Knitting for Beginneuws

We know you like to see pets enjoying their sweateuws. You will loff these!

It’s a sweateuw, it’s a tube, it’s a sweatube top!

And doubles as a tea cozy!

I look like Cliff Huxtable.

Savannah O., with the help of her sister Jillian, made tiny sweaters for their guinea pigs, Heart (brown), Fiona (white) and Indiana (calico).



  1. cute!!!

  2. Cute guinea pigs, cute sweateuws. Reminds me of how I went to the trouble of making little fleece coats my cats. One leopard print, one tiger. (I thought about being whimsical and getting, say, cow and zebra prints, but I didn’t want them to be embarrassed.) Little ingrates can’t stand them.

  3. The first thing that popped into my head was that they look like no-neck jocks.

  4. OH MY! Retailers will be scrambling to stock up on this season’s HAWT new Guinea Sweateuws!! *action shot of peeg skiing it up in Aspen*

  5. I’m confused. Are these really 3 different peegs? The first and third look like the same peeg and same sweateuw? Maybe it is just my untrained eye. In which case, which one is the the calico and does that term mean something different than it does with kittehs?

  6. Omg my peegs would FLIP if I tried to put sweateuws on them but HOW DARN CUTE!

  7. Ok seriously, when are we going to get a knitted tag?

  8. OH piggies in a blankie. My fav.

  9. Old Piggy debuts it’s new line of Guinea sweateuws for fall! 😉

  10. wannadance says:

    back in the day, they were laig warmers for tiny little baby ballet dancers. see the little heel holes? um, both little heel holes on one laig? must be why we never saw them on the teevee….

    and now, they are useful, in a mottled kind of way.

  11. When will these be available for purchase? They could be paired with Teh Qte calendar.

  12. LisaLassie says:

    You have raised an imortant question. There is NO calico peeg here! And those sweaters do look alike. I fear that a FRAUD has been committed against us innocent Peeps. Who is to blame? The sender-inner? The previously completely serious and dependable CO staffers? I am very disturbed. I mean, this is very upsetting. If you can’t trust CO, then you can’t trust anyone. Excuse me, I am swoooooNing. Get me the smelling salts before I fai…….THUNK.

    Ok, I’m back. I demand an investigation. Where is a private cute detective when you need one?

  13. Cats, there’s just no pleasing them…

    I do hope you took photos when you tried the coats on the cats…?

  14. I wish I’d thought of that!

  15. I thought that I just didn’t know what a calico guinea pig was, since I didn’t see any that looked like a calico cat. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought those were the same two piglets!

  16. I do believe that I recognize the green yarn as Red Heart N sole in the Green envy colorway. I myself have a pair of socks made from it. For to keep my own piggies warm.

  17. Savannah O. says:

    Hello! I am the owner of the pigs and they did not include a photo of the calico pig!!! The first and third photos are of the same pig (Heart). Guess Indiana (calico) didn’t make the cut this time!!

    xoxo Savannah O.

  18. kibblenibble says:

    😆 <—————–kibblenibble after viewing these sweateauw peegs.

  19. OH MY GOODNESS. My poor pig just got surgery and so her fur was shaved. I’m sure she’d look rocking in a nice sweater.

  20. kibblenibble says:

    They are cute in their sweateauws, Savannah. Do they really like them, or are they just very polite peegs? 🙂

  21. Oh soooooooo cute! I miss my dear pigs who now reside in heaven and wish so much I could have dressed them in little knitted sweaters like these sweeties here.

  22. sabrina rose says:

    I’d like to suggest that we knitters volunteer to create sweaters, warming blankets, sockies, etc. for piggies, puppies, any little pets in need of warmth and comfort. Or just to make fashion statements so they can get their pictures published! Hammies and ratties probably like snuggly yet colorful little beds or tubes to sleep in. There might be some real possibilities here to create things that are useful, fun, amusing, and photogenic.

  23. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’d love one of these exquisite garments for myself. If only my neck was the same widith as my waist!

  24. Alice Shortcake says:

    Or WIDTH, even. I can’t brain today.

  25. Bumble The Bunny says:

    n’awww!!! we lost one of our guinea-pigs recently, and the other one is now cold at night 😦 is there a pattern anywhere for these?

  26. And why do they need these…? I’m sorry, but just stop putting extra coats on animals, they do have a sufficient coat (same as we don’t wear theirs…)!
    If they would have needed sweaters, they would be born with fingers that could do the knitting themselves…

  27. I used to dress my long haired tabby up in baby clothes when I was in college during the winter cuz I didn’t want her to get cold. Did I get any love? oh HECK no :(. my usually sweet and mommy-loving kitteh turned into spawn from the 9th spiral of Hades. Hmph!

  28. Dang, I’ve always thought:”Is there anything finer than a peeg?”

    That has been answered for me today. Yes. There IS something finer than a peeg, and that’s peegS in sweateuws.

  29. WHen I look at the pics I can just hear their “ree ree rees” of delight, followed by the “purd-d-d-d” trill of miff-ed-ness after the placement of sweateuws.

  30. one of my first knitting projects was making Miss Schnozz a scarf! I didn’t even THINK to make peeg sweateuws!
    (& she looks super mega cute in it, btw)

  31. My little sweeties don’t get evil, they just get . . . pathetic. They lie limply on the floor as if they can’t possibly move, or, at best, slowly slink along with their bellies almost touching the floor, like every step is a Herculean effort. I try to tell them, “But you always want to be WARM!” Then I feel guilty and take the coats off.

  32. Would someone please tell us how “sweateuw” is pronounced? Sweat-eew? Sweat-yuh-wuh? Sweaty-ow? Sweat-oh?

    …Actually, a nasal fronche “sweat-OH” (rhyming with chateau) would be in line with the CO vernacular. If this eternal quesCHONNE is never answAIRED, I shall be using this pro-NONCHE-eea-CHONNE in my interNALLE monologues.

    But some confirm or deny would be nice, ya know?

  33. sabrina rose…i would love to participate in this project. the “co-knitters”.
    count me in!

  34. As you may remember, the late and much beloved Mr..Picky refused to wear anything but only his original issue floofy grey fur coat.. Even a collar was too much for him to bear. Let alone a leash and, gods help us all, a sweateuw. How do you manage to get the peeg to accept it?

  35. I don’t know either but I just laughed my butt off reading your post our loud.

  36. Or shall I say… out loud.

  37. that’s right! and don’t give them names, either! or food. why can’t they go shopping all by themselves? ingrates. it’s not like they even APPRECIATE all the hard work that goes into knitting a sweater!

  38. womblegirl says:


  39. 😯

  40. Don’t worry, we’ve all had days like this! 😆 *hug* Instead of saying” I need a coffee!”, from now on I’ll just say “I can’t brain today!” Love it! *hug*

  41. LOL, Sharpy! :mrgreen:

    (I suspect that the zooming sound is your irony going right over someone’s head…)

  42. kibblenibble says:

    Personally, I pronounce it the way a three-year-old would who cannot yet pronounce their “r” sound.

  43. Chanting, “Pics, pics, pics…”

  44. LisaLassie says:

    Savannah: sorry I couldn’t reply sooner: I was so upset by the perceived fraud that I just could not visit again.

    Until now. Thank you, thank you, Savannah, for clearing up the mystery. And congratulations on your taste in both guinea peegs and peeg sweateauws.

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Berg & also Randi: When I read your descriptions, I saw your gatos as the two ladies in the film Singin’ in the Rain, scene, below

    Phoebe Dinsmore: No, no, no Miss Lamont,
    Round tones, round tones. Now, let me hear you read your line.

    Lina Lamont: And I cayn’t stand’im.
    Phoebe Dinsmore: And I can’t stand him.
    Lina Lamont: And I cayn’t stand’im.

    Phoebe Dinsmore: Cahn’t.
    Lina Lamont: Cayn’t.
    Phoebe Dinsmore: Caaaan’t
    Lina Lamont: Cayyyyn’t

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    poor piggie. Is everything all betteuw, now???

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    tee hee

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    Here’s a starting point for something. It doesn’t say a pattern but perhaps there could be other links within the article??
    Best of luck.

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    “original issue floofy grey fur coat” *snerk*

    Methinks emmberran must have been raised in a military family.
    I’ll even go so far as to attempt to gauge which branch. I’ll say Army.

  50. Awesomes idea!!! Lots of puppies at shelters need jumpers. Even in the summer. We have some great knitters here in Wellington NZ who create marvellous fashions for the puppies. But there are also crochet and beginner knitter patterns.

    We had a longhaired cat come in that was so matted it had to be almost completely shaved. It was hiding in a box and shivering, even though the cat room has the heat turned way up all the time. I got a small puppy jumper for it (in a swirly purple and orange) and by the end of the day she was working it like a supermodel. Fierce! She got adopted that week, too.

  51. GPs apparently suffer from the same illnesses as humans do, Helen. They get old, they get cold.Ttheir coats get thin. It’s best not to take chances if they have to be outdoors for even a short time, like a trip to the vets.

  52. It looks like knit two, purl two rib for about 5 rows, then continue in knit five purl two (the ribbing gives it extra stretch) for about thirty rows (depending on the length of your peeg – I have a beeg peeg) and then back to knit two purl two for about ten rows for the neck. Cast off in ribbing. Knit two pieces. Press and sew pieces together, leaving gaps where the front legs go. I don’t know how many stitches would be needed. I guess about 30 apiece, looking at the pictures, but again it depends on how rotund your peeg is. I’m assuming it’s 4 ply yarn.

    Anyhoos, it’s very clevair and they are beautiful peegs.

  53. Hi Savannah! Thank you for explaining. My mistake for thinking the last image was of Indiana. I would love to see a pic of Indiana if you want to submit more pics!

  54. Only the ones needed for the Accident & Emergency records 😉

  55. ….supposed to be under Berg’s request for a picture of Juno’s cats wearing their new fleeces……

  56. Love the looks they are giving. Very vogue! The last pic totally screams Paulie D though….

  57. *snerk*

  58. Is that pattern on Ravelry?

  59. Paula Olson says:
  60. anamaria says:

    very, very cut!!!