All Bets Are Off

Check it out, the new kitten’s sneaking up on the dog again.

Oh, this’ll be good. Bet you fifty walnuts he gets thrashed this time.

You’re on. C’mon, kitty! Go for the tail, go for the tail!

Hey, Fido! Show that pipsqueak what your teeth are made for!

Whoa, I totally did not see that coming.

The dog just jumps up, with the kitty still latched onto its tail…

… and then — crunch! — right into the coffee table!

Well, I guess it’s a draw, then.

Once again we see the corrupting influence of wagering in sports, Milosmom.



  1. I’d like to scratch those fuzzy bellies!

  2. THey look like they’re gaming in the first photo.

  3. 10000 Quatloos on the newcomer!

  4. Hey are those chocolate almonds over there ?

  5. We are amused.

  6. somebody needs to photoshop some controllers and a bag of doritos in there.

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    WOT THA — ???? 😯

    Who taught dose guyz to stand on their hind legs and hold their front paws like
    (?do I have this correct?) Mr Burns in the Simpsons???

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    er — …. doubtful 😉

  9. Flutterby says:

    Made me look, Mudbug!

  10. “eeeeexcellent.”

  11. Two men enter, one man, er pet, leaves!

    And the hovertext has me DED!

  12. You beat me to it! 😆

  13. Hummm… I’m not sure I approve of the casting in this remake of The Gamesters of Triskelion.

  14. Truly the Peanut Gallery.

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    I think they’re more likely eyeing a bowl of mixed nuts on the coffee table, than kittehs and puppehs. But, maybe that’s just me….

  16. The Original Jane says:

    Very nice commentary, NTMTOM.

  17. Personally I think it was Smithers 🙂 Excellent Smithers…Excellent 🙂

  18. That’s what I was thinking!!! But I dunno. The squirrel who lives in my yard does come up and stare through the patio door at the dog.

  19. ;D

  20. Marge, did you see dat?

  21. That must be how my friend and I look like when we’re playing split-screen on the XBOX…except for the whole squirrel thing.

  22. Good call Z.R.

  23. BOOM!

  24. Instead of Chip ‘n’ Dale, it’s Squee and Earl.

  25. He’s realised that your dog is For Display Only

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    For Interior Display Only… or FIDO.

  27. Good one!

  28. 50 walnuts seems like an ENORMOUS bet, for a squirrel. These two are really into Extreme Cage Fighting. (To a wild animal, a house probably seems like a big cage.)

  29. Yikes!

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    excellent idea. It would be well to see that.

    Preferably Nachos Doritos. (YUM)

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    oh — you probably have it right.

    I spent a few mins at Wikipedia, attempting to locate the name of the accurate character.

    Shows you how thoroughly Simpsons-literate, I am not …. 😯

    thx, Emmylee 🙂

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    PS; Skwyrls’ earses R cool.

  33. Stosh in Costa Rica says:

    In Squirrel Circles–that’s known as a DOUBLE PAW TUCK—a universal Squirrel Position.

  34. My first thought when I saw the first pic was that these were two pious little skwirrls in church (heads slightly bowed, pawsies held in silent prayer) – or maybe even at the altar reciting their marriage vows. 🙂

  35. “Mawwiage”

  36. Especially the white tufts behind the ears in the first photo! I picture mom saying, “remember to scrub behind your ears”….to keep the fur nice and white.

  37. Busy skwerl Moms would appreciate the help of an ear tuft inspector – I’m lookin’ at you Miriam!

  38. *bows* you’re welcome Firdie 🙂 Just a bit of an old school Simpsons fan 🙂

  39. lmao. Yea…@Wendy and @Warrior….too bad the squirrel realized that wasn’t the case when I let her loose. Although personally I think the squirrel does it on purpose so that it can plank on the trees in the yard and then throw nuts at her head.

  40. Reporting for duty!

    “Okay little skwerlios, line up for D.E.T.I. (daily ear tuft inspection). That’s it, no hiding behind your sister Bandit. Whoever has the whitest fur gets a nut. Well, maybe two because you’re just too adorabuhls.”

  41. I’m seeing them with hats on and holding little purses, saying “Well. I. Never.”

  42. “Poor creatures have been domesticated. They can never be returned to the wild.”

  43. cellarmouse says:

    my thoughts exactly…

  44. That dweam within a dweam.

  45. Baileyboo says:

    Waldorf and Statler, the squirrel version.

  46. SlaveToCat says:

    Lucy. Yes Ethel. Why is everybody staring at us? This is a topless patio right??? OHH!! Ethel the sign said leave your pop caps in the recycling bin. It does not say leave your tops and caps in the bin!!! Clutches pearls…..

  47. Aw thats so funny! I love squirrels.