love you, but this concerns me. Have you seen my brow wrinkles?

It must be hard to have a fashionista pug, Angela S.



  1. Puggy in pink!

  2. Based on that expression of concern and, yes, horror, I’d say someone is wearing shorts, white athletic socks and sandals again.

  3. Busted by the fashion puglice.

  4. Worried dog is worried.

  5. someone has loved the tip of that dog’s nose RIGHT OFF!!! Look how worn that is! too much love. call the authorities, I’ll sacrifice and care for that lill’ pup. Just back away, I’ve got it alllll under control.

    *shifty eyes*

  6. Inside of the ears and tip of the nose naturally pink…the hight of fashon and good taste!
    This on the other hand, may just be a wee bit to much pink:

  7. It looks as though maybe they rub the nose for good luck.

  8. But THIS is not too much pink:
    (hope the link worked)

  9. I wonder if this is what Malachi, the winner at the Westminter this week, looks like when they finally shave off his show coat? Will he be this cute?

  10. Oh, it worked. However, I cannot un-see what I have just seen. 😦

  11. D’oh! I meant to reply to Gigi’s pinksplosion. *shudder*

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    I’d love to have you take me shopping, little puglet. Perhaps it’s true that my worn gray fleece bathrobe, could use a little tweaking, fashion-wise. That’s usually what I’m wearing when I’m here.

  13. Crazy Pants, I think we need to point out that there is a Matchingks tag, which we *obviously* need here, since you yourself have noted the peenk earsies and blankie!

  14. Clearly this little Venus has recently risen from the Pugwash River. I am visualizing something like thees:

  15. Tube socks and birkis. Tsk tsk tsk

  16. Eeek. Puggy just made me look at my own outfit and sigh with disappointment.

  17. Hach, Rosa-Hunde-Öhrchen!

  18. Man the head wrinkles!!! I want to touch them and snorgle this pup.

  19. Your link didn’t work so here goes:

  20. Robin Kiesel says:

    black socks and dr. scholls flip-flops

  21. This elicited an “Oh my gah! Oh my gah! Squeeeeee!” from me. Upon shoving the cuteness in my hubby’s face, all I heard was a soft, heartfelt “awwwww”.

  22. bob drummond says:

    by the Kingston trio !

  23. OMG! A pug with a puggle (a baby platypus, see in the background? See? See?
    And I have the same Beanie Baby puggle sitting on my dresser right now. Her name is Pashmina.

  24. That is what we here call “The Casual Ear”

  25. Pugs are quickly becoming my fave dog.<3 And there's Patty the Platypus! ❤

  26. Not sure what I’m seeing. Is the pink a blanket? Or is it the outside of the world’s cushiest, most luxurious two-tone doggie bed, with brown piping between the off-white insides and the pink outsides?

  27. 😯