Cat Breading in Three Easy Steps

It’s the latest craze, People. Cat Breading.

Step 1: Grab your kitteh

Step 2: Grab a bread-related item (whole grain, Wonder®, pita or tortilla, it don’t matter)

Step 3: Shove that bread over your kitteh’s head, laugh manically, then take a picture.

And don’t forget that Yorkies are basically cats too, so they can participate.

We finally succumbed to featuring this worthwhile meme. Many, many more photos over at Thanks to Ant who always has his antennae on the pulse.



  1. Something tells me Yorkie owners may object. Cats might, too….

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    That looks much tastier than PB & J .. yummy

  3. old goatlady says:

    Ahhh, the third kitty looks like a Rex, a pretty pissed off Rex at that! (hee! hee! I’m sorry, but if laughing at breaded cats is wrong, I don’t wanna be right 😉

  4. My kitty gives a 4 paws down on this latest fashion craze.

  5. old goatlady says:

    P.S. Whoever decided to put a tortilla on a black Rex was a GENIUS! Looks like an evil little Miss Muffett!

  6. My cat would just eat the bread. She’s so not picky about human food.

  7. Oh dear. You may think it’s cute, but really those cats are inbread. Very sad. 😦

  8. Harmlessly pissing off cats is always a source of amusement.

  9. HAW!

  10. You could stick a piece on a bun and it would be the Yeaster Bunny. How’s that for a rye remark?

  11. kibblenibble says:

    Or Little Miss Muffin.

  12. I’m desperately trying to think of a bread/rabbit-related pun, without success. I can only bow to the genius that is 260Oakley, as always.

  13. arachnophile says:

    My thoughts exactly. Heaven knows how much I love kitties but there is something sublime about earning the “stink-eye” from my girl. 😉

  14. old goatlady says:

    Oooh GOOD one!

  15. Seedy, Oakster, seedy. 😛

  16. That is so mean…I love it!!!

  17. Cat breading? That is so adorable – and so last week. Today, it’s all about Pizza Beagling. It’s a thing. Really.

  18. Can’t be caught loafing, now can I?

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    Alzzzo zeee hoovertext there, she eez wunderbar !!!!

    I KNEW w/o a shadow of a shadow of doubt, and w/o seeing even the FIRST
    pic that this wuz a Meg-ified item.


    oops — don’t tell zee kitteeez dat Ah wuz laffing at ’em

    *shifty eyes*

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    oooh a non-n*ff, “n*ff” !!!11!!! 🙂

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    Two more thoughts:

    1) Obvy the Great Financial Downturn of the 21st Century must be over now
    if peeps can use their bread for humiliating los kittayes ….

    2) Are the three steps for Cat BrEEding, any different, from the three steps for
    Cat BrEAding??

    This will be in Moderaysh for the Rest of my life.

    Keywords: humiliating, Breeding ….

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    *checks in to the Moderayshun Lounge with a BIG icy glass of non-leaded lemonade.

  23. WIN!

  24. ARE you in the lounge, Firdie? How about some split pea soup?

  25. You always rise to the occasion.

  26. D’oh!!!

  27. I really kneaded that! 😛

  28. ♫”I’ll never be your Pizza Beagle”♫

  29. lisa chieco says:

    I know this looks hilarious, but each and every cat’s face was strained and upset. I don’t see why anyone would think this was okay and cute. I can see when we have to help our cats like putting on medicine or trimming nails or something and they get mad and upset this way, but just for our amusement is really breaking trust with our friends.

  30. Ding ding ding! We have our first nuff, ladies and gents! Let’s all give lisa a hand!

  31. you’re certainly not one to go against the grain

  32. ♫”I want to be your gluten-free penguin…”♫

  33. looks more like breaking bread with them

  34. I particularly love the gatortilla in pic three. *polite golf claps*

  35. This thread is on a roll! 😛

  36. I’m trying to think of what kind of substances were involved in coming up with this idea. I get that a misspelling of “cat-breEding” would lead to “cat-breAding,” but then who would turn that into fitting slices of bread around cats’ faces? The phrase “evil genius with too much time on hir hands” comes to mind.

    I’m also trying to think of how my former ResQte Kitteh would have felt about this. He probably would have batted the stupid thing off his head, pummeled it down to a ragged bunch of crumbs, and then demanded cuddle time.

  37. Crumby pun, that.

  38. At least you’ll have bread there, Fird.

  39. *snerk*

  40. It reminds me of one of Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits.

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    How about, “they’re all toast?”

  42. All have that very long-suffering look of “Okay, time again to let Mom think she’s in control for a couple seconds.”

  43. You’ve got some crust. 😛

  44. Your Ants having tentacles might be why we never see any pictures of cute little ants, huh?

  45. “Shove that bread over your kitteh’s head, laugh manically, then take a picture.”

    this is how the marryjeewanna mixes pets and endless entertainment. lol.

  46. Bread looks especially delicious with a *marmalade* kitty. :>

  47. HAHAHAH.

  48. Are we supposed to laugh manically or laugh maniacally? the text has one, and the hovertext has another. Or indeed, can we do both? Laugh like a manic maniac?

  49. To be absolutely safe, i think we better do both. Belt and suspenders kind of thing.

  50. old goatlady says:

    I don’t know, I think it’s fair after the umptity-ump time I’ve had to either clean up a hairball mess squished between my toes, or been purposely tripped (“oh, were you going to walk THERE”?) by one of my cats. They know it, and I know it.

  51. I don’t see strain or upset. I see boredom and resignation.

    Or, rather, I just see cats. (And a dog.)

  52. I wonder what cats ever see in us. Humans are such dorks! But oh my it’s funny.

  53. I haven´t LOL´d so much in….. this year so far! ROFL LMAO and all that. 😀
    Sheer Genius.

  54. Fird Birfle says:


  55. Fird Birfle says:

    which brings the following to mind:

  56. Momof14cats says:

    There is no breaking of trust. Seriously. Once you’ve put a cat in a lobster costume and laughed yourself sick over it, you realize our feline friends *know* they owe it to you. I have never yet alienated any of my furries by having a bit of a laugh at their expense. Truth.

  57. snorglepup says:

    Looked through the whole-wheat web site of bread-head kitties.
    Runs to find camera and kitty…

  58. Couldn’t get the keekee’s head through the sour dough bread. 😦

  59. My dear departed Toby used to stick his whole arm into the bread bag to pull out a slice from the middle of the loaf. Of course, he’d shred four or five other slices in the process.

  60. Guess I’m out of sync, but this is not cute!

  61. Fird Birfle says:

    Isn’t that WHY you bought the bread, for him???

  62. Eddy is so gonna get breaded next weekend.

  63. I’ll have my Yorkie lightly toasted and buttered, please. Thank you. Can I get that to go?

  64. Poor Yorkie! I mean, the humiliation of having bread on its head, sure, that will subside quickly. But being called basically a cat!! This offense will not stand!

  65. My JRT would shake off the bread, then wolf it down! She’d never hold still for a pic!

  66. If I were to attempt any such shenanigans with my cat, step 3 would be replaced with the phrase “and that’s when things got stabby”.

  67. I’m not sure what kind of cats you have, but mine would never let me do anything to them that they did not care for without a massive struggle involving claws. My guess is that these cats probably aren’t being tormented in any way, shape, or form. They probably just think “WTF, hyoomans?”

    These don’t really look that pissed off…. well, okay, maybe the tortilla one, but you can’t really see its ears, which adds to the whole ‘pissed off’ motif.

    As it is, my husband has disallowed me from breading our cats. I’m tempted to balance a muffin on top of one of them, though, and see if that counts….

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    *pounds white plastic spork on cafeteria tabletop*

    ATTICA ATTICA (etc).

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh

  70. 😆 I can see all three cat pictures on the LOLCats website with the caption “Breaking News” or with words stating what the cat will be doing to the person who did this to him/her very soon 😆

  71. bob drummond says:

    Premiering next week — “The Cat’s Revenge !” ( or Revenge Of the Kitty !”)

  72. I’m burnt out after all these puns.

  73. brownies?

  74. WIN!

  75. I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

  76. oh my gosh tortilla made my LIFE.

  77. Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes and giving me a new hobby. My wife has already forbidden it; this is gold XD