I Just Can’t Decide!

Maybe I should just nibble a bit off one end? No, that would ruin the symmetry…

Well, OK, how about equal nibbling on both ends? Um…

Oh, what the heck! Go for the gusto and bite it right down the middle!

Dianne says: “Although he loved his present, Gus Gus had no idea where to start!”



  1. Gus has eyebrow dots! Love heem!

  2. i expect gus gus tried at least once once to bury his new bone bone in the carpet

  3. I am smitten with the eyebrow dots as well! eyebrow dots make the world go ’round!

    (is there a Rule about them already? there should be…)

  4. Whenever our dachshund got a big bone, it was so amusing to watch her drag it around the house looking for a place to hide it. Under the carpet. Behind the curtains. She’d find a spot, seem pleased, relax for a few minutes, rethink the spot and then move the bone. This would go on for hours until she finally decided just to eat the bone and be done with it.

  5. If you give my big guy (all 8 pounds of him) anything that’s even remotely too big for his mouf, he’ll bury it in the couch, between the cushions or under a pillow. It doesn’t say much for my housekeeping skills but you wouldn’t believe the crap I’ve found in that couch. 🙂

    Gus Gus is a the perfect name for this adorable little hot dog!! ♥♥♥

  6. Gus Gus looks so perplexed but xiaxjano? Now I’m perplexed about that name.

  7. Great name! Gus Gus was the zaftig mouse from Cinderella.

  8. My best friend has a mini dachsund named Gus as well. Although it’s short for Gustav von Wienerschnitzel, not based on Gus-Gus from Cinderella.

  9. I’m thinking it says Kirkland… maybe a brand name?…

  10. “I’m not fat, I’m big-boned.”

  11. This guy is def. short for his weight.

  12. warrior rabbit says:

    So. Focused. Is he fixed? Because his attention sure is.

  13. Costco

  14. I thought that was just one Gus.

  15. SixFootJen says:

    Love the Kliban hovertext!!

  16. That is how I am with any chocolate in the house. I generally decide to eat it all after the second hiding spot, though. (My willpower is nil)

  17. * golf clap *

  18. Buridan’s pup.

  19. After much research, I have found that NO, there is no Rule of Cuteness regarding eyebrow dots! The only one that involved eyebrows at all was #36, If Your Eyebrows Go Up In The Center, It’s Cute.

    So what do you say? Is there a form to fill out, in triplicate perhaps, to propose a new Rule?

  20. I know that I can’t decide which of those ears to nibble on first. Maybe a little on each side, for symmetry…

  21. No no, llism is right- his name was Gus Gus- or at least the other meeces called him Gus Gus.

    This Gus Gus is ADORABLE 🙂

  22. That look is pure love.

  23. Our wiener dog always goes for her first hiding spot: inside her belly.

    Anything edible isn’t put down until it comes out the other end.

  24. So where DID he decide to start, finally? 😉

  25. LOL this reminds me of the travelers insurance commercial Trouble. Where the doggie runs all over trying to find a safe place for his bone!

  26. JohnnieCanuck says:

    The thing about a Costco bone is the very large size of the package it came in. The package would be bigger than his whole body. Gus Gus may be looking at the last of a very large number of bones, or the first of many, many more to come. Either way, it accounts for that glazed look in his eyes.

  27. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oh, the agony of choice…

  28. I’ll second the motion!! (wait, I don’t think I can Second if I proposed… hrmmm…)

    Let’s get this pushed through! Who’s with me?!

  29. Good digging cee! I’d say #36 just isn’t sufficient, right? Shall we start making up some protest signs until we get the amendment passed? Viva la revolucion!

  30. joools in PDX says:

    Second that! I still have his captions rolling around in my head… “Wharf dwarf, Dusseldorf”…

  31. OMdoggieG – how we lurve these commercials in our house! We sing along, we chuckle, we get teary…

  32. kibblenibble says:

    Yes yes yes! I vote for eyebrow dots! They have been one of my favorite puppy features since I was a child! Yes!

  33. kibblenibble says:

    Oh noes. I got moderated for saying yes to the eyebrow dots. *pouts*

  34. Actually, Gus-Gus’ full name was Octavius. (I’ve no clue how she got “Gus” from “Octavius”…..)

  35. Me too! And when seeing an uberfloofy catikins here on CO, I hear: ‘frequently mistaken for a meatloaf’.

  36. Occupy CO!

  37. Same here! I haven’t even thought about B. Kliban in years…great reference, NTMTOM!

  38. [Waving pom pons and stamping feet on bleachers]
    Eyebrow dots! Eyebrow dots! We want eyebrow dots!

  39. While doggeh is kronsching him bone, I will be gently kronsching him velvet ears.

  40. Susie-Qute says:

    Silky silky little earsies. So fun to pet and smooth.

  41. AGREE… eyebrow dots make me ****SQUEEE*****!!!!!!

    And Dachshund puppies are automatically adorable, of course!