THIS JUST IN: A Tiny McBadgersons Nursed Back to Health

THIS JUST IN: The Daily Mail is reporting:

A tiny badger cub was found abandoned and completely helpless it didn’t look like she would survive.
With her umbilical cord still attached and weighing just 100 grams, any longer on her own and she would have died.
But now the tiny black and white critter has been nursed back to help and has been aptly named Hope.


Cuteporter Hannah D. came in on deadline on this one.



  1. Awwww… Honey Badger don’t give a ….

  2. the snout. the cheeks. the little muzzle powches. ack x 3.

  3. So. Dang. Cute! What happened to the momma?

  4. Get him to the fireside at Toad Hall! Stat!

  5. Okay, let’s get it out of the way right now:

    Badger badger badger badger…

  6. awwww…….

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Click the link. She ees dreenkingk meelks!

  8. Holy Carp! BEEP!!

  9. but cuteoverload does.

  10. In the above picture she is ever so slightly nomming her paw. So cute.

  11. ResQte! Tag that bebehhh!

  12. Also from the link: Prachettites, unite!
    “Secret World has recently launched a £4.4 million Call of the Wild Appeal for a new Wildlife Animal Hospital at the sanctuary. Author Sir Terry Pratchet helped start the appeal after being wowed by the centre’s selfless work.”

  13. Tiny paw to cover its tiny coughs. How anerable!

  14. In the mod lounge, toasting my tootsies on the fender, teasing the resident tuxie, and pondering how many marshmallows I can melt in my cuppa hot chocolate before it overflows.

  15. Mushroom mushroom…

  16. If ever a nosey needed a booping…

  17. Why don’t I ever find a baby badger behind my sofa? *pouts*

  18. You two win the Internet today!

    I just adore badgers. Maybe it’s the Narnia books.

  19. Badger fajita.

    That is all.

  20. Badger? We do need stinking cute badgers!

  21. Go, Hope, go!!!

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    That little nose kind of looks like a cranberry.

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    “It is believed Hope’s mum gave birth in a nearby set before taking her offspring into a summerhouse in Crewkerne, Somerset.”

    Sorry to be stupid, but what’s a ‘set’? Is it like a copse of trees or something? (Help Bookmonstercats, your Britishness is needed.)

  24. From the linked article:

    It’s like all the good things in the world are coming together on CO.

  25. Sorry, the pasted-in quote didn’t show up.
    “Secret World has recently launched a 4.4 million pound Call of the Wild Appeal for a new Wildlife Animal Hospital at the sanctuary. Author Sir Terry Pratchet[t] helped start the appeal after being wowed by the centre’s selfless work.”

  26. A ‘set’ is a badger’s home, its hole, den, pad…The can be quite old, large and elaborate. It is easily located by triping over th bootscraper outside the door.

    More wise and heroic badgers are found at Mossflower Abbey. (Brian

  27. That’s Redwall Abbey.

  28. A snake, a snake, snaaake, snaaaake, oooh it’s a snake.

    Oh, here:

  29. Hi warrior, it should say “sett” which is the name for a badger’s den / burrow. *Removes spectacles, keels over at the qte (and Terry Pratchett)

  30. I LOVE the honey badger!!!

  31. Could this site please stop using the Mail as a source? It’s a really scummy publication.

  32. BRAVA!

  33. Like Dale, as in Chip and Dale.

  34. After going to the Daily Mail link and deciding to read all the way down thru the comments, let me say I am sooooooo glad there is a place like CO where people are kind, welcoming and sensitive to their fellow commentators. Long live the World of Cute! (Also…beep! to the leetle pink nose!)

  35. Set = den or burrow

  36. Actually, I think it’s an error. They also wrote “help” when they clearly meant “health.”
    But, would also appreciate Bookmonstercats input. 🙂

  37. Thanks, you guys. Thanks a LOT. I had managed to forget this song…maybe with years of therapy, I can do it again!

    Cute little cub, too.

  38. From Wikipedia:
    “A badger sett or set is a badger’s den, usually consisting of a network of tunnels..”

    When discussing a badger burrow, I believe the double-t spelling is usual.

  39. It’s definitely the Narnia books! I always wanted to have tea with Mr. and Mrs. Badger.

  40. Hey Dub1, The key to good hot chocolate is to first fill your cup with marshmallows then pour in the chocolate. Add more marshmallows as you drink the choc.if desired. mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  41. I was thinking the same thing, except maybe just a gentle air boop, so as not to wake the baby.

  42. I must be old because my first thought was “A Baby Sister for Frances” by Russell Hoban. My favorite preschool book series about a family of badgers.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    Am I the only one who has noticed the little one’s eyelashes?? They’re .. they’re .. translucent! *sigh*

  44. Your site was obliquely mentioned on American Dad, and no post about it yet? Geeze…

  45. please know that the keeping of the gentle side of the cute overload kingdom is all thanks to the tireless moderations machine… and our lovely Sharpy!

    Believe me… if it weren’t for the Moderations machine… even though we all get stuck in it sometimes for weird things, thinkgs would be a lot messier in here. There are some evil evil peoples in the wowrld who have nothing better to do than rant away on the internets.

    And then our lovely Sharpy rescues us.
    That said… i am off to boop some cute badger nose now!

  46. It is…I can’t argue. And they sure love to bash Americans. But their animal stories can’t be beat. At least the happy ones.

  47. Yay, Frances!

  48. OMG. It´s the baby from Erazerhead! :O

  49. bookmonstercats says:

    *Puts geeky specs on*

    According to my Chambers Dictionary, it can either be “set” or “sett”, either of them being “a badger’s burrow”. We do tend to use “sett” over here, rather than “set”. To me, a “set” is a barristers’ chambers, but let’s not go off on that one.

    Warrior rabbit is partly correct, though. Setts are normally situated in small clearings in woodland or copses.

    *Taked geeky specs off and puts own specs back on*

  50. Hear, hear. I no longer read comments at any other sites.

  51. Badgers? We don’t need no STEENKIN’ BADGERS!

  52. I will take Badger in a Blanket over Pig in a Blanket any day. Yummeh.

  53. cellarmouse says:

    good question…great answers…thank you…(and be sure to polish your specs frequently)…

  54. Perhaps she is blowing the tiniest of kisses to her adoring fans, of whom I am one.

  55. Mmmm . . .. Bananaphone? 😀

  56. Maria Baskett says:

    I’m surprised to not see many posts about the tiny little “hand”! Those tiny little toes – um, er, fingers? – are nommable!

  57. Yippee, you posted my sub-meeee-shon! Does that make me famous?!
    (Apologies that it came from the undeniably trashy Daily Mail but it was too cute NOT to share!)

  58. Some Brits are saving badgers, some have campaigned successfully to have thousands of them shot to prevent the spread of bovine TB, which studies have shown will spread even more widely after they shoot the badgers….

    (not the Daily Mail)

  59. Redwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!

  60. snorglepup says:

    Don’t tell anybody, but I have a strange desire to lick the baby badger head. (shhhh!!)

  61. Yes!! This! KittyAdventures is so so right!

  62. Pensive badger is Pensive.

  63. joools in PDX says:

    And let us not forget The Wind in the Willows.

  64. joools in PDX says:

    Bread and jam! Bread and jam!