Beer Me!

I love how otters have that built-in shelfie—perfect for Superbowl beverages.

Lori H., I’d crack open a fresh mussel for you if I could.



  1. Nobody commented yet? Everybody’s started drinking! 😛

  2. Mr./Ms. Ottere is saying “Oh no! I can’t believe they fumbled so close to touch!”

  3. Or watching some big thing on television….what was that, again?

  4. cheers ‘n cheers
    “lifts glass” and “go, go, go…..”

  5. My twin sis TrixandSam and I are watching the game together, switching back n forth with Puppy Bowl, raising a glass to all the otters out there doing the same!

  6. And they have a sort of built in LaZBoy Recliner action what with their autofloat abilities.

  7. KittyAdventures says:

    It is the puppy bowl. Everyone is watching the puppy bowl!!!!!!

  8. KittyAdventures says:

    Sigh… In the mod lounge for saying puppy bowl!

  9. KittyAdventures says:

    Omg i found a new secret word for the mod lounge. Sigh hand me a brew and a bowl of pretzels

  10. I’m with yah…got any mustard to go with the pretzels?

  11. That was my take, too.

  12. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Make it all go awaaaaaaay!

  13. “I’m soo sleepy. I otter go to bed.”

  14. STOP! i can’t stand the SUPER BOWL ANY longeR!!! THE humanity!!!

    that was my personal take. or, it’s simply an otter, waiting for some super snax.

  15. oh, the humanity

  16. lulz! my comment can’t be awaiting moderation, as my comment “oh the humanity ” is still there. and they go well together!



  17. Well, I’m very late in commenting, but little otter is utterly comfortable looking. One of God’s cutest little creatures for sure.

  18. Allow me. Ahem…. **rolls up sleeves** BEEP!