Now It’s Time For Everybody’s Favorite Gameshow: WHAT! IS! THAT?

The choices are A. baby hairy hippo, B. premature capybara, or C. tiny rescued squirrel.

Tic-toc.  Tic-toc.  BUZZZZZZZ  Time’s up!

Let’s ask our WHAT! IS! THAT? guest for a hint.

“My mama says when I grow up I will chitter and climb and have lots of nuts.”

That’s right, it’s a tiny rescued squirrel! Better luck next time when we play WHAT! IS! THAT?

Thanks sender inner, Mandie W.



  1. It’s a squirrel larva.

  2. HA! larva

  3. Very gently deposits a kiss between baby’s squirrel’s eyes.

  4. Teeny tiny ear nubbins. Oh, and a very soft, quiet boop.

  5. (Altogether, now:)

    (P.S. should the answer have gone under the picture? Jus’ sayin’.)

  6. The eye capsulest eye capsules EVER.

  7. Ohhh–(smacks self in head)–now I see it. I thought those were its ears, and the eyes were two darkish spots still submerged beneath the fur. Anybody else see it this way, or am I crazy? victoreia, care to weigh in?

  8. To paraphrase Jefferson Airplane, your eyes look like ears, Baby Squirrel! Which is pretty darn cute.

  9. Yes, I thought the same thing! (See below.)

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    Me too! I didn’t even think it had eyes! It looked kind of creepy to me! (And it seems to have generated an over-exclamation-point episode!)

  11. I love this new gameI I hope it’s a new category!

  12. best. hovertext. ever.

  13. KittyAdventures says:

    Well i thought it was a baby bunny.. But that wasn’t an option LOL

  14. As one of what I am sure is many, MANY squirrel re-habbers on CO, this one was waaaay too easy! 😉

  15. LAARRRRRRRVA! [rolls around in sleeping bag over you]

  16. I must agree.

  17. Fird Birfle says:


    Actually, I *really* enjoyed the hovertext from the other day,
    on the pic where les lapins are/ were herding the (?) sheep ….

  18. the tiny finger nails are so dinky!

  19. (The Original) Mel says:

    He looks faintly disapproving. Maybe all creatures with five heads look faintly disapproving.

  20. I was totally going for Otter.

  21. his head is shaped just like the pink panther’s

  22. bookmonstercats says:

    Me three. BTW, can we have a cute-hance of the tiny clawsies peeping out of the blankie?

    Why yes, as a matter of fact I do consider myself educated in the correct usage of my native language. Why do you ask?

  23. I thought exactly the same thing.

  24. Yeppers, me too.

  25. Maura Mandrano says:

    Sweeeet baby face. Two weeks old, I’d say. Nuthin’ better’n’ a baby squirrel for the ultimate kyooooot-ness!!

  26. I think that’s a Squippobara.

  27. I think I just died a bit inside.

  28. That’s what I thought-But it doesn’t have any eye?!

  29. It´s that baby from Erazerhead again!

  30. Thanks for the tip and thanks for playing along at home!

  31. joools in PDX says:

    Me too! I thought it HAD NO EYES… creeped me out. Cute or sad?? Claws seem to be coming in nicely however… (shiver)

  32. baileysgrandmom says:

    Hooray! A fellow Victor Borge fan! (But shouldn’t it be “fivehead,” as in one word? After all, forehead is, you know.)