That’s no ordinary rabbit.

Tim: There he is!
King Arthur: Where?
Tim: There!
King Arthur: What? Behind the rabbit?
Tim: It *is* the rabbit!
King Arthur: You silly sod!
Tim: What?
King Arthur: You got us all worked up!
Tim: Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit. He wrangles SHEEP!
King Arthur: Ohh.
Tim: That’s the most efficient, sheep-wrangling rodent you ever set eyes on!
Sir Robin: You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared!
Tim: Look, that rabbit’s got a tenacious streak a mile wide!
Sir Galahad: Get stuffed!


Don’t miss 2:20 when the bunnage takes care of a stray sheep REAL QUICK-LIKE. Nice submishe, Miriam S. Monty Python & The Holy Grail script via IMDB.



  1. Oh you are KIDDING me.

  2. But does the bunny follow the commands of the shepherd?

  3. That’ll do, Rabbit.

  4. That’ll do.

  5. I am not surprise, why? Well, I’ve got a rabbit that has such a big personality that she will do whatever she wants. She run around the house as if she owns the place. No cat or dog will stop her. If any of my cats or dogs get in the way she will make sure they get out of the way, FAST! With a fast charge and grunt my pets part the way for her.
    Yes, they learned quite quick she is truly the queen of this castle.

  6. Doggie looks so confused : O-kaaaay…now what do I do?

  7. The shepherd has his own blog,

    and the answer may be buried somewhere. It’s in Swedish, so I’m just as much in the dark, but he’s translated some of the entries to English. Says Champis “works in the barn” and likes to “hang out with chickens.” Even saved “his favourite hen from Alvén, the ram…” once upon a time.

    He’s no ordinary rabbit for sure!

  8. Netherland Dwarf rabbits are often bossy and territorrial, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. The sheep are like WTF?

    Wish they had different background music though – that makes me sad.

  9. I want a bunny.. no wait, I want that bunny… and a herd of sheep….

  10. That is one serious looking (and disapproving, natch) rabbit shepherd. Those goats know enough not to mess with him. Must have seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail enough to know better than to mess with a rabbit.

  11. That rabbit sure has some big ….ears! 🙂

  12. This is outrageous! Absolutely bun-herd of!

  13. Umm… this is probably a stupid comment, as I’m sure you already know but in King Arthur’s time they didn’t, rabbits aren’t rodents, they’re lagomorphs actually. I have a bunneh and when he saw this post, he forced me to type this. I just do as I’m told.

  14. Stunbunny says:

    Curses! Beat me to it.

  15. Bah, that’s nothing. My bunny herds cats.

  16. Bun disapproves of stragglers.

  17. Just amazing! Wonderful video.

  18. “What is love? Baby don’t herd me.”

  19. Loving this. The bunny’s ears are forward so she is not being aggressive–just looks like she wants to be one of the gang! “Hey c’mon guys! I want to play!!” Completely hilarious.

  20. My rabbit was always trying to have his wicked way with the cats.

  21. Ours does too! Keeps em from being fat & lazy by chasing them ’round the house.

  22. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Poor doggie; no job to do. Gotta say, though, that song is a little creepy….and unfortunately, very ear-wormy

  23. DaytimeDeb says:

    Now that is one lazy dog.

  24. That’s one impressive lagomorph (bunnies aren’t rodents!). That’ll do bun, that’ll do.

  25. I soiled my armor!!

  26. Deliver Easter egg?

  27. 😯

  28. Yes! I liked the sound of the diddy… but the lyrics! Poor little bun…

  29. I don’t think this rabbit appreciates being called a rodent!!

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    Loved it at about 3:40 when he herded the farmer, too.

  31. Run rabbit run…………
    (Didn’t really listen to the whole song but now I have those three words in my head)

  32. One, Two, Four

    Three, Sir!

    Meg, you are my hero.

  33. More on this story on the web. 🙂 Although I am mildly offended that they labeled it “weird news”. Harrumph. I disapprove.

  34. Sez Meg the Enchanter:

    “He’s got huge, sharp . . . er . . . He can LEAP. . . . Look at the bones!”
    “What an eccentric performance.”
    I warned ye, but did ye listen to me? Oh, no . . .

  35. Ear worm by Bun-away!

  36. Looks more like the rabbit is chasing them around for gits and shiggles rather than actually herding

  37. Well of course coming from a species known for their disapproval it’s no surprise at all that this wabbit wants to boss sheeps around!

  38. Such a happy bunny 🙂 My rabbit was big on herding everybody too. Those nips hurt!!

  39. Don’t be sad! I think the rabbit gets away in the song!!

  40. warrior rabbit says:

    This has been making the rounds in rabbitdom… Popped up on the lists I’m on (eThump, Etherbun) etc. Champis is a cutie and a role model!

  41. Fird Birfle says:


    *fondly recalls various bits of Holy Grail film*

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    “it’s just a silly little rabbit” 🙂

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    *sympathetic giggle*

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    Nice fave shot & hoovertext, Meg 🙂

  45. Itsy Bitsy Spider – sure cure for an ear worm. And not nearly as annoying.

  46. “He has a very big ego”. Ha! I love that quote in the article. Such a cutie.

  47. That rabbit is dynamite!

  48. SlaveToCat says:

    Squeeeeeellllll with delight!!!!

  49. SlaveToCat says:

    Need a new Super Bowl add showing “Cat Herding”.

  50. SlaveToCat says:

    Could Mr. Bun be the next front “runner” for the Republican nomination?
    Looks like he has the skills to herd the masses in a general election.

  51. This was the most ridiculous thing ever!

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    entirely concur.

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    nice point there

  54. ReaderLady says:

    OMG! The bunny is fun to watch, but the song is just hysterical! ROTFL!

  55. Well, the song does end happily for squee things:

    Run rabbit – run rabbit – Run! Run! Run!
    Don’t give the farmer his fun! Fun! Fun!
    He’ll get by
    Without his rabbit pie
    So run rabbit – run rabbit – Run! Run! Run!

  56. run rabbit run
    dig the whole forget the sun
    and at last when you done
    don’t sit back
    dig another one

  57. I shall have to get out my “It’s Only A Flesh Wound” pajama pants and watch the movie again.

  58. But then he’ll pull ahead in the polls and something scandalous from his past will be leaked to the press, and that’ll be the end of that.

  59. Yes I love the look on goggy’s face.

  60. Sheep abuse!

  61. Meriweather says:

    Given that it’s a bunny, no prizes for guessing what his scandals are..

  62. Just fabulous.

  63. *snerk*

  64. What is lop? 😉

  65. I clicked comments JUST to see if anyone was as pedantic as me. I love rodents, but rabbits are not them! They’re more closely related to horses than rats etc.

  66. I have officially seen everything now. :8O: No matter how many times I watch this I am still amazed–and I HAVE bossy rabbits! Apparently, I need sheep, though. Wonder if those cute pygmy goats would work? hmmmm……

  67. 😯 I mean.

  68. Wise woman.

  69. Random thoughts that entered my head as I watched this:

    “Just goes to show sheep will be herded by anything!”
    “That’s going to be one tired bun by the time this is done”
    and, of course,


  70. What a peculiar thing… that a rabbit takes himselfs for a border collie. Wow! Just can’t believe it.

  71. Bun Ram Ewe!

  72. I dunno….the pup kinda looks like he/she has given up his duties…although if said dog trained that rabbit- I think my dog might need some pointers.

  73. That’ll do, Bun. That’ll do.

  74. I was about to comment the same thing — I went through life assuming rabbits were rodents (look at the teeth!) and then recently found out they are not. Now I wonder if it was this line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail that made me think that in the first place! Good catch, Elizabeth, and not stupid at all.

  75. Fird Birfle says:

    *snerk, the second*

  76. warrior rabbit says:

    When I got my first (indoor) bun, I also enjoyed learning that they were crepescular. It’s such a fun word! (And interesting.) I’ve learned a lot, having bunnies. They’re edumacational!

  77. Run away! Run away!!

  78. “It’s got sharp, point teeth.”

  79. “pointy”

  80. “They might not look it, but bunnies can really take care of themselves.” -Oz, BtVS

  81. That is too cute! But a rabbit is a Cavie not a rodent.