Neeble, Neeble, Neeble

I yam known as Zorro. I yam the masked estealer of esalad. I yam an esalad estealer.

I yalso khave a beauty mark.

And in a flash, *Zorro was gone, Rachel.*Real name Zeus, but don’t tell.


  1. I insist that you must appear in the chain-photos of Infinite Cuteness! Or else………

  2. Lettuce pray…

  3. gold clap

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh and heh. in a good way :)

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    J’aime l’accent, et le / la lapin :)

  6. Fird Birfle says:


    begins eating the bunneh’s ears like a choc. Easter bunneh …

  7. begins nibbling on bunny’s ‘tocks

  8. “My butt hurts.” “What?” :P

  9. I love the phonetic spelling of the words to convey the accent. Well done!

  10. Bunny Wigglesworth!

  11. *snerk*

  12. I am sooooo glad someone finally got the reference :)

  13. 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a peso!
    All for Zorro, stand up and say so!

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    He gets an actual bowl? Fancy! I just use a Frisbee for Daphne, with a mountain of salad.

    Not too many carrots, Zorro/Zeus — they are full of sugar! So, so tasty.

    Shouldn’t this post have been on Bunday?

  15. Those look like carrot peels – that’s also how i “share” carrots with my bun. She gets the outside and i get the inside

  16. THAT is a very good idea! Must try that with the floofy bunneh children. :-)

  17. I do the same thing with apples (although she doesn’t get ALL of the peels when I make pies)

  18. *sigh*
    Peelings…nothing more than…peelings…!

  19. Pyrit, you get a million internet accent points for the phrase “I yalso khave.”

  20. Well, I already know what my Saturday night entertainment will be: Saying over and over “I yam an esalad estealer” and laughing my head off. I can vary it by going up to Eddy or Francesco and asking “Are you an esalad estealer?” Damn, my life is exciting.

  21. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Mine, too. ;-)

  22. I could come in to Cambridge tonight and steal your salad.

  23. Also, points to Rachel for matchingks colors of the placemat, bowl, and salad.

  24. Just who *was* that masked bun?

  25. Zorro promeesses to do for los Outrageoso Espaneesh accents what so many others have done for ze Outrageous Fronsche accents.

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    I sink zat Zorro haf stoodied akk-sents wiz Senor H. Azaria :)
    Amung odder t’ings, he wuz eeen “Birdcage”,
    w/ R. Williams & Nathan Lane!!!
    Seeee beeeelowww.

  27. Zorro the masked estealer of esalad escaped into the night riding in his pimped out
    ECadillac EEscalade.

  28. I just noticed that he is wearing a mussel shell for an ear. 8O

  29. And he feels like William Tell . . .

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    Are we to do the “Sally sells seashells” Bit, here??

    Slightly Befuddled.

    As always.

  31. Mmm, calzones and esalad. Can we have Chianti with them?

  32. I once had a chance to have cockles and mussels for lunch at a restaurant on the banks of the Thames, but I passed it up because I was a vegetarian at the time.
    Wait a minute, that has nothing to do with anything.

  33. I’m in lounge because I wasn’t paying attention. And all there is for snacks is this big bowl of esalad on the table.

  34. I too yam in lounge. Cannot eemagine why. And esalad ees boring.

  35. SlaveToCat says:

    Good time to clean out all your old eemails.

  36. oops! I read “toenails”. EEEp!

  37. Have a calzone.

  38. Here I come with CALZONES!!!

  39. Come again?

  40. The Squeeze song!
    “And I feel like William Tell, Maid Marian on her tiptoed feet,
    Pulling mussels from the shell.”

  41. Oh. Right.

  42. No, you should khave a fool boddied riokha weed dat..moch better..

  43. JC Finch says:

    I also have cute little house bunbuns and I looooove these posts!


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