The squeakingks!

The chubbular regions!

The learning to walkings!

It’s entirely too moshe! — wait, is that a poop on the floor? [facepalm]

And introducing: FAVE FRAME™ (My favorite part of this movie, the new video equivalent to the Cute Overload Xtreme Close-Up)

Super-Sender-Inner Josh N. sent this one in after emitting a Super Squeal.



  2. Fird Birfle says:



  3. Stunbunny says:

    I shall call you… Michelin Man!

  4. That is exactly what I thought. lol

  5. Holy moly… I dunno how the person resisted picking them up and just snorfing the heck out of those little marshmallows!!!
    Bulldog puppies are the cutest ever!!

  6. Kristine G says:

    IS that poop?!

  7. Given the relative size to those pups, I hope not.

  8. Actually, young animals are capable of laying ASTONISHINGLY large turds… O_O

  9. Oh my god, Kar, I almost died laughing so hard at your comment.

  10. lol for sure :)

  11. earlybird1 says:

    As clean as that house and carpet are, I highly doubt that a poop would go undealt with, IMO. At least, that’s what I told myself. :D

  12. skippymom says:

    Let’s make a movie to send to Cute Overload!
    Um, there’s a big poop on the carpet right there.
    Oh, we’ll get that later. Everybody will be so busy watching the puppies, no one will notice the poop.

  13. furbabies says:

    Poop happens!

  14. My boxers were very concerned that I had little squeakingk puppies inside my computer.

  15. My doberman is very concerned that I am somehow hiding and torturing tiny puppies. She walked over and harumphed at me. Meanwhile my greyhound briefly looked up from his nap by the fire, and decided warm > concern for puppies.

  16. Ooh, my very first time in the mod lounge! What’s on the menu tonight?

  17. Ricky, my dachshund came running into the room with a worried look.

  18. Your underpants were concerned?

  19. Now, Skippymom,dragyour mind out of the gutter, here…

    *teehee-ing when I think you can’t see me*

  20. Aw! That’s lovely!

    I loved the fact that they’d worked out what front legs were for, but the back legs were still a mystery.

  21. My kitteh got up and left my lap.

  22. Oh for crying out loud! This is the BEST video! I love the rolls and rolls of chub on the sweet little white puppy, and you can almost hear the “ehns” has he is scooting across the carpet trying so hard to walk. This is the most ridiculously cute video. LOVE this! And I love the FAVE FRAME technology…

  23. Mod lounge for brunch? Okay, well then, I’ll have a bloody mary, a little salad and a tiny puppy for snorgling.

  24. craftydabbler says:

    The little white one looks like a miniature walrus.

  25. and they sound like seals barking anxiously to each other

  26. It looks like poop but it’s awfully um large for such little puppers. Besides, they are probably still on milk so their poop would be um runny. Maybe it’s something totally different, like a piece of wood? Yeah, I’d rather think that. And oh the squeaking and adorable chubbage. Squeee!

  27. Maybe it’s their mom’s poop.

  28. Nope, I’ve decided (for my peace of mind, you understand) that it’s one of those deflated, unstuffed doggie toys. Yup, that’s what it is, um hm.

  29. My English bulldog was very concerned that I had little puppies inside my computer :)

  30. By the way, am I hearing things or did a cat purr at 0:43?

  31. That was a mini growl from the brown and white pupster.

  32. emmberrann says:

    Ahhh,puppy growls! Was there ever anything so anerabuhls? I’m not usually a d-o-g person, but puppy-bebehs just get to me. Particularly when they’re this little. Awwwsum,CO,awwsum.

  33. The CHUBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !
    All my “kids” came over to see what was up with all the squeaking !

  34. EHN!!!

  35. emmberrann says:

    This is. The. Very. Definition. Of. EHN.

  36. *girds loins* We who are about to die salute you! *goes off to watch video*

  37. Well, it was nice knowing you, Peanutcat. (By the way, you’ll probably see me on the other side, too.)
    *scrolls up to watch squirming, squeeking, and “almost” strolling, puppsies*

  38. Dang, I wish I were still into poop.

  39. Fird Birfle says:


  40. What, did you eat some poop? *giggling crazily like a two-year-old*

  41. *in prissy, three-year-old voice* EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

  42. So, what’s for lunch in the Mod lounge today? *Strolls over to put a fresh pot of coffee on*

  43. Poop sandwiches! *more infantile giggling*

  44. And Baby Ruth bars. *collapses in giggling fit with Skippymom…*

  45. Laughing so hard the tears are running down my legs! :D

  46. Yep, should have seen that one coming.
    I think I’ve lost my appetite now, thanks anyway.

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    ?? is moderately puzzled about the Baby Ruth bars part ??

  48. Fird, it’s a Caddyshack reference:

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH ok thanks for the elucidation.

    Sorry for my Nerddom. ;)

  50. Is it normal for the white one to be dragging his back legs?

  51. Yeah, they look REALLY young–the white one looked as though he barely had his eyes open. They sort of drag themselves around for a bit at first.

  52. Yes, he hasn’t figured out how to make them work yet.

  53. Reminded me of a seal! A very cute, bulldoggyish seal, mind you! Or Maru displaying perfect form in haunch splayage.

  54. I hope so. I was worried about that, too.

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    These are live Pound Puppies !!!

  56. omigosh Pound Puppies! Too true.

  57. Their feetie pajamas are two sizes too big!

  58. OMG puppies!!111!!1!!11

    Those teeny stubbular legs have keelled me.

  59. cellarmouse says:

    the white one moves like a seal pup…those li’i hindular legs are like flippers…

  60. he is brave to let them wander on that nice carpet
    they are adorable


  62. The’s just too much.

  63. If anyone needs me I’ll be in the corner, dying….. *collapses*

  64. Fird Birfle says:

    *Hauls out the Hello Kitty Defibrithingamabob*

  65. It’s bad, but oh so cute, when you are too chubulent to even walk. When you are dragging your chubbicles over vast acreages of beige carpet, avoiding the poops of unusual size. When your brown and white sibling has somehow managed to coordinate the chubs and the feets and is actually walking! No wonder there is so much squeakage.

  66. The helpless squeaks caused my elderly female cat to trill maternally. I hope you’re happy!


    That there was some quality, grade-A cute. And my kitty kinda went “whuzzat?” when she heard the squeaking. :D

  68. Awww bless! The lil white one hasn´t quite figured out how to use his back legs just yet….

  69. My German Shorthaired Pointers were concerned about the puppy noises coming from the computer, too. I’ve always thought that Bulldog puppies are some of the cutest puppies in all of the dog kingdom. I was amazed to see the brindle pupper already was showing the distinctive “rollin gait” of the bulldog!

  70. Phew, thank good I saw this today and was able to enjoy one of my weekend days. Now I can go watch my brain asplode from cute.

  71. This made me sad. They were whining so pitifully looking for mama but mama wasn’t there. No way I couldn’t have picked those chubby little guys up and got them to a mama dog stat!

  72. OMG, the little sh*tters! Entirely too much!

  73. canadianmary says:

    what happened to my comment?
    I WAS in the mod lounge(like the new carpet, very cosy on the tootsies, lol) but now,… …its like I never wrote anything…
    I know it wasn’t profane or abusive…
    (sadly sips grasshopper cocktail while;listening to the silvery strains of the Ray Coniff singers)
    um, Meg?

  74. meg isn’t here, mrs. torrance.

    i just liked your company, so i kept you a little longer.

  75. canadianmary says:

    aww thanks! cheers! :)

  76. The first thing that spouted out from my brother upon seeing this: “Aww…so cute. Looks like a toothless walrus though” :/


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