The Finishing Touch

I… I just don’t know what’s the problem. I’ve got my blankie, I’ve got my stuffed toy, and all the same I sense an absence, as if something was missing. But what?

Oh yeah, that’s what it was. Ear scritchies.

Graelyn B. says: “This is Seamus, the cutest Weimaraner puppy ever to walk the earth.”


  1. Seamus: shameless.

  2. Save us!

  3. Georgiabelle says:

    Oh my god. Those eyes. They keel me.

  4. ThirdShift says:

    My greyhound makes these gruntie noises when I vigorously rub his ears. In our house, paws to the ears mean, RUBBBB IT! MOARR MOARR!

  5. Our greyhound Dakota did that too! We used to call those “ear-gasms”. Funniest noise, and she would bury her head under her paws to keep rubbing them even after we had stopped.

  6. yay greyhounds!
    my girl has the same reaction to really gooooood earrubbingks – she says that Mr. tracylee does the best ones… and after he does it, apparently it’s just not the same coming from me :(

  7. What a great story! One of my four cats, black-furred Topik, loves ear-rubbing to the similar extent, and he makes enourmously loud and “musical” purrs accompanied with taking the craziest, weirdiest positions when I scritch him behing his ears. If you don’t mind, I will incorporate “ear-gasms” into my vocabulary :)

  8. Heh, my ex-husband used the same word to describe how it feels to clean your ear out with a Q-Tip (yes, I know the package says not to do that). :)

  9. That is one beautiful dog!

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    The dog is gorgeous and all the bright colors in his house! Nice!!

  11. Crazy Pants says:

    You have captured precisely what is happening, MTMTOM.

  12. ogeminijune says:

    Lovely dog and he is actually hugging a teddy bear! Awwww

  13. ReaderLady says:


  14. Possibly, actually, the cutest Weimaraner puppy ever to walk the earth. Dawwww!!

  15. My dad, who loves Weimaraners, says, “Ain’t nothing finer than a Weimaraner ear.”

    Seamus has definitely got some potent Cute and knows how to use it.

  16. Velvet kronsche! :)

  17. Hey, you gotta have your blankie.

  18. I want to lose myself in those eyes.

  19. Mee to, Gigi. Will you please make some room for me? :)

  20. awwwww, blankie and ear scritchies!!
    Wait, that’s a puppy?? My what big paws he has!

  21. In the moderation lounge again. Hmmm, I’m looking for some cookies…..

  22. Moi, Actually says:

    While you’re there, could you look around for my spectacles? Think I left them behind while looking at a really cute dachshund.
    Don’t you just love the colour echo between the stuffed toy and the eyes?

  23. Look at those ginormo paws, people. Ginormo. Paws.

  24. If he ever grows into them feets. Lord help us all!

  25. Wiemies are indeed fabulously gorgeous. But sadly, they are insane. Like supermodels they tend to be all beauty and no um… substance.

  26. To be fair, the dimness / stupidity of purebreds is the fault of the breeder. For these people, looks do matter more.

  27. *sips on the cocktails in the moderation lounge..oh they brought out new cheese samples!*

  28. please do drop us a postcard, will you?

  29. Irish Setters, also. Crazy beautiful. With emphasis on the crazy.

  30. Oh good grief. Too darn adorable.

    Also, reminds me of this CO classic!

  31. Aw, thanks for the link. I’d never seen it. So adorbs, so charming.

  32. Gorgeous dog. I’m partial to them big, gorfy dogs.

  33. In fact Jessica… Weimaraners are regarded as one most intelligent breeds. They were coined a “wonder dog” when they were introduced because of their high capacity to learn commands and interpret their humans faces.

  34. I would believe this. We have had one beautiful girl for the last 12 years, and stupid is the last thing I would call her. Silly at times, of course…..but she is way too smart for her own good!

  35. Gorgeous, gorgeous dog.

  36. Adorably gigantic paws, yes. And those eyes in the second image: utter bliss!

  37. Oh my. those eyes…

  38. Have to agree. The eyes have it. Gorgeous doggeh!

  39. Seamus, you wanna go fetch my heart up off the floor where it fell when I saw your aborable face? Atta boy.

  40. sunnylessmum says:

    Thank you, made me laugh, didn’t think it was possible today :)

  41. I have a lap, some blankets, stuff toys, and my hands are doing the motion of a ear scritch. The only thing that’s missing is a puppy.

  42. I could just dive into those cushions with Seamus and get my ears slobbered on.

  43. I don’t even know why I’m in the mod lounge. What’s for desert?

  44. You have a choice of Sahara, Gobi or Mojave! ;-)


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