Notes From Base Camp

Having rested overnight, our team of rugged trekkers decide to explore the uncharted territory.

Filled with both excitement and apprehension, we brave the great unknown in the spirit of adventure.

It is Glorious!

Thanks for documenting the expedition Grace E.


  1. Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter. Keep an eye out for Mr. McGregor…

  2. Omg, they’re almost as teeny as the blades of grass! >ded<

  3. What brave little explorers. Look at that baby bun confidence as they contemplate which quadrant of grass to devour.
    “I’ll take North”
    “I’ll take South”
    “I’ll take East”
    “I’ll start with this blade right here.”

  4. LOL! Who is creative and witty, Miriam?! You are! Yes you are!

  5. Yeah but it’s or miss. Astrology might be involved. Planets and stars have to align with…well, usually chocolate.

  6. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    Crazy Pants is AKA Miriam? Or vice versa?

  7. Nope. Miriam doesn’t have enough funny bones to be Crazy Pants

  8. The Pants have Bones? 8O

  9. Crazy Pants says:

    I don’t know about that, Miriam. You crack me up on a regular basis.

  10. Theresa 8O 8O 8O

  11. Is it me or do they keep multiplyin’ in each pic?
    Tooo sweet!

  12. Well they ARE bunnies. :lol:

  13. Fird Birfle says:


  14. Nom Tom (or whatever your name is), I think you’ve got some pretty stiff competition in Crazy Pants here. Better pull your socks up!

    (I’m going to have to get a bigger coffee table to hold all of the Cute Overload books.)

  15. Yes, as I read the story I was thinking “hmm, Crazy Pants seems to have been training in the school of Nomtom.”

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    I”m not so sure ….no Superduper Acme “ExpandO” runon sentences, here ….. ;)

  17. Yet. “No Superduper Acme ‘ExpandO’ runon sentences, here yet……” ;)

  18. *Thinking about NTMTOM’s socks* 8O

  19. Theresa, you are weird.

  20. And now I’m hearing Jim Morrison’s song about how people are strange in my head……

  21. (That song was done by The Doors, right? My brain retains the songs, but not necessarily the artist info….)

  22. Hey, I didn’t bring up the socks!!! :P

  23. or the broccoli ice cream

  24. What are you suggesting, ceejoe?

  25. heh heh… [shifty eyes] … ummm, … just that … ummm … we’re all a little weird here… yeah, that’s it!

  26. Weirdly rhythmic. :P *dances*

  27. Nom Tom is the one who is supposed to bring up the socks.

    (And I’d just as soon the broccoli ice cream stayed down, thanks. :mrgreen: )

  28. Socks and Pants– the laundry is piling up around here!

  29. That sounds like something you Mom would say, Theresa, after she commented on all the poop.

  30. I thought rabbits only came out of top hats!

  31. Silly T.U.M. Those are EXPLORER rabbits.

  32. A pith helmet then?

  33. and that is an EXPLORER hat….a Tilley, I think, from down under in Australia

  34. I agree, Angel. I have just inspected my Tilley hat and it ain’t got no buns.

    I tried to explain in the shop, but they ran me out.

  35. Cats have boxes, rabbits have hats.

  36. Follow me, it’s this way to Watership Down!

  37. That book makes me cry!

  38. OH i just love that book!

  39. I would really, really like to nibble gently on these bunnies.

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    *GO for it, sk’mom :) *

    Also : it’s always nice, when you can color-coordinate your band of hardy
    explorers like this !!!

    OTOH, I suppose these youngsters haven’t quite got the world-weary ennui and
    disapproval thing down yet. They look positively squirmy, with scientific curiosity!!!

  41. That one in picture two, front of the pack, with the black muzzle! I may need resuscitation, stat

  42. Oh, Firdie, I think you need to bring out the defibrimajiggy.

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    Here’s the standard one. The Hello Kitty model is out for repairs.

    *Calls out for additional CuteMergenCy Staff to report in*

  44. hmmm, I suppose the hello kitty defibrilamobob does get heavy use, but the standard model isn’t cute at all *gets busy with glitter glue and fluffy butterfly stickers* There. Much better. Cute baby bunnies, I love the wobbly-nose stubby-ear baby bun stage!

  45. The Defibramajiggy™ gives your heart extra rhythm.

  46. And NTMTOM socks give your feet extra rhythm.

  47. Not to mentions Aroma!

  48. Whew! Thanks, everyone. (Passes out lollipops shaped like buns) I’ve got to learn when to have my Rescute Inhaler handy!

  49. The axes of snorgling are strong on these ones…

  50. Axisii(?) of snorgling perchance? ….and yes it/they is/are…the axis/ii of snorgling is/are immeasurably strong on this/these one/s. :D

  51. Forget the Elvis painting on black velvet, I want one of those black bunnies!

  52. I had a black foster bun for a while… he was very cuddle-able!

  53. Yes you dooooo!
    Her Grace, Duchess Winslet vonThumpington is a black Satin, and gloriously sleek and silky black except for delicate shadings of pale grey inside her ears.

  54. y’all just made my day, every last one of you

  55. what tracylee said!

  56. hey, how’s miss schnozz? 8O

  57. ornery as ever :)

  58. Ahem.

    You are in a clearing, with a forest surrounding you on all sides. A path leads south. On the ground is a pile of leaves.
    >eat leaves
    I don’t think that the pile of leaves would agree with you.
    The forest becomes impenetrable to the north.

  59. ThirdShift says:

    Nobody gets me. :(

  60. I get you! I was just missing the twisty passages that all look the same. :P

  61. PS: Xyzzy

  62. NOMTOM actually did a post like this that was wildly popular based on the old style gaming. So lots of people here get you don’t worry.

    My favorite was >hit the mage with a banana.

  63. ThirdShift says:

    I found the old post!

    You cannot kill the Mage with the banana.

  64. That’s right! That post was hysterical and I didn’t even play those games. Clever boy our NOMTOM.

  65. As an addicted “Zelda” player, I got it too. But can’t find NOMTOM’s post. Somebody have a title or searchable phrase to get to it?

  66. ThirdShift says:

    Here’s the link:

    Read the comments and be amazed at how many secret geek lurkers on cuteoverload. We need another nerd-bait post. :) And I say “geek” and “nerd” with the utmost love and respect, being one of them.

  67. God I love Rabbits….

  68. Fleurdamour says:

    Dr. Livingsbun, I presume.

  69. I was thinking Doctor Lapingston :lol:

  70. Perfectly stated.

  71. In the last pic, the bunnehs are in a perfect V-formation!

  72. this is one of the most consistantly continuously HILARIOUS threads we’ve had since the fuzzy bagel one, which won, to my mind..

    when i looked at these bunns in the pics all i could think was: i wanna be one,l i wanna be there, i n that cool carpet grass up to my ears, with my beloved sibs, and i want to set out on a cool green adventure. so badly do i want this.
    human childhood: the smell of hose water on hot sidewalks, sitting in a tub of water, tasting the hose water, which is unique and wonderfully cold.

    wait for me, troops….

  73. I love that curious bunny head streycht action!

  74. The Original Jane says:

    I didn’t know bunnies came in dalmation.

  75. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST bury face in pile of bunnehs. Wait…I feel…faint…can’t catch…breath…..*hyperventilating*….. must…lay down…but must have…anerable…bitty buns… *claws at computer screen and crumples to the floor*

  76. Calling Nurse Steffie!

  77. emmberrann says:

    Aherm. It’s “Dalmatian,” or so I have been informed by the grammar gods. But I am a grammar geek.

  78. they’re all like “look at the FOOOOOOOOD….”

    must be like being released into a field of pizza

  79. Fleurdamour says:

    Lagniappe de lapin

  80. Our son Jesse named his companion rabbit “Stew”. He has always had a slightly twisted sense of humor.

  81. Bunnies!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

    ~ Kieli ~


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