And Don’t You Forget It

Orville Poindexter…

…Toilet Plunger Sitting Champion of 1963.

And he’s been there ever since. (gently picks off cobweb)

Sender-Inners Kate and Jeff have the interesting back story here: “So it’s 6 am Friday morning, and we’re sleeping off the Thanksgiving dinner, when we awake to the doggie door flapping and a squeak. This is our occasional wake-up call, unfortunately. Our foster kitty, Rook, is of that just-older-than-a-kitten age, and learning to hunt. She likes to bring in her prey so she can play with it in the comfort of home. We don’t appreciate her gifts, so we always chase them down ourselves, catch them, and release them back outside—they’re usually unharmed, besides being scared.

I get up to find the mouse, and fairly quickly realize that Rook had brought it into the bathroom. This is good. Less places to hide in there. I shoo Rook out of the bathroom and close the door, then go get a tupperware dish to catch it in. When I get back into the bathroom, I look in all the obvious hiding places, but don’t
immediately see it – until I look near the commode. There sits the mouse, not cowering behind the toilet, but up on top of the plunger handle.

I’m glad I got photographic evidence, otherwise I wouldn’t believe it.



  1. Anyone ever hear of St. Simeon Stylites?

  2. It looks like Orville tuckered his little self out dusting, and is catching a few winks before getting on with the plunging. I wonder if he does windows?

  3. Well, NOW I have… 🙂

    St. Mouse of Plunger!

  4. Oh my goodness. Poor little baby!

  5. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    Been there, done that, except our black cat, Lucky, usually stood on my chest with a fresh and unharmed garden snake. Who needs caffeine?

  6. My kitties do this all the time. And they are in a kennel! They are able to get in the house through my bedroom window. They get mice, birds, bunnies – I think sometimes it is darwinism as there are three of them, they have to stink to other creatures. But there I go – shusshing the monster du jour and getting towels or other implements to save the poor creatures. I agree – quite an alarm clock.

  7. I would have just died.

  8. And I have finally realized after all the years I have had cats that screaming means nothing.

  9. question…what are the matches for?

  10. I want this to be the last thing I see before I die. Seriously.

  11. This reminds me of a similar even a couple of years ago…
    It was about 2:00 am and I awoke to a loud scratch scratching sound coming from the living room. I expected it was a mouse and waited for it to stop, so I tried to go back to sleep. The noise continued so I got up to investigate. There, in the empty coal bucket, was not a mouse but my flatmate’s hamster, innocently staring back at me. How he got in there, I have no idea, the coal bucket is at least a foot tall! I scooped him up and put him back in his cage where he had escaped from!
    I’m so glad that I awoke as he could have escaped for ever!

  12. Lorel, best of luck in the afterlife.

  13. Lighting a match is a great air freshener in a bathroom.

  14. My thought too. 🙂


    “You must help us, Simeon” Matthias said, embarrassed by the desperation he heard in his voice, but incapable of suppressing it. “The Kitten Khan will destroy the Abbey unless you show us where the Lance of Fate is hidden!”

    “Huh,” Simeon grunted. “Redwall Abbey. I was there once. Do you know why I left?”

    “Simeon,” Matthias began, but the hermit atop the plunger cut him off.

    “I came here because Redwall is filled with faithless hypocrites, monks in name only. If some cats have come to Redwall, perhaps you should consider that judgment from the heavens a sign that you must mend your ways.”


  15. Wow. At first, before scrolling down, I wasn’t sure what that was — it kinda looked to me like a flamingo neck with an abnormally small head…..

    Cute mousie, though! I’m glad you rescued it!

  16. That’s my second smile of the day.

  17. countessmara says:

    I would levitate if faced with that.

  18. First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule, Daniel-san, not mine.

  19. Agreed. Him precious.

  20. It’s Master Cuteway from Kung Fu Panda 3:Legend of the Plunger! 😉

  21. Alternatively: MouseGuard!

  22. My mouse story:

    A couple years ago I was hanging out in my apartment, watching TV, whatever. Suddenly I see a mouse. My cats see it too, and promptly chase it into a closet. The mouse is gone for a bit, then pops out again, cats chase, it gets away, etc. Finally he pops out, the cats chase, mouse runs…hits my shoe. The mouse runs UP THE INSIDE OF MY PANTS LEG. I’m freaking out, and start yelling “THERE’S A MOUSE UP MY PANTS, THERE’S A MOUSE UP MY PANTS!!!”. (There was no one to hear it, but I was still yelling.) Somehow I get the wherewithal to grab the bottom of my pants to trap the mouse in my pants leg. I limp bent over to the front door, still holding the pants closed, still yelling. I open the door, let go of the pants leg, the mouse drops out of the bottom of my pants, pauses…and runs away into the night.

  23. victoreia says:

    And this is why (a) I have strictly indoor cats, and (b) I’m really glad I live in Hawaii! (NO SNAKES!)

  24. My lovely Stinky (RIP) once put a mouse in my bed. A live mouse. In my bed. With me in it. It was, erm, stimulating, to say the least. 😯

  25. Did you see a tiny tongue going “bbblllthpbpbpbpth!” at you?

  26. victoreia says:

    Thank you. The story made my day! *collapses, laughing*

  27. That beats the mouse I found under my Christmas tree one year, um, some assembly required. 😯

    Alistaire was so proud.

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    It means something! It means, “thank you, master/mistress excellent hunter, for bringing me breakfast!” At least, that’s what the kittehs seem to think it means.

  29. Heh. I thought I wasn’t going to get to tell this story to anyone, but we keep a box of matches in the bathroom for that reason. This morning, hubby left an…aroma in the bathroom. I called after him to get him to light a match, turn on the fan, spray something, DO something about it.

    As with any house with cats, one cannot go to the bathroom unaccompanied in my household, and Philo was lying in the bathroom floor. Hubby comes back and says in accusing tones, “Philo! Are you making stinkies?”

    Philo gave him back A Look which clearly said, “Oh, don’t you EVEN try to blame that on me.”

  30. I’m wiping tears of laughter. 😆

  31. Is this a throwback post? I swear I’ve seen this little guy before.

  32. oaklandcat says:

    I was thinking the same thing. It’s been a few years, though.

  33. 😯

  34. I KNEW IT!

    All this means is that I am on this site WAY too much.

  35. You know what’s cool? Everyone has a mouse story. Everyone. And they’re all hilarious. I grew up on a farm. They had us outnumbered! (The mouses did). I got about a million mouse stories. I can’t pick just one. LOVE this!

  36. So what’s on the dinner menu in the mod lounge? Meatloaf and mashed potates?
    *pulls up chair and sits down* Pass the gravy, please!

  37. Best. Comic. EVAR.

  38. Here I come to save the day!

  39. Haydia, wow. Where did …that is …how in the …gah.
    Great catch. One Encore Presentayshe tag on the way.

  40. Cute mouse and story! Amazing how talented the little guy is! He should join the circus!

  41. Poor little mouse. Better find a better hiding spot when that cat gets bigger.

  42. Sooo…. does it mean the story is bogus?

  43. The story is legit. It just didn’t get published the first time.

  44. It might be fun for the cat and for you, but imagine yourself in the place of the little mouse. Or to make it real for you, imagine a mountain lion just bringing you home to bat you around with its sharp claws for awhile. Then tell me it’s cute.

  45. Not exactly Black Guard material there.

    Definitely prefer Mouseguard to MiceTemplar. How can something be that fuzzy and cute but still be that fierce?

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    OTOH, “Mice Templar” is a totally groovy-sounding phrase ….

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa & Stinky (RIP): EEk OOPs AND Ack, all at the same time.

    *(also *burp*/ *belch*)

  48. The Original Jane says:

    My story: I was washing my face one night, soap all over so I couldn’t open my eyes and I thought something ran across my bare foot, but it was so feather light I thought it was just a tickle feeling you get. Then it happened again and it was obviously a critter. So I screamed. And my sister came running. I got enough soap off to open my eyes and it was a TINY black little shrew – we think. And then our Dad came to save the day. We insisted Dad NOT kill it since it was so cute and scared. Take it outside. Okay. (However, when Dad found a nest of them in the garage a few days later he wasn’t so nice.)

    He grew up spending his summers at his grandparents and uncles (multiple) farms in Ohio and thought he’d seen just about every kind of rodent there was but he hadn’t seen this type. So we decided it was most likely some kind of shrew mouse.

  49. I may be the only poetry geek who visits CuteOverload…but just in case I’m not:

    Makes you wonder what will happen when that little guy wakes up!

  50. hees face ees sayink: “hey! next time use the matches, bub!”

  51. Mr. Muir would bring in gophers and leave them in the baskets that surrounded the potted plants, obviously to save the rodents for “later”. We would “liberate” the gophers to the convent grounds across the street. Sisters of Mercy and all that.

  52. That´s quite a big mouse!!! Looks more like a baby *rat*, but maybe it´s just the picture…. either way, the poor scared little thing looks so tired after being chased and I hope it was okay!!!

  53. I’m glad people here are nice to rodents in their house too. When I hear about someone killing them, I always squeal a little inside.

  54. Wow–he’s a new one for me.

  55. doomchild says:

    Never again will I complain about my dog jumping over me in the mornings. Thank you, dear MamaDawn.

  56. Love the box of matches on the back of the toilet.

  57. Note you did not say: “HE BIT ME!!!!” I once worked at United Cerebral Palsy”
    and at our lunch area there was an open large metal drum for throw aways. On
    top there was a GLU MOUSE TRAP with a poor mouse, still alive and stuck to it.
    Well! I happen to be an animal (any kind) rescuer) so with toilet paper tucked here and there so as to un-stick him from the glu and as he tugged this way and that way so as to help me ( He knew very well I was trying to help him…not hurt him). When done I took him out back and set him free. An Indian (from India) who also worked there heard of my gesture and thanked me for doing so every time she passed me by. She did this for weeks. ( karma ) . As we speak, I have two girls in a cage that is too large for them 🙂 they think ‘not really’. more room to run thru all those empty toilet paper rolls for them) ; they are white with jet black markings….gorgeous!
    (By the way, corn meal is better than toilet paper, but I had none at that moment)

  58. ^^This is what I was thinking!

  59. I used to have an beautiful mobile with crystals on that hung above my bed, I loved waking up to the rainbows moving around my room in the morning. Until I awoke in the middle of the night with a mouse from the mobile, above my head, slowly spinning around without a care in the world. I still have no idea how the heck it got there.

  60. Fird Birfle says:


  61. Hopping on the bandwagon:

    We used to keep our gigantic bag of cat kibble on the floor in our pantry closet in the kitchen. We left a cup in it so we could just reach down and in and scoop out a serving of the kibble. One day I was sitting at the kitchen table and my husband scooped… and… screamed a little girly scream (which I know is a sexist thing to say but honestly. It. Was.) After I peeled myself off the ceiling, I asked “What the heck was that?!” And he said “When I got the scoop up to eye level (he was bent over, right?) there was a mouse in the cup just staring at me!”

    Ok. I’da given a little girly scream too. Mouse was subsequently towel-trapped-and-released, much to the cats’ chagrin. They probably thought we’d turned into a sushi bar!

  62. I find that men will always try to blame it on just about anyone and anything other than themselves. 🙂

  63. My mouse story is when I saw a mouse on top of the headboard of my bed. Dooley was in the room with me. I picked him up and I showed him the mouse. He shot out of my arms and BAM! His right paw had that mouse pinned down. He grabs the mouse in his mouth and runs out of my room. A half hour later, I am putting a very dead mouse into a small plastic bag for disposal. Dooley does know how to hunt but does not know a cat is to eat mice instead he pounds the stuffings out of the mouse until it is lifeless. I don’t know if I should be glad he does not eat mice since there is no telling what a mouse can eat that could harm a cat.

  64. I also grew up on a farm in rural Manitoba, Canada 😀 I remember once a mother cat had brought up a dead full-grown mouse to our front door. I was taking care of an orphan white with a little grey female kitten and showed her the mouse. I was wondering if Seven (named her that because two stripes on her head formed a 7) would eat the mouse since she just had her breakfast of milk mixed half with water and 1 scrambled egg. It was a good thing I was holding the mouse by its tail because Seven took one sniff and grabbed the mouse with both tiny paws by digging her tiny white claws into the mouse’s body. Seven ate the ENTIRE mouse.Boy, did she have a belly on her. After her meal, I picked her up gently and cuddled her.

    😥 I still miss her 😥 Seven was 8 when she disappeared 😥 Farm cat don’t live long lives 😥

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    Sounds like a super commercial for the JUMBO EL GIGANTO size
    Tupperware containers, to moi. 🙂

  66. Fird Birfle says:

    I should purchase one of your best mouse stories, Wend.

    Cuz, other than the film Mouse Hunt (which is incredibly incredible, BTW), I gots no mouse story.

    Grateful, Suburban Sally

  67. Ha! Reminds me of an old joke my friend’s mom used to tell: F F F Fido !

  68. Hee I keep a big bag of dog food in the garage, and one morning, no contacts in yet, i scoop up a cup full, and it feels off somehow. I bring it closer to my face to see, and there is a mouse in the cup. I also girly screamed.

  69. Awww! Poor little mousie! I would have kept it. Looks like the dormouse from Alice in Wonderland.

  70. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    Ok, mouse story to go with the snake story. My husband works for a TV station, and out in the country at the transmitter they had a pair of big german shepherds to keep people from stealing copper and trying to parachute off the tower. Killer and Goldie had an automatic feeding machine, but it kept running out of kibble… one day he took a box down from a shelf over his head, and I kid you not, 15 pounds of kibble rained down on him… the mice had been stealing it and storing it for later (I’m sure they had help fromt the rats).

  71. This gorgeous lil guy should be used in a public service announcement to please, please, please keep your cats indoors!

  72. I live in the suburb, too. But I have a story. It’s not very good, but here goes.

    One night at camp, everyone was getting ready for bed and telling stories about their day. Suddenly, a mouse pops out from behind a stuffed animal on the shelf. It was really cute, whitish-brown with big beady eyes. Everyone(almost) screams, and someone tries to hit it with a book. It pops into a hole, but no one notices, and the panic continues for 4 or 5 minutes until a counselor from a neighbor cabin comes in and asks us to please quiet down.

  73. The poor little mouse doesn’t look so (not hurt) has bite marks!

  74. I used to have a cat (actually, my first cat as grown adult human), who was raised as an outdoor cat in trailer park before I adopted her and made her a full-time indoor cat. She knew how to hunt, but not how to kill and eat.

    One time she caught a field mouse that got into the house when the weather got cold. She tucked it up under her hip (where her teats would’ve been if she hadn’t been spayed), and then hid behind the refrigerator where I couldn’t reach her. As I was trying to get them out of there, the mouse ran out and I instinctively thrust out my foot (crunch!). Pucky didn’t speak to me for days, and I wasn’t too pleased with myself, either.

    Years later, we moved to The City, and Pucky shared the household with me and three other cats who had no idea how to hunt. On an unusually warm night in February, a Little Brown Bat came out of hibernation and got into the house. I and the other cats were in full freak-out mode, but Pucky was just glaring at us. “Shhh! Shut up, you guys! I got this!” A beautiful leap high into the air, and the bat was on the floor where I scooped it up for a safe release. “But Puck! You’ve broken it’s wing!,” I said. She looked at me like, “Well, at least I did something.

    Poor little bat.

  75. Hickory dickory doc, the mouse ran up the… plunger???

    Wait, that can’t be right. We need a rhyme for plunger!

  76. The best thing for unsticking captives in glue traps is cooking oil. It’s non-toxic and harmless, and their little mousie struggles help to saturate their fur and the glued areas.

  77. WTTMPOTOAP!?!!?!?!!?!?!

    (what the tiny-mouse-perched-on-top-of-a-plunger)

  78. Fird Birfle says:

    RIP Seven.

    Nicely told.

  79. I’ve got mad detective skillz. What can I say.

  80. thanks for the vegetable oil tip. i hate those sticky traps.

  81. My cat once brought me a bat, and the poor creature (me) mas so scared when the bat was released in my bedroom, that the bat was spooked and found the window in no time… My cat got angry with my refuse of her gift.

  82. kittyfreek says:

    It does look like a baby rat. I should know *squeaks a bit* for I have A Baby – And Mummy – Rat Story. One of my cats is a super hunter. Her rules? The bigger, the better. And always, always, drag it indoors, torment it, then eat it’s head 😦
    I’ve learnt to mourn the unlucky and save the chewed and soggy few. I know it’s cruel. Don’t remind me.
    So I was happy to find a squeedly baby rat scooting about in the sitting room. “Awww. Tiny leedle small leedle tiny leedle rat.” I thought. “I can save you. :)”
    I fetched the rescue shoebox and handy tea towel and prepared to run around a bit making ‘but I’m your friend’ noises. Which happened. ‘Til Baby Rat ran under the bookcase and I bent down to see if I could coax it out and saw a Two Feet Long Mummy Rat. Including tail. And extra long whiskers. And Baby Rat.
    I leapt on the sofa and rang the council. They were no help. The lady who answered thought it highly amusing and asked, “Are you standing on a chair?”
    “No,” I said with dignity, “I’m on the sofa.”
    There is a happy ending. She gave me the number of the local pest control man who didn’t want to chase rats around either.
    “Climb down from the sofa,” he advised, “open your front door and your back door and they’ll probably run out. One way or another.”
    And they did.

  83. I’ve not laughed this hard on MONDAY a.m. in forever…not a mouse, but me; I scared my husband once and he not only emitted the “girly scream” but he stamped his foot! I still get tears of laughter in my eyes when I remember it!

  84. that poor lil one had a rough thanksgiving!