What were you—RAISED BY WOLVES!?

Yes, actually.

Wolfmother by Adam B. was submitted by Kristen C.



  1. wow.

  2. Kari Callin says:

    Aaaahhh, it’s Mother Wolf Raksha and her adopted “cub” Meowgli!

  3. Eric Hanneken says:

    Was that kitten attempting to escape?

  4. my dog just ran in here and sniffed around desperately for the source of the meowing.

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    Now THAT is just ……. I mean …. ok. …

    What kris said.

  6. the kitty looks like he needs eye drops, though.

  7. Oh joy! Oh rapture! I can watch it at work vimeo isn’t blocked by my emplyer like youtube. And I call matchkins on mama and baby!

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    Dear Gigi:
    ironically, the only vid clip that I can locate, of Jeanette McD & Nelson Eddy, doing the song “Sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you” (similar to your expressions of “Oh Joy” / “Oh Rapture” ……was on a Youtube link…..)


  9. Holy guacamole!

  10. Hey, buddy. Go get your own kitten. This one’s mine.

  11. awwwwwww!!!!!! that’s just too sweet…

  12. Not a wolf, though, peeps. That big, curly, fluffy tail– more husky-malamute than wolf. Still STINKIN’ ADORABLE, though. Can’t you just hear the “Where do you think you’re going, Mister?”?

  13. Thanks anyway F.B.

    I don’t know the one by Miss McDonald and Nelson Eddy. The one I know is sung by Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein 😆

    Also on Youtube and not available at the office. *sigh*

  14. Yes! Thank you!

  15. Matchingks?

  16. I like how at the very end the dog makes a small move towards the camera like “Please back away from the kitteh!”

  17. 😀

  18. I totally heard the “where do you think you are going? Get away from that dirty camera. You don’t know where its been”

  19. I am going to go and get a cup of tea, and then I am not moving from this chair until I have watched this eleventy jillion times.

  20. Ded. That is all.

  21. Mama wolf just said “hey you…don’t touch mah bebeh!”

  22. At the vet’s last weekend, I saw a gorgeous, huge dog that looked just like that. I complimented his human, and said, “Is that a malamute?” Her eyes got big, and she said, “NO ONE ever guesses what he is!”

    As for this video…sheesh, how am I expected to get anything done after seeing that cuteness? Fur heaven’s sake.

  23. Or “Missy.” 😀

  24. Theresa, you were raised by wolves, right?

  25. I heard, “Mo-om! You have to let me grow up SOMETIME, you know!”

  26. I’m not sure who is cuter, the kitty or the dog!?

  27. See, families are just born. They are also made! Duh.

  28. *aren’t. Sorry!

  29. My dog would’ve eaten the poor kitty!

    But then again, he’s a boy husky and they’re nuts!

  30. come back here – time for you nap cute kitteh 🙂

  31. Woooow. I did not see that comingks.

  32. MOTHERBOY!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kari Callin says:

    I believe that if it’s not a wolf/ wolf hybrid ( I worked with wolves for 2 years, and it has the right body type and markings) it actually looks like an Inuit dog. They look amazingly like wolves, with the lean long legs and body, and the coloration.
    Here’s a link to a picture of a mom and pup! 😀

  34. my cat gets cray whenever theres a video with cat noises in it. i play a lot of vids on mute lol

  35. Put me down! You aren’t my mother!

  36. And then Momma looked at the camera as it got closer, and clearly said “Stay away from my kit!”

  37. Yes, wolves with advanced degrees. 😛

  38. I second that! (Also, possibly Marc Antony?)

  39. Looked like it to me.

  40. Backstory, please!!!

  41. ‘zactly! Dis MAH bebeh, she sez! 🙂

  42. Tony James says:

    “Boy, I say, boy! Your momma done tol’ me to babysit yo’ tailfeathers while she was at the beauty-parluh, so you just sit right heah and quit botherin’ me.”
    (“Doggone” Leghorn)

  43. Stormcat42 says:


  44. I think I also heard doggie say “Gitcher own cute fuzzy bebeh kitteh… Scram!”

  45. Awww! Such sweet babies (both puppy and kitty). I really need these sorts of pick-me-ups. One of my sweet fur-babies had to be put to sleep the other night. My poor little Russian Blue mix, Legolas, had feline leukemia and managed to survive with it for four years. But it had gotten to his lungs. I’m still kinda destroyed and his Maine Coon mix sister, Eowyn, is walking about crying and trying to find him.

    Legolas used to love kittens. When I fostered some felv+ babies he loved and adored and carried them about much like this momma pup!

    *cries quietly in the corner*

  46. wik’d

  47. Incredible.

  48. I’m a sucker for Marc Anthony and this pup definitely qualifies!

  49. Lunacydress says:

    I must watch too many cat videos- I think my cats have become desensitized and don’t pay attention anymore. 😦

  50. My reaction exactly.

  51. I was thinking of HMS Pinafore!

    Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen,
    The clouded sky is now serene,
    The god of day — the orb of love,
    Has hung his ensign high above,
    The sky is all ablaze.
    With wooing words and loving song
    We’ll chase the lagging hours along,
    And if I find the maiden coy,
    We’ll murmur forth decorous joy
    In dreamy roundelays!

  52. I totally heard the “where do you think you are going?

    So you’re saying this is a where wolf?

  53. Where wolf? 😛

  54. Cute video. Would love to know the story behind the friendship.

  55. There, wolf!

  56. I’m sorry about losing your sweet Legolas. I’m glad that you had four precious years with him. He sounds like a true mensch and dear.

    Poor Eowyn, trying to find her brother.

  57. Aww, those two are gorgeous.

  58. Martha in Washington says:

    (((Jennifer and Eowyn)))

  59. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear sweet Legolas, Jennifer M. Black 😥 A BIG CYBER HUG to you 😥

  60. Same here, ani 😀

  61. 😀

  62. bob drummond says:

    There castle !!!

  63. “But I wanna gooooooo. You’re not even my real mom.”

  64. Why are we talking like this?

  65. *pointing and screeching* It’s TONY JAMES!

  66. Adorabuhls! 🙂

  67. My cat likes to sit in my lap and watch the vids. Especially the rodent ones!

  68. Robin Kiesel says:


  69. Is that a real wolf or just a husky!?

  70. Jennifer, you have my deepest sympathies for your loss. In case it helps with Eowyn, I thought I’d tell you that when my kitty Buttercup was bereft by his brother Tiki’s disappearance (he died at the vets after being attacked by a raccoon) I finally, out of desperation, let him view the body. He sniffed it and was startled, but he knows what death is and immediately calmed down, and stopped searching. I’m so glad I did it.

  71. So sorry to hear of your loss. We’re abot one week away from the one year anniversary of puttig the feline love of my life, Mickey, to sleep after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. His ‘sister’ wandered around the house for several days looking and calling for him. One night, I found her rolling around on a blanket we’d left for him on our laundry table… and she was still calling for him. 😦

    Then she gamely took over her newfound role as Boss Kat of the house and has been pushing the dogs around ever since. 🙂

    Hugs to you & your family, 2-legs & 4-legs alike. May th coming days bring you some comfort & peace.

  72. Kari Callin says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I know what you’re going through, as I lost my 4 year old Maine Coon, Jack, to intestinal cancer, and while he was sick, my 6 year old little girl Pixie Bob went in to severe renal failure and I lost her less then 3 months after I lost Jack. And while she was sick, my older Maine Coon, Mo, started being too Alpha with her, and stressing her out, so I had to find him a new home. So I lost, in one way or the other, 3 cats in 3 months. It left me devastated and my boy Pixie Bob, Rowdy, who never made a sound, wandering around the house crying.

    It was awful! And as much as I wasn’t ready for a new cat, I knew for Rowdy’s sake that I had to get one. After one cat that didn’t work, I was giving serious thought to buying a Maine Coon kitten, as I missed both my boys horribly, when I looked on Craigslist, and there he was: “Special needs kitten needs home”. The little boy kitten was born with a partial eyelid on one eye and would have to have the eye removed when he got older. Well, if I was willing to spend the money to get a M.C., then how could I not be willing to spend that on a wee one who needed medical help? I brought Mad Eye home the next day, and he brought laughter back into my house, and gave Rowdy an annoying, but loveable friend.

    So take heart, it will get better! Pet your little one for me, and a big hug to you from the NW!

  73. Based on the kitty’s cries, this seems less of a friendship and more of an abduction. I want to chopper in kitten food, stat.

  74. Madeye. Brilliant!

  75. This one looks like husky to me, or maybe an Inuit as the poster above mentioned. Malamutes are more big boned.

  76. ZOMG. Puppy head-tilt full-on Baroo.

  77. I totally parsed what you said and agree completely! ♥

  78. You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. ♥

  79. I posted about this, but my Niko kitteh lost his brother a year ago at Christmas. They were actual littermates and best buds all of their lives. Niko reacted to Oscar’s death by…stopping grooming, and he’s a long-haired cat. I try to keep on top of it by brushing him, but he gets “dreadlocks” and I’m about to have him shaved by the groomer out of sheer desperation.

  80. Mad Eye! I loffs it. Congratulations on your new addition.

  81. that has to be a siberian husky, my sister has two and people ALWAYS think they’re wolves.

  82. I wouldn’t put too much on that — kittens of a certain size make that noise pretty much constantly, no matter what mood they’re in. It’s like a feline version of a ping — “here I am! here I am!”

  83. Nah, just going to check out that strange hairless biped holding the shiny square thing.

    I’m officially crazy in love with both the wolf mom and the kitten… *heart melts*

  84. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  85. she’s only 8 months old and growing…

  86. They are my little fur-babies 🙂
    The little kitten is the newest addition to our family because the puppy (yes, she is only 8 mos old) will NOT cuddle. The baby kitty loves nothing more. Zelda loves her little kitten, “Buttons”. She carries him around EVERYWHERE. They look a little bit alike, yeah?

  87. I was raised by a pack of dogs from the Anderfels. 😉

  88. Then she going to be a big fluffy one! 😀

  89. Wolf Wolf Wolf! Sorry,Wolves are my favorite animals. And this dogs is close enough. Wolf wolf Wolf!!!!
    With a kitten as a bonus.
    Dog, cat and almost wolf!
    (To myself: OK, OK, stop that.)
    I quit