Nugget Has Experiences

Nugget travels and learns that Athens is a bust.

Nugget discovers near…

…and far.

Nugget gets tickled.

Oh, Kelly P., how do you get anything done?




  2. Yeah, how could anybody get anything done with that cutie around?

  3. He looks a little scared in the third photo. I guess that’s him being a chicken Nugget.

  4. This is what she gets done. Pictures of cutest little thing!

  5. i love you nugget…you are a delicious nugget of floofy goodness! 🙂

  6. YAY Crazy Pants!!! Nugget in the third photo just broke my heart. If it was alone, I think it would be “Cute or Sad”.

  7. It’s hard enough to stay on top of things with adult cats. This baby would take up all my time.

  8. You can’t fool me, that first shot is the Parthenon in Nashville.

  9. Megumi's Mom says:

    yeah third photo is “OMG! poor baby, let me rescue you!”

    Seimei On My Lap

    for comparison, THIS little guy ^^^ is now 5 years old and 12.5 lbs!

  10. Oh my gosh. the 3rd one is SO sad. You could picture tears welling up and sniffles starting. 😦

  11. Strawberry Switchblade says:

    Poor Nugget, that’s Nashville, not Athens! I’d be disappointed too.

  12. Nugget doesnt like the height…

  13. That is a face full of woe right there…

    I think “Nugget” is my new favorite kitten name. What a little morsel of cuteness!

  14. Nashville can has kittens!

  15. Nugget is gold!

  16. The little bones in his paws on the last picture, are so wonderfully highlighted. You can see every little one.

  17. WHAT is this being? I am convinced that this thing is an extraterrestrial kitten. So utterly betwitching!!

  18. Wow. I find myself reduced to happy cooing giggles. Wow.

  19. Utterly adorable kitten. I would like to point out that that is the Parthenon in Nashville, TN in the first picture, not Athens, Greece. You can kinda tell because it’s not a ruin. ;~)

  20. it appears nugget lives in Nashville!

  21. Megumi's Mom says:

    yep, his little fingers and knuckles are entirely cute 😀

  22. Good thing I didn’t have any more plans tonight. I’ll be too busy melting. Though that first picture has the hovertext I’ll be trying to work into a conversation somehow tomorrow.

    Nugget is the best kitten name since my personal fave kitten, Cricket.

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    “a chicken Nugget”

    Oh, boy… ~_~

  24. C’mere Nugget, imma nibble you.

  25. HAW

  26. Teeeckle teeeckle teeeeeckle!

  27. Picture 2=triangle head, not to be confused with trapezoid eyes.
    What a cute kitteh.

  28. Anyone else reminded of the Goodies “Kitten Kong?”
    No? The “good” stuff starts at 10:15.

  29. Omg, thank you for making me discover the first hovertext – I lolled. Nugget is adorbable and so is Cricket!

  30. I think he’s saying: Mooooommm!!!! I cannot get DOWN! Will you help me!?

  31. I would like a 6 piece Nugget please!!! Then Two can sit on my shoulders, one on my head, I can hold two in my hands and the last in my lap!!!

  32. Gee, thanks. Now I have to go look at Cricket…

  33. Casey Kendall says:

    …Is that Centennial Park, in Nashville?

    If so, please bring the baby to Franklin, TN. I want to cuddle.

  34. the 3rd photo displays a perfect muzzlepouche. Pouche-hance needed stat!

  35. Now I can’t get anything done!!! Why so cute!!

  36. Yay–it looks like Nugget must live (or at least made a visit) not far from me–that first pic isn’t Athens, it’s the Parthenon in Nashville. I feel privileged to share this city with such an adorable, squee little kitty!.:-)

  37. Those eyes! I’d say he looks despondent…. full of ennui and overwhelmed by the futility of existence.

  38. HA!

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    Nugget is adorable. Also, I very much appreciate the Grover reference. I loved Grover when I was little. I had a book about him going to a museum… Hmm. Fuzzy (vague) but warm memories.

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    wow. such a visceral, authentic presentation.

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    that’s what Meg & co. wanted, all along 🙂

  42. Fird Birfle says:


    Wot a nahhse, Outrageous Frawnsche Acksent yew have, Mme Therese

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    To me, it seems that the most-crucial bit(s) , is/ are
    the underarms region(s) , in pic #4.

  44. I think this is from a breeding program crossing kittens and fennecs, check out those ears!!!!

  45. Alice Shortcake says:


    *Leaps through screen*

  46. emmberrann says:

    Tiny toofies! How old was Nugget when these Pics were taken? Want this bebeh!

  47. Emo Nugget

  48. She is worth it.

  49. “Columns upset me” is fantastic for some reason.

  50. Sadie's Mom says:

    That looks like Nashville….

  51. Yay! First photo hovertext totally wins!!

  52. Awww cute. I call my new kitten Nugget, even though her name is Susan. And I think that is Nashville. Looks like the Parthenon.

  53. Yes! Clearly, it’s part of some devious plan for world domination. If we’re all dissolved into cooing puddles of awww (yes, that makes no sense, but that’s the point, isn’t it…), then Meg & Co could easily take over. Of course, if taking over involves lots of cuteness, that’s hegemony I can live with.

  54. She is, and I have watched those videos over and over before — but had to do it again last night. 🙂

  55. and it’s not even a marmie…

  56. Yes, that’s Nashville in all it’s dead grass glory, I was just up there the other day. To imagine that little Nugget is in my hometown, somewhere…being cute….i MUZT FIND HEEEMMM!!! Let the hunt BEGIN!!!@@@!!!

  57. Fird Birfle says:

    *delighted giggle*

  58. Fird Birfle says:

    *particularly enjoying “springblargh”*

  59. I think those are the longest fingaires I have ever seen on a feline. I predict that Nugget grows up to be a pianist.

  60. FancyNancy says:

    Oh how I lof, lof, lof white kittehs! Swoon….

    I’d love to see what colors nuggets eyes end up being. Blue…amber… green? I WANT UPDATE PHOTOS!!

  61. Beautiful.

    It looks like you plucked Nugget from the clouds in the first picture!

  62. ‘Tis. I hope little Nugget was not too distraught in that first picture.

  63. I found myself thinking of that “gold nugget” bubble gum that they used to sell, that came in little cloth sacks and looked like bright yellow Nerds?

    Or am I just old?


    Anyway, Nugget is stinkin’ cute.

  64. That is where white kittens come from, isn’t it?

  65. Theo, forgive the plagiarism, but I cannot think straight right now!!!
    EXACTLY!! Everything you said!! [gasp]

  66. Or maybe he’s zeroing-in on a tasty kitty snack on the floor

  67. Yep, every minute. Snorgling floofy tummy and scratching beind tiny earsies.

  68. smallthunder says:

    My much-beloved, dearly departed dachshund was named Nugget, and I am wrestling with some major Cute Overload Cognitive Dissonance here because I always thought that HE was the Cutest Nugget Evar …

    oh, my … what to do, what to do … what to think?

    I know! I am going to personally dub this outrageously cute kitten “Morsel.”


    He (she?) is THE cutest little morsel of wonderfulness evah!

  69. Shucks, and I was thinkin’ that this was a tiny messenger from the Greek Gods of Olympus. Maybe even a spawn of Zeus.

  70. Aren’t they all????

  71. Nashville Nuggets…isn’t that the name of a football team or something!? 😉
    What a little cutie!

  72. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for all Nuggets who are not fast-food 🙂

  73. I dunno, Fird, if I had access to this guy I might not be able to resist making him fast food, he’s so adorably nommable.

  74. Fird Birfle says:

    Way-all, Ah don’t know nutthin’ ’bout no Nashville Nuggets athletic team HOWEVER
    some uv y’all jist MIGHT enjoy the follerin’ item

    (sorry about the little ad that wants to put the song on yer cellphone/ click it away; I already attempted this from other sources and they didn’t work ….)

    It’s about Nashville AND about Cats !!!
    (and the lead singer for L. Sp. is the same guy who eventually sang the tv theme song, for the TV program Welcome Back Kotter, as well ….)

    AND it’s got a great beat and you can dance to it
    (early Amer. Bandstand line, for those who even recall what Amer. Bandstand WAS
    “once ‘pon a time” ….)

    HIT IT, John!!!!!!! 🙂

  75. Fird Birfle says:

    (PS: I think that I see at least one line where the lyric they’ve written might not be quite right….oh well)

  76. Fird Birfle says:

    true dat.

    But then, smallthunder would haz ANODDER sad 😦

  77. Those little teeny teefers! Sweet pink nose! *faints away with joy*

  78. I love how the mouf and blanket/pants (crazy pants, is that you?) match in the last photo.

  79. I remember that too. Guess that means we’re both old.

  80. Make that the three of us !

  81. Release the nugget Kracken !!!!

  82. I’ve always kind of wanted to name something “Niblet.”

  83. Found the video on YouTube and sang along with the lyrics, very cute! Thanks Fird Birfle!

  84. Oh, man 😀 I would just love to see that 😀 I have my Canadian Passport 😀

  85. You are so lucky, Jennifer 😀 I so want to snorgle sweet little Nugget 😀

  86. @Noelegy: I once had a gerbil who I named Niblet! She was butterscottish/uncooked corn-colored, but also quite a chewer, so it was appropriate 2 ways! 🙂

  87. Tehe dats cute


  89. “springblargh” ! LOL

  90. “columns upset me” hovertext. hilarious!

    what an anerable kitteh. sweet sweet!

  91. yep yep yep! (all we have in Memphis is an empty pyramid, so we have to drive a few hours to enjoy a city that has some idea of what to do with interesting buildings)

  92. Zeus was notorious for erm, spreading it around.

    *giggling at the idea of a half-immortal kitteh*

  93. Kitten-pits are powerful cute, aren’t they?

  94. Not so old. 😀 We still sell that in our store!

  95. Need help, Tamara? 😀 I have my Canadian Passport and I can come down to Nashville and help you find dear sweet Nugget 😀

  96. Fird Birfle says:


  97. Susie-Qute says:

    Do you not see that the little nugget is scared out of his little feline mind in all 3 pics? He is being raised high in the sky, put on the edge of a cliff–er, table–and left alone on top of a mountain. My poor little shuggie-sweetie. I will save you–come to Mama!

  98. Yes, I did see how scared poor sweet little Nugget is in all 3 pictures, especially the first one, Susie-Qute. I will help you with the snorgling of Nugget 😀

  99. so stinkin’ CUTE!!!!!

  100. Same here, FancyNancy 😀

  101. Oh you dun gone and did it now, Kelly P. — I know where you live, and I’m commin’ for your redonkulous kitten!!

    …Or, I’ll at least ask you politely to bring her back to Centennial Park and let me snorgle her a little.

  102. aaawwwwwww cute little Nugget!