Town House Cat

It’s a little cramped, kinda short on closet space. But it’s rent-controlled, you say?

Thanks to Karen and Tom for submitting the new home owner, Achilles.



  1. [snort laff] I can not begin to explain how much I love cats.

  2. How did he/she do that ??

  3. The co-op board will go ballistic when they see that paint job. 😛

  4. (The Original) Mel says:

    I think the vents may need cleaning…

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. They’re SO silly, and yet so clueless that they’re silly. They think they’re cool.

  6. Probably a little bit of cat fur in them.

  7. and look at his little white back feeties all scrunched up…

  8. Belleh belleh belleh! Just the right position for a good snorgle.

  9. Mewvin’ on up!!

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    Mewwin on up to the 3 story Catominium on the upper east side.

  11. What I love is that “What?” look on their faces when you walk in on them doing something ridiculous.

  12. Hey, in the NYC market that’s a bargain! Only one flight up too!

    Sweetie looks like my father’s old cat, Alex.

  13. skippymom says:

    In my house it’s the “You can’t see me!” look when I walk in on them doing something dirty.

  14. fish eye no miko says:

    It’s a cat house!

  15. victoreia says:

    *giggle* “What? I’m comfortable; what’s your problem?”

    Ah, if only I had the space for a condo in my condo…..

  16. Bwahaha!

  17. I think I lived in that place! You could either LOOK into the closet, or REACH into the closet; but you could not do both at the same time.

  18. Yes, that’s my favorite part, too.

    Or maybe it’s the thick tail. Or all the stripes. Or the long nose . . . .

  19. snoopysnake says:

    If Achilles were a more well-heeled cat, he could afford a bigger pad. Just sayin’. Don’t throw cat treats at me!

  20. When Tabby lies around the house he really lies around the house!

  21. I think I just invented a new word in response to this mixture of dignified and silly and cute: Adorkable.

  22. That’s okay. Here, you don’t have to explain it. ♥

  23. “Of course this is comfertuhbuls!”

  24. Ha! There’s a NYer joke if I’ve ever heard (or read) it! And it’s still bigger than my first non shared apt. in Manhattan!

  25. I’m so surprised that Achilles didn’t try to fit himself entirely just into the top floor.

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    *Classic Punchlines Appreciation Applause*

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    1: Achilles is a phenomenal cat name.
    2: I think he’s kinda bummed-out about the color combination, himself.
    That’s why he looks peeved-off. But he’s adorable, in a Royal “We Are
    NOT Amused” Bunny Disapproval kinda way.

  28. There could be a Residents Association, too, that would get the vapors over the lavendar shutters. 😀

  29. JLAmusings says:

    So funny!
    Reminds me of my late orange tabby Fergus who, although a very large kitty, would tiptoe through my very nice dollhouse that I had redone in Victorian furniture. It took me forever to realize he did this because just a single chair or goblet (yep- had little tiny goblets in the dining room) would be knocked over – easily enough done by just walking by and jostling the table the dollhouse was on. I finally found him out when I noticed the teeth marks all over the tiny wooden dining room chairs!
    p.s. I think I’m putting the dollhouse on craigslist soon (too big to keep) but I’m keeping the dining room set so I have chewed chairs to remember him. 🙂

  30. Lewis n' Clark says:

    this is way too big for Maru

  31. The vapors! I can just see them swooning onto the chartreuse fainting couch. 🙂

  32. Your avatar looks like she could really belt out an aria and she can give Madonna a run for her money with that Valkeyrie brassiere, non?

  33. his pads are big enough, dontcha think?

  34. I’m going to see Götterdämmerung tomorrow night. I’ll tell Brünnhilde you all said hello. 😀

  35. kibblenibble says:

    That does it! Time to buy a doll house! 🙂

  36. (The Original) Mel says:


  37. Bumble the Bunny says:

    fraid its not a new word! seen it before!

  38. HRH QueenCat says:

    an eons-old kitteh law: if the whiskas fit, so does the body;

    so there, thinks Achilles to himself, disdainfully staring at hooman disbelievers

  39. bookmonstercats says:

    My thoughts exactly 🙂 I know kittys are very bendy, but that’s bordering on the ridiculous (not to say redonkulous).

  40. bookmonstercats says:

    Make sure you sing “Hello” in the right key, Theresa. Those Brunnhildes are usually big girls and you don’t want to annoy one of them. (Can’t do the clever dotty bits over the u).

  41. bookmonstercats says:

    Only if Achilles comes with it.

  42. Somewhere I have a picture of my dear departed Toby looking out therough the attic window of the dollhouse. He looked like Tabbzilla in there.

  43. Seriously, this cat could rent out the attic to Maru and make some extra money.

  44. emmberrann says:

    I used to get the “I meant to do that!” glance whenever there was a missed target for a pounce or a leap….

  45. emmberrann says:

    No, it’s a House Cat!

  46. emmberrann says:

    ah, but his pad isn’t big enough for his pads.

  47. I’ve been puzzling over this as well. Maybe he/she entered in the middle, stuck the front end through the left doorway, then… aaah! dunno. Cats are just Very Bendy, I guess. (That kitty has a great tailio.)

  48. Wow, that’s exciting! Is the company doing all of the ring cycle?

    Did you ever hear the joke some reviewer made about Wagner (made at the time the works were debuted): ‘The work starts at 6 pm. Three hours later, you look at your watch, and it’s 6:20’ I forget which one he was talking about. Maybe Parsifal?

  49. I think this photo would benefit from some screaming people, like these lovely B-movie victims from Archie McPhee:

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    This seems appropos.

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    Mebbe it could count as a new word, if it’s new to each different person who hadn’t seen it elsewhere???

    I dunno ….

  52. KittyKrap says:

    Mine was named Zipper, a huge brain-injured, blind Maine Coon lover of a cat. He loved to “hide” in my daughter’s dollhouse. Some days he would even stretch out on the porch, his chubbs and fluffy fur squished out between the columns. When he wasn’t in the dollhouse he wandered in circles through our house: bathroom, mudroom, kitchen, living room, hallway. Bathroom, mudroom, kitchen, living room, hallway. He never ran into anything as long as I didn’t rearrange the furniture!

  53. Which is why I preceded that statement with “I think…” 🙂 Oh well, maybe we need an “Adorkable” tag!

  54. (The Original) Mel says:

    My name sounds a lot like Brünnhilde, thus the avatar.

  55. “Headroom? Sure, I’ve got a Head Room, a Torso Room, and a Tail Room.”

  56. 😆 Same here, ceejoe 😆

  57. There was a rumor that Achilles ate Barbie (the ACKSHUL Barbie) who was a guest in this house while she was in town, promoting new Barbie-Stuff;
    (It’s unfortunate; but Achilles was here first & it IS his house…….!!!!) 😯
    Hmmm; he must have eaten the furniture as well; otherwise where did Barbie sleep…….!! 🙄

  58. Texas2Step says:

    When the Dream House becomes a nightmare, there’s nowhere to run.

    Barbie’s and Ken’s bodies were never found.