The Latest ExeCUTEive Must-Have

Go ahead, be late for meetings. Deliver overdue reports. Delete the wrong file. Spill coffee on the copier!

Simply add a kitten to your workspace and forget about the rat race!

Order now to receive this kitten decatastrophe decoy decoration for all your job related calamities.

Ah, the old kitten ploy. Works every time.

Sender-inner Jess D. says, “This is Baby Miracle, yes that’s her name!” Because, against all odds, Baby Miracle survived a very rough start in life. Photos by Dylan K.


  1. Scruffy cuteness! <3 <3 <3 I would like to place my order!

  2. I’ll take 10.

  3. what happened to her? she looks so sad.

  4. She looks like my Bonesy when I found him in the road. Same colors and everything. <3

  5. Baby Miracle is adorable, but she does look a bit the worse for wear. I assume these were taken right after “the rough start?” That is, she’s been cleaned up a little? I don’t want to nuff, but she sure looks like she could use some help.

  6. Kittens grow so fast, and that kitten is so small, that the rescue must have been very recent indeed.

  7. I have hand raised a kitten before and they are very messy eaters when first learning to eat solid food. It looks to me like they just got done feeding her and hadn’t cleaned her up yet.

  8. skippymom says:

    I am in LOFF. Sweet sweet baby.
    Is she wet?
    p.s. Our vet calls Chloe The Little Miracle because she was supposed to be ded more than two years ago and she is as healthy as can be.

  9. Somebody has full-body bed-head!! I love that. In our home we call that the warm-fuzzies.

  10. cellarmouse says:


  11. I love little fighters like this. Met several of them when I was fostering kittens. Their whiskers eventually DO straighten out :-)

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    I am constitutionally incapable of foster heroism.
    I would be absolutely UNABLE to hand ’em over to the next / adopting family.

    Foster-ers are heroes.

  13. cellarmouse says:

    tanguera, are fly-away whiskers due to youth or malnutrition?…

  14. Yes, brittle, stunted,actually any sort of whisker atrophy, is mostly due to malnutrition. Even the tiniest kittens can have superlatively long whiskers.

  15. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    My bottle baby kitten had little stumpy whisper for the longest time. I said he had “whisker deficiency syndrome.” Eventually they grew in.

  16. True story: My tiny Mimi had the most prodigious whiskers. Enormous, sticking straight out of her tiny face, giving her a slightly nutty look, and enhancing her disapproval. When the aforementioned Stinky arrived, in rough shape, he had pathetic whiskers, that soon filled out and grew with care. But Mimi wasn’t having it. She would keep Stinky’s whiskers trimmed down. After Mimi went to RB, Stinky grew a masterful set of of whiskers.

  17. Looks like somebody just gave her a bath…

  18. while I may not be a kitteh person, my boss sure as heck is! this would totally do the trick… (and I def. need it this week – rush order please!)

  19. victoreia says:

    What? We haven’t converted you yet?!?!?!?

    Okay, peeps, bring out the heavy artillery–particularly the cat-apult!

  20. hit me with your best shot!

  21. fire away……

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    methinks tracylee doth protest, too much …..

    *shifty eyes*

  23. you quit that with your eye shiftin’!

  24. I’m with you Tracylee…you have someone in your corner. But I’m not a kitty person because they give me red eyes and make me sneeze with the floof.

  25. Is it me or does she have that “my hair’s wet and I can’t do anything with it” look? Absolutely adorable still though. I want a little kitten running across my desk! Oh and use the “salvage” function if you can on the network. My problem is saving over something that I didn’t want to copy over!

  26. Ohhh, we could definitely use a kitteh in our newsroom. Mind you, there was a dog running around here earlier but the interaction between the two would make for some great visuals for the cameramen to capture. I could totally work with a kitten on my lap, I do it at home with the cat (usually with him blocking my view of the screen).

  27. This little cutie looks like a LaPerm

  28. That’s what I was thinking! Or maybe LeCrimp….

  29. Gigi, what are you trying to do? Get all La Perms homes? Dang, it could work! They’re luscious.

  30. I has a LaPerm kitty!

  31. Can I have a even elebenty dozen, please?! It is my birthday next week, after all! :-)

  32. Poor wee little scruffy kitteh…such a lovely thing.

  33. has this kitty moussed? this kitty is the very picture of survivor …love <3

  34. warrior rabbit says:

    Or moused, for that matter?

  35. I can’t even begin to describe the ways in which my workday would be improved by the presence of kittens.

    How sweet Baby Miracle is! Love her wayward hair. My Maggie also was a fighter, and also was very scruffy and fuzzy when we first got her. You wouldn’t know it to look at her now: she’s a sleek silver-gray beauty.

  36. I think we could all use a kitten like that at work………

  37. I want her. I want all the kittens in the world. <3

  38. Peanutcat says:

    Baby needs a baff!

  39. I bet she grows up to be absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn’t get anything done with that scruffy adorableness around. Lucky baby and good human!

  40. 260Oakley says:

    Executetive Kitteh says: Please check your in-box. I left something that requires your attention.

  41. Or would that be Out-box?

  42. victoreia says:

    Well, I just cleaned out the In/Out-box at home. I was informed it was past time to do so.

  43. HAW!

  44. *golf clap*

  45. emmberrann says:

    Can we please read about Baby Miracle’s backstory? She is probably as tough as old boots, but she is so anerables, I can’t stand it.

  46. Aww! I always tell my kitty I’m going to bring her to work to distract my boss!

  47. Amandaish says:

    I too want the backstory, someone please share!

  48. yes please tell us her story – shess so cuteable

  49. Baby Miracle’s Backstory:
    (Don’t shoot me – I am just the messenger)
    “This is Baby Miracle, yes that’s her name! She was brought to me by a “do-gooder” who found an adult cat carrying a mutilated, deceased kitten in its mouth. To his surprise, Miracle (only 4 weeks old) was still alive but in grave condition; her entire litter murdered by another animal. The vet told me that she was severely anemic (covered in fleas), malnourished and may not survive, even with the best of care. However, little Miracle fought vigorously and survived against all odds.”

    Now, how about a schaweet YouTube vid of Baby Miracle.

  50. the milk beard killed me!

  51. Oh my goodness! What a sweet baby! And she’s doing such a good job eating.

  52. AWWWW!! Too cute! Reminds me of my cat, who was also the only survivor of a litter, but my Twitches wasn’t as seriously hurt as this little fighter. Way to go rescuers for not giving up!

  53. The video of the kitty eating is of a black and white cat, Baby Miracle in the posted CO pic has brown ears? unless they were reallyREALLY dirty and she’s had a bath now lol

  54. I think it’s just the lighting.

  55. AWW :D I am so glad that Baby Miracle survived :D :lol: I love the part in the video where she hisses at the little dog :lol: Like she was saying “Back off! This is MY MILK!” :lol:

  56. Andi from NC says:

    the video is great!!! love the curious little doggy, too. Baby’s all wrapped up and enjoying some meeelks. She seems hungry – that’s a good sign! Best of luck to the rescuer – you are a very special person indeed!

  57. We have a little black female, Sunny, now age 3, that approached our younger daughter at my in-laws’ farm (our daughter is quite good at attracting baby animals). My wife’s folks will feed all strays that come there, and this one was probably the rut – and sole survivor – of the litter. Probably six weeks old, she weighed in at one-half-pound (now weighs in at between nine and ten pounds), was covered in ticks, and had a scratched cornea with conjunctivitis: she was a mess. She had survived by remaining small enough to hide under the house away from whatever adult was going after her. Not sure what shape she was in but deciding, regardless of that, she should have a real home, we took her in. Now in good health and very gentle but is a little wheezy (or snores; we’ll have to keep an eye on her as she grows older). Glad Miracle has a home, confident her mom has one, too: she trusted humans enough with her baby.

    It never fails to amaze me how well animals will respond to injury or adversity when loved and cared for.

  58. Thanks for sharing your story. So glad that Sunny has a happy ending!

  59. Awww. Poor mama. I hope that she’s got a great forever home now too!

    And please mods, we’re way overdue on a ResQte™ tag!

  60. Oohhhhhh, love the video. The pup wants to see who the baby is!

  61. kibblenibble says:

    The video is so sweet. What a feisty, bright-eyed baby!

  62. Did you see the wee hiss at :47?!

  63. OMG, that teeny hiss was soooo cute! Tinee kittayn is so adorable. And HOORAY to her human for taking such good care of her!! <3

  64. omg. Baby Miracle is definitely a fighter. Much love to her owner for giving her a loving home.

  65. I replied, and ended up in teh Mod Lounge!
    Does the karaoke machine go to elebenty, Sharpie?!

  66. Welcome to the lounge Pyrit. Here…have some pie :)

  67. Thanks! My first time here.
    Oh look. There’s Theo’s old blow torch!

  68. Lemon meringue and Key lime today. :D

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    (please read the following in Daffy Duck voice)


    *grabby hands* & *shifty eyes*

  70. oh god i am ded. killed by the Qte

  71. Mary (the first) says:

    And she’s a “tuxedo”.. she should be on that other post too!

  72. She looks more like a snowshoe to me, although with a lot of white on the legs.

  73. Those are the craziest whiskers I’ve ever seen on a kitten! What an adorable little baby – even with a rough start in life, she’s got a great personality…you can just tell. I just want to nuzzle her!

  74. Whack-a-doodle whiskers! Bless her and her rescue mommy.

  75. OK.
    That’s just cute.

  76. Looks JUST LIKE my Kirby, down to the spot on the right front leg! He came to the shelter when he was a wee one as well, I adopted him as a grownup cat. I like to imagine this is a video of Kirby’s first day at the shelter so many years ago…

  77. Instantly in love! I would get zero work done however if I had one of these “executive” toys! Congrats and good job!

  78. I need a tongue-hance on photo #1 !

  79. I would like one in “calico” please! Definitely needed this today!

  80. emmberrann says:

    Baby Miracle is indeed a miracle! thank you, Pyrit, for giving us her story. She is tough as old boots, but I sure am not! She is so teeny that she must have to be fed several times a day, I lerve her.

  81. We have to hear the whole story, what happened to her? Looks
    like a really bad hair day-kind of like mine sometimes!!

  82. sweet Baby Miracle looks like a real-life Bill the Cat!

  83. Fird Birfle says:

    vewwy twue, ashagato :)

  84. Sweet kitten so tiny..glad found a good home. Scruffy in a cute way. : )

  85. What was cuter? The picture of Baby Miracle washinup or the video……Can’t decide. Can we get an update on Baby and her Cat Mom????? I do know from exeperience the joys and “aaahs” of having a Baby Kitten at work. Makes even the most grumpy of delivery guys melt….THANK YOU

  86. Wee scruffersons! Reminds me of our Moxie the morning i found her abandoned under a rock wall in our yard <3

  87. In the dictionary next to frowst this kitteh’s picture is there.

  88. Well all I can say is SCRUFFY MUFFIN!

    Also yay for Miracle and I too hope the DOO Gooder rescued teh Mamma cat too!

  89. Grows up to be handsome. How cute is that Id like to order one to set next to my phone.

    Happy cat…does look like bill the cat. :)

  90. Guys: My darling Stinky was a throw-away kitty, something I don’t like to think of– but when I picked him up, he looked much like this baby– his coat was rough and sticky, had had a lot of stuff stuck to it, and he was skinny. He looked terrible, really, much worse than MB. Also the stuff he left in the litter box was incredibly foul, indicating that he had parasites and was eating garbage; but he had an incredible personality that shone out right away.

    Guys, in almost no time of decent care, he became the biggest, most beautiful, sweetest, most charming cat that ever walked the earth. I had him for almost eighteen wonderful years. His coat was so shiny that the white bounced back the camera flash. :D A friend of mine said he “glowed with amiability.”

    So if this is what’s ahead for Miracle, we can all rejoice.

  91. PS: A few (blurry) moments with Stinky and Dante:

  92. skippymom says:

    Theresa, I think that many of us here wish we had had the opportunity to know the amazing Stinky.

  93. I wish you had, too. Stinky was one of those “there are no strangers, only friends I haven’t met” types. :D

  94. Aww Stinky was so much like my Darin was..

    He was the meet and greeter.. and bring hom strays kitty!

    In other words a big ol handsome Lug!

  95. Is it okay that I have big crush on Stinky? What a lovely boy!

  96. The line of those of us with a crush on Stinky may rival the line to marry Nomtom.

  97. So sweet! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  98. I love how Stinky’s all “Avast!” when Dante pops up for a looksee.

  99. Yup. Stinky considered Dante an uncultured boor. :P

  100. AWW :D Your dear sweet Stinky and Dante were two very friendly kitties, Theresa :D :cry: I wish I could of petted both of them :cry: :cry: How long did you have your dear sweet Dante :cry:

  101. Awwwwww how sweet!!!

    That reminds me of my Grandma’s cat. One very cold winter night, we found a tiny starving kitten in her garage. This kitten had the worst smelling diahrrea (from malnutrition or parasites) so we named her Stinkerbell (Stinky for short). My Grandma’s cat, Buddy, was immediately taken with her and they became inseparable. Now she is beautiful and healthy and living with her “boyfriend.” I love happy endings!

  102. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for Theresa, for Stinky, for Kait & for Stinkerbell !!!

    in short: Resqte = spiffy.

  103. Kait, people always ask how my Stinky got his name– it was because the resident cat, Mimi always made a face when she smelled him– like “Why have you brought this stinky kitten?” :P

  104. I used to have a beautiful blue-gray cat named Squeaky, so christened because 1) as a kitten, she had a squeaky voice, and 2) the friend who gave her to me challenged me to find a better name, and I couldn’t.

  105. Def a sad/cute situation. We rescued a litter of kittens whose mommy died- all the kittens grew up to be strange cats- unclear about the self-grooming thing. Kinda stinky they were. Occasional “dingles” needed to be dealt with. One of the kitties got knocked up before we could get her spayed. She turned out to know how to groom her babies and that generation turned out as normal as any other cats (snerk).

  106. Love the resQte stories! And what a cutie!

    Ok, here’s the photos I promised yesterday of Cupcake taking part in the Infinite Cuteness Project:
    Infinite Cuteness 1 :)

  107. Hey there, Cupcake, looking good! I’m going to print the picture so I can show it to Francesco.

  108. Glad you guys enjoyed her! :)

  109. Yay!@ and Cupcake is ohhh so adorable! Nicely done Ceejoe

  110. Hi Overloaders!

    I am thrilled that these pictures of Miracle finally posted to the site! Miracle, now named Scout, is now 9-months old and is doing FANTASTIC. She lives in the perfect home and now has a big brother named BJ (both names are from To Kill A Mockingbird).

    When I first received Miracle, I was told that she probably would not make it through the night. However, as you can see in the video posted above, she was one hungry kitten and fought to survive against all odds. The pictures posted were taken on the third day that I had her. She was still very raggedy from her tragic beginning.

    I’d like to show you all how beautiful she’s become. How can I post a follow-up picture in the thread?

    Much love and cuteness to you all!

    Jess D.

  111. Please, please show us!!! Thanks so much, Jessica, for following up. Please look above at my posting about my Stinky, a kitten found in conditions much like Scout’s; with a little attention, he grew big and beautiful, and I had him for almost 18 years. I’m sure everyone here would just love to see a current pic of Scout!

  112. Yes, please!

  113. Just post a link to a pic, Jessica!

  114. Dear Jessica, thanks you so much for helping this little kitty survive! You are my hero!<3 <3 <3

  115. Oh. I would just LOVE to see a picture of Scout, Jessica Davis :D

  116. Better than a mouse any day!
    Ezcuze me while I collect my brans from off the floor…

  117. bless

  118. But WHAT happened to the mama cat? I must know!

  119. My little stray Tuxie has some crooked white whiskers on her little black face. The vet said she might have gotten too close to a source of heat that bent her whiskers. Given that she also has a bump in her tail, it would seem that Tuxie had it rough is a kitten, but she’s still a trusting little thing and a snugglebuns.

  120. Hi Overloaders,

    Here’s a link to pictures of Miracle (now Scout) from the day I rescued her until now. Some images are a little graphic (as she was in really bad shape when she was found– the rest of her litter did not survive), but just wait till you see how beautiful and healthy she is now! A true MIRACLE kitten for sure!

    BJ & SCOUT

    Much love,

    ~ jess

  121. Thank you! What a lovely girl. You’ve done a wonderful thing.
    And I am in love with your courageous kitty.

  122. Such a sad story with a great ending. Miracle (the way she looks now) is a dead ringer for my Lemmy. We’re not sure if he had a rough start, but we do know the shelter found him all alone and he was only about 5 week, so we got him when he was very tiny. Now he is a big sassy thing!


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