The Infinite Cuteness Project

It started with a black-and-white bunny; then a tuxedo cat got in on the act. Now thanks to Piia S. from Finland, a new cat is in the picture, and we have the makings of an endless chain. Who wants to be next?


  1. Too bad my tuxedo cat named Panda passed away a few days ago, we would have gladly participated :(

  2. AWW :cry: I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Panda, Nela and to you, Mary, about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Schwitters :cry: A BIG CYBER HUG to the both of you.

  3. Thank you for your support! *hug*
    I didn’t mean to hijack this post with a sad topic, but at least Panda had her 5 minutes of fame on as she went :)

  4. hugs to you, Nela, sorry for your loss of such a beautiful kitteh.

  5. Thank you very much *hug*

  6. What a goofy little sweetie, I am so sorry for your loss, big hugs!

  7. Goofy indeed, she brought us so much laugh :)
    Thank you *hug*

  8. I’m sorry that you lost your kitteh. ♥

  9. Thank you, dear *hug*

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    Awwww. My little (tabby) kitteh passed away on Sat. so I know how you feel. ((hugs)) I would really like one of my next kittehs to be a “tuxedo”, that’s just about the only color I’ve never had. They’re so cute!

  11. AWW :cry: I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Mary (the first) :cry: I am so glad to hear you are hoping to get another kitty :D You could also get a black kitty since they also have a hard time finding a loving forever home :D

  12. Nela and Mary, comforting Skippyvibes to you.

  13. Thank you! *hug*

  14. kibblenibble says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Mary. I like to hear you say “my next kitty.” There sure are a lot of them needing homes. Although one pet never replaces another, having a new baby to love and giving a home to a fur-pal helps us heal our broken hearts.

  15. I’m sorry about your tabby :(
    May you find the perfect tuxedo kittie *hug*

  16. Karla Borecky says:

    Hi Nela – I’m so sorry. I was just going to say that kitty looks just like my Schwitters who died in October. :-( I hope you can think more about good times with your kitty soon instead of being so sad.

  17. Karla Borecky says:

    And to you, too, Mary. I think CO is one place where people understand.

  18. Thank you *hug*
    I’m sorry for your loss as well :( Oh I always remember the good times. She had a nice life with us.

  19. mervtheflamingo says:

    I wish I had a work kitty so I could try!

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    Aren’t the two words “work” and “kitty”, self-cancelling terms???

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    Hmm, you could be right. Seems like if there’s a kitty nearby, it can’t be work! (Like when someone asked me, “do you think cats go to heaven?” and I said, “if there aren’t cats, it’s not heaven.”) (Dogs, mice, skwerls, frogs, etc. also, of course, but the question was about cats.)

  22. Oh I MUST do this with my boys tonight!

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    re hovertext: “Like, totally, man. Cosmic.”

    An avowed Hippie
    (Longish hair & all.
    No tie-dye t-shirt at present)

  24. I do not have any tuxedo kittehs at my house… must add one… NO, no, no!! 4 black kittehs, 3 calicos, a tortie, and black/gray/white tiger, and an orange/white tiger are enough… is that 10, did I get everybody? :)

  25. oh ceejoe I want to come visit your little zoo! i have to be content with a calico, a brown tabby, and a Boston, but I would be you if I could :)

    wait…Bosons are B&W….

  26. Let me know if you ever get to MI!

    and I forgot to add that I have a black & white guinea piggeh.

  27. Then you must take teh photo with teh black and white Guinea pig.. YOu MUST

    DO IT!!!!!!

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    I concur!! DO EET!!

  29. Where did you live in MI, ceejoe :D I so want to snorgle your kitties :D I have my Canadian Passport :D

  30. If the critters in question don’t have to be black and white, we’re in!

  31. Is the big kitty also the little kitty in the picture?
    Inquiring minds, ya know!!

  32. I have a tuxedo kitty! But she’s too wiggly when I try to hold her to get this picture. And she’s also fluffy :)

  33. :lol: Sounds like our cat, Dooley, who is a fluffy black and white kitty, hilz :lol:

  34. Catception!

  35. Which is the very best kind of cuteception!

  36. If I could pick Pepper I would try.

  37. That’s pick up Pepper.

  38. skippymom says:

    Maybe Peter Piper could help you.

  39. TOUCHÉ! :P

  40. I think we need to get ceejoe’s black and white piggy in next, then a Boston Terrier or French Bulldog after that. My neighbors have a black and white paint horse, but I don’t know how I’d get her next to a computer. In any case, we need more types of critters involved. To Infinity and Beyond!

  41. I won’t be home till late tonight (movie & dinner girls’ night out – yay!), but I’ll see what I can do, not sure if Cupcake will hold still long enough…

    note to self: put towel over keyboard of new laptop before putting piggeh on it…

  42. THere is always a laptop or Ipad!

    to go to the pasture with!

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    Could you take a photo of your ‘puter and hold the photo up next to the horsie and take another photo? Maybe?

  44. old goatlady says:

    I have the cutest little black and white goatie, I KNOW she would be interested in this project! (Especially if I put treats on my laptop!)

  45. Do eet!

  46. Definitely needs to be another species next. I agree with mtkees… piggy or puppy would do well…

  47. Maybe it’s like Crazy Eights or Uno! The next animal in the chain must match species, colour pattern, or both!

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    omg yeah although then we’d have a zillion kitteh photos.

  49. There is an infinite cat project in the works, for those that have kittehs.

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    Cool! I added the bookmark to my “cute animals” folder. :D

  51. I was going to post that too. Our previous cat Dusty (RIP) is nr. 1183; haven’t gotten around to making a picture with our new kitteh yet.

  52. My rainbow angel kitty Jacob is #74 :

  53. I had a tuxedo cat, so shall gladly add him the CO infinity project tonight!

  54. Er, that is “have” and “add him to the…” (I am still waking up, obviously.)

  55. skippymom says:

    Francesco is a tuxie with stripes on the sides. Can he still get involved?

  56. Bring him over! We can try him and Cupcake together!

  57. skippymom says:

    Awesome! Is Cupcake a boy or a girl?

  58. Girl. Is Francesco fixed? ;)

  59. skippymom says:

    Yes he is, but he’s also in a romantic relationship with the afghan on my bed. Is Cupcake not fixed?

  60. No,she is not. It’s not routine for guinea pigs. And more expensive, since there are very few vets that specialize in “exotics.” Can you imagine how teensy-weensy piggeh organs are?

  61. skippymom says:

    Oh, she’s a pig…I didn’t realize. I think Franny will wonder “What kind of animal is THAT?!” but he’ll probably fall in love with her anyway–he’s that sort of fellow.

  62. Well, my Sparky might object then – he is in love with her too, likes to groom her. Cupcake, on the other hand, does not seem to care much for him. High-pitched squeaking usually ensues. So she might prefer Franny.

  63. Aw crap, I’m in the mod ,lounge. I was just showing youse guys pics of the kitties, all black and white.

  64. skippymom says:

    Have some stew while you wait. For some reason, there is a lot left over.

  65. I gnu it! I gnu there’d be leftovers.

  66. Ha!

  67. Does this taste funny to you? :P

  68. skippymom says:

    Theresa, do you remember the Gary Larson cartoon that showed two lions being disappointed when they accidentally took down a tofudebeest?
    (or something like that)

  69. Well you know stew is always better teh second day! That is why there are always left overs. Kind of like Meatloaf!

  70. LOL Okay we have twighlight zone action because Teresa is in teh Mod Lounge ROFL!

  71. skippymom says:

    my head, it is spinning


  73. Not only am I in the Mod Lounge, but my last comment disappeared into oblivion. DOODOODOODOO DOODOODOODOO :P

  74. Mine do that all the time! Sometimes I simply can’t comment on a particular post. I don’t get the Mod Message – they just disappear! WTH is up with that?!?

  75. GAH !! It just happened again! I tried to comment in the post above, Who Am I to Argue with Fate, and it disappeared. >poof<

  76. Do you guys remember the infinite love bird post .. THat was a beautiful post too!

    Okay I looked I am now Officially dead from teh cute but I could not find that post. I know it is out there in teh CUteoverload Universe somewhere!

  77. And with one fell swoop I am in the Moderations Lounge too… Can I have a bowl of Gnu stew too!

  78. Oh Yay I found it.

    Of course this will make no sense at all until My Comment is out of Moderations.
    Suffice it to say birds can play at this game too!

  79. Oooh, teh Lervebirds!

  80. Gah! Another bird post! Stop eet – stop taunting me!

  81. YOu Can not haz birds you haz ten kitties!

  82. lol, I know, but I WANT a boid…

  83. ceejoe, when I had my parakeet, Jim, my cat Phoebe would let him land on her head. She didn’t give a darn. She was the blandest, most apathetic cat I’ve ever known. I think she was dumber than Eddy.

  84. skippymom says:

    Fortunately, I made plenty because I gnu the leftovers would come in handy.

  85. Fird Birfle says:



  86. Mary (the first) says:

    Okay this looks like the same kitteh to me. Is it? Hard to tell 100% because slightly different angle and no paw to compare the white toes..

  87. No it is a different kitty. Note the white ruff around the neck is different.

    Of course there are only so many variations of tuxedo kitties.

    When I get home tonight I am taking a picture of Miss Little One and I will post it.

  88. Tsting
    Kitty Post


  89. and again

  90. Sorry but was trying to see if I could post Little ones picture so it would show up here. Obviously I can not

  91. I have a tuxedo cat that looks just like that! How do I submit a photo of him to add to the chain?

  92. victoreia says:

    I can see Ezri’s reaction right now, if I were to try it: “No way, Mom. You’re not picking me up. You’re not gonna hold me and take pictures. Nuh-uh!” (Followed by a lot of wiggling, and probably a scratch on mommy’s arm……)

  93. I thought this seemed familiar and then I remembered The Infinite Cat Project.

  94. because this isn’t just cats we need a new name, how about The Vortex of Infinite Cuteness


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