I won’t make it thru the Halftime show!

OMG the spectacle. [Mini-bear cringing]

Hold Me!

Animaltographer Jenny Ross captured this one.


  1. KittyAdventures says:

    Comence bear hug now.

  2. “When you call my name, it’s Like a Little Bear
    I’m down in my hole, I want to take you there…”

    Don’t worry little bears, we’re Crazy For You.

  3. Arrgh, that’s the only part of the Super Bowl I’m NOT watching. :P

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    GIANTS!! Schhhhwwweeeeeeet!

  5. Omistinkingosh, they WON!!! I’m stunned! 8O

  6. phred's mom says:

    you’re not alone! I bet Tom Brady’s no fun to be around today. Probably
    sulking in the corner. Heh heh.

  7. By one point! ONE.POINT! Gah!!!!!

  8. Gorgeous little fellows!

  9. Where’s the hovertext saying “CUDDLES” ???

  10. … or “cubbles” perhaps

  11. Hurrah for Teho’s new word!

    And who knew Maru is an American Football fan:

  12. Maru, doing the coolest looking end zone dance evah! Thanks for the link, dub1.

  13. Madonna has that effect on many critters . . .

  14. Truthfully, this is how I feel about the whole Superbowl. Sowwy, peeps, just not a big sports fan, I guess. :oops:

  15. Hey, I quit watching after SuperBowl 3. The (Baltimore) Colts wuz robbed!!

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m with you there!

  17. Queen of Dork says:

    I really liked the half time show! I dig Madonna aka Madge aka Esther. I’ve always liked her.

  18. Me too but this floored me. Have you seen this?? I couldn’t believe it. Who loathes any flower!?!

  19. Especially not hydrangeas.

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    That’s just Esther being a diva. I love all flowers but I’m not a huge fan of palm trees. They’re just sort of THERE and the ones here serve no purpose…coconuts don’t fall off them. They offer zero shade in the summer. You can’t climb them. And the topper is that scorpions live in them. Zoiks!!

  21. lol QOD- As someone who went to India as a child, I can tell you my grandpa used to yell out at us while we were playing in the garden to watch out for the coconuts! I always thought he was joking…until something fell outside and shook the earth. What do you know, his coconut trees do have coconuts falling from them! And they always had to hire this special person to come and get the ripe ones off the tree. So someone climbed them, we just weren’t allowed to.

  22. bookmonstercats says:

    Coming from the UK, Queenie, I like palm trees because they indicate the temperature is above 10c. On the plus side, it’s too cold for scorpions ;)

  23. Want those bebeh beeeeeers!

  24. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    I want all of them. *swipe*

    Where did all the little polar bears go?

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    My question is, what kind of wackadoodle person goes and takes a photo of a couple small bebeh polar bears, with their mama who-knows-where?? What kind??

  26. LMAO

    But I can actually answer that. The scientist/photographer kind of person. Mama bear was sleeping. Zzzzzz, just like the tiny skwerls.

  27. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    “Alright! Mom’s asleep!”

    “Let’s go outside for a minute or two while we can.”

    *both bears leave cave*

    “Hey did you hear that?”

    “Hear what?”


  28. “It o’tay! I protett you wid my paw.”

  29. My thoughts exactly! I think polar bear cubs look adorable, but I feel like I need to keep looking over my shoulder. Where’s the mommy bear? Will I be able to see her before she eats me? :)

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    Perhaps s/he knew mama bear was way off, hunting, and crept over to where she’d hidden her bebbehs.

    Otherwise, I dread to think.

  31. I didn’t watch the superbowl. I watched this instead. And I was happy.

  32. Bunana.

  33. I have to admit, he has a peel.

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    to PorkRoll & others:
    click on the below,
    THEN click on its red button when the second screen appears :)

  35. Fird Birfle says:
  36. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s a huge bunny! Isn’t it?!?!?

  37. I love at :32 when the cameraman whip-pans to his ginormous feet.

  38. BTW, that bunny looks totally addicted to banana, like it was a drug. He’d probably snort it if he could. I guess you could call it a “hare line crack”. badump-tssshhh

  39. That requires a trip to Jerry Springer.

  40. unbelievable…. watching this is bliss…

  41. sweekymom says:

    I wish we could have a COXC of the sweet little paw…

  42. Baby polar bears and a whole bunch of bunny videos. Can any Monday be better than this? I think not.

  43. Awww. So warm warms in their snow nest.

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    by da way:

    if you look at (THESE) “Da Beahs” UPSIDE DOWN …it kinda looks like a heart shape… (all together now……”Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”).


  45. Lewis n' Clark says:

    acccck – it’s been several days and I still have that horrible rabbit song earworm in my head

  46. emmberrann says:

    @LnC: You in trubbs now, bro!

  47. Hey, who watched the Puppy Bowl?

  48. is that a trick question? what else was on?

  49. How does “Puppy Bowl” get me inn the Mod lounge?!


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