C.O. Art Watch

The Isobel Schnarfmongler Gallery is pleased to announce Big Dog Little Dog, the latest installation by avant-garde mixed-media artist Nicholas van Blayvin. “My goal,” says the artist, “is to celebrate the contrasts in nature — not just between large and small, but light and dark, ears up and ears down, the whole spectrum, really.”

Perla the Great Dane and Rooney the French Bulldog, from Saul A.



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    Danish vs. croissant…the list goes on…

  2. Mr. Quiggly in his down-time

  3. I would totally buy this installation for my living room. So artistic!

  4. PS That’s a rather dainty Great Dane. 😛

  5. victoreia says:

    Huh. My installation piece keeps moving on me. (Of course, my installation piece seems to think they’re in charge of the place…..)

    If I had the room, I’d seriously consider adding this piece.

  6. “von Blayvin”


  7. Quite so. She has white elbow gloves on, no less. So chic!

  8. LOL. 🙂

  9. The Original Jane says:

    And her name is Perla? All I can think is La Perla lingerie. Very dainty indeed. And those long legs on the catwalk – er, dogwalk. Another leggy Victoria’s Secret model with a shorter man.

  10. Clearly, this must be from the same gallery — or series, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”. (What eez eet about zee French bulldog that makes eem so photogenic?)

  11. Seriously, Rooney? I’m sold.

  12. Great Dane-ty.

  13. joools in PDX says:

    I keep saying von BLAYvin in a Jerry Lewis voice… please, make it stop…

  14. As the old saying goes…I don’t know if it’s “Art’ but I like it!

  15. Perla is obviously Pergo’s kid sister…

  16. Those two look like best buds. Now that’s comfort.

  17. Miss Schnozz perked right up at this commercial when it came on, I think she had flashbacks to her racing days 😀

  18. D’awww gigantic goggie!! Luffs her 🙂

  19. My goodness, for an avant garde mixed media artist, Nicholas von Blayven is a true master of realism. I love his work! 🙂

  20. “Schnarfmongler” 😀

  21. Breakfast!

  22. BD, LD rocks! 😀

    Looking forwards to a new regular.

  23. Schnarfmongler??? NTMTOM, could you possibly be channeling the late, great Don Martin? Or are you a descendant?

  24. Me, too! “Hey, BLAYvin!”

  25. Rooney: Yeah, my goil’s legs? They go on FOREVAH!

  26. Blayvin flayvin glayvin!

  27. *SHPLIK*

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    He said “blayve”. And everyone knows “to blayve” means “to bluff”.

  29. I think we need a BFF tag.

  30. ScoutsMom says:

    My neighbors have 4 bulldogs – 2 frenchies and 2 english. The first time I saw them in the yard, I had to do a double take. Thought they had a herd of piglets running around.

  31. Hey Nice DOGGIE!

  32. LIAR! /carolkane

  33. *GOINT*

  34. o m g PUPPYLOAF

  35. Speaking from experience (my “kids” use my arm as a pillow when we go to bed)

    Somebody’s gonna wake up with a sore/stiff arm ! (said in a sing song voice)

  36. Holy crud!!! We have a frenchie and I REALLY want a GD as well. Seeing this just makes me want one even more now. Too adorable 😀

  37. You seriously made me lol. Thank you for that.

  38. victoreia says:


  39. I think this pic calls for ZZZZ ZZT-ZNIK SNUFFLE SNORK.

    Seems to fit the action…

  40. I think maybe I confused the mod. Don Martin strikes again!!

    For future reference, when confronted with the sounds of The Master: http://madcoversite.com/dmd-alphabetical.html

  41. HA! Love that.

  42. Perla is so beautiful and Mr. Roony is just to adorable. Love it!