Time Reports: Interspecies Snorgling Sweeping Nation

This week’s TIME cover story is titled, “The Surprising Science of Animal Friendships.”

Let’s sum up the years of research and work in this 3,360 word article: Interspecies Snorgling Rulez!

Fave quote: “To describe these relationships, Silk, … a skeptic of the whole idea of animal friendship, at last began to use what she calls the F word.” Thanks to Grace L. for the sneak preview. To read more, go to Time.com



  1. I just read this article last night! And Duh! that animals form friendships…

  2. My immediate thought was that since Time is doing a cute animal story in the cover, they must be hiding something, and the international versions must have a very different cover.

    How right I was: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/0,9263,7601120220,00.html

    Time, y u do this :/

  3. this is wonderful that they have recognized the complete dominance of teh qute over important world-shaping events like the one that is on all the covers that Time issued in its worldwide editions this same week

    or they’re calling us stoopit. i can’t tell which.

    a dap of the paw to mr. john stewart of the daily show for pointing this out to me while i was voting for the cutest hedgehog over at WeeNoisies.com

  4. I just read this article last night! And a big *duh!* to the scientists who are just now realizing that animals form friendships. 🙂

  5. must. see. CUTEST. HEDGIES!!! but oh, if only i could type and spell that which is written!

  6. I haven’t read Time in maybe 10 years but you can bet I’ll be buying a copy on my way home tonight.

  7. The story on Mario is also in our Time, this week – apparently they just chose a different cover story for us.

  8. As noted on The Daily Show

  9. whoa. time warp.

  10. I’m all for cute animal stories but really? I don’t read Time magasine but because I’m curious I’m going to go check out the cover we got in Canada.

  11. cellarmouse says:

    obviously meg will be time’s person-of-the-year for the immense influence she has had on our life & times…

  12. arachnophile says:

    Carl Zimmer is hands-down my favorite science writer right now. If you’re not the squeamish sort I can’t recommend his book Parasite Rex more. It will blow your mind just how much parasitism has driven evolution and even culture at times.

  13. I saw the at the airport and thought “Silly Time Magazine. It’s not surprising. Cute Overload’s been studying interspecies snorgling for years.”

  14. Saw the magazine in my mailbox, and thought of this site immediately. Article was interesting too.

  15. That’s the first thing I was thinking. Yes, Daily Show….

  16. Yep. That’s what I thought of, too.

  17. THose of us with multiple species as pets are all very well aware of the whole BFF factor and interspesies snorgaling.

    When Darren(Our big white nursemaid kitty) was alive he always guarded the new baby chicks in the barn until they were big enough to escape from marauding neighborhood cats or other critters.

  18. James Ward says:

    this just makes me sad. Time mag, really? I come to this site to escape the sad dumbing down of the world not to stare it in the face.

  19. we must be doing something wrong. staring at us is supposed to make you drool and babble incoherently.

  20. Only it was mostly about same-species snorgling. OK I guess, but not as cute as the cover. (Though those foxes were beautiful . . .)

  21. Quizkid, you must not have seen two rabbits snorgling. Bonded bunnies are the sweetest things in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another species take such contentment in snorgling each other.