Bar-roh-ooh-ooh-ooh! [Dog laughing sound]

Via Linda B. over at Pinterest.



  1. That dog does not look real! Woolly bully!

  2. Is that a real pupper? Because theriously, that totally looks like a well-made stuffy.

  3. That is not a dog. It is obviously a lamb! 🙂

  4. Ahn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a live teddy-bear dog!!! All that curly floof!!! Must. Snarfle. NOW! *Cuddles*. Okay, I’m taking this little guy home and taking a nap…

  5. I scrolled down and totally thought he was a stuffed animahl!

  6. loribelle says:

    I can’t handle this much Qte! One of this dog’s parents was the teddy bear from the Snuggle fabric softener commercials.

  7. That was my thought.

  8. That puppy looks like the perfect stuffed dog! Incredibly cute!

  9. That was my first reaction too-that the dog didn’t look real! I think you’re right, loribelle. can definitely see the Snuggle bear in him!


  10. No, that is not a real puppy, it comes from FAO Schwartz–or maybe Steiff “Knopf-im-ohr” has a new style of stuffed animal. No, I don’t think that is a real dog…it just can’t be a real dog, it’s just too perfectly CUTE!!!! to be an actual living breathing barking squirrel-chasing dog who chews up sneakers and eats the plants!!!

  11. Absolutely! He’s totally a teddy bear with a little dog in him 🙂

  12. sabrina rose says:

    I just adopted a very cute puppy a week ago. But this little sweetie is the MOST ADORABLE puppy ever!!

  13. I totally thought it was a stuffed toy. I’m like “Why is CO jyping us?” But I was wrong. CO is bringing home the goods!

  14. First thing I thought was, why are they posting stuffed animals on CO? Had to look for a while to realize it was a real dog!

  15. antiavenger says:

    Totally agreed there. When I realized it was probably real, I was like OMG!

  16. My goodness, what a precious doggie! I wonder if some of that cute is because of a hair cut or if that stuffed animal look is natural? Superlatively adorable.

  17. It’s a real pup for sure. This beauty looks like my Bichons when they’ve gone into full “adore me rub mah belleh!” mode.

  18. The Original Jane says:

    Gaaa! You have one of these? Live, not stuffed? Unreal!

  19. The Original Jane says:

    NO idea why I’m in the mod lounge. Not fair. Just at the end of moving out of our house of 31 years and still have to fix it up for sale. Shleping boxes to our new rental. Am EXHAUSTED and ready to get sick. Plus we’ve moved during one of the worst flooding seasons around here.

    Bartender, I need your best hot toddy mixture.

    I would like (in a large warmed mug please); freshly brewed Italian Lavazza (decaf) coffee, Bailey’s Irish cream, Frangelico, Godiva dark chocolate liqueur, Kahlua and topped with real, fresh whipped cream.

    What’s your favorite “cozy” toddy?

  20. The Original Jane says:

    Oh, you can throw in a little good quality cognac or brandy too.

  21. The Original Jane says:

    And give me one of those fake/real dogs you have pictured on the front of your menu, please. You can deliver to my new address since I’m still in my pj’s and bathrobe. Tie it all in a nice box and bow and ring the bell and LEAVE.

    thank you

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Yum! That sounds great! 🙂

  23. He looks just like a teddy bear! :3

  24. Look out Boo you have some pretty fierce (uh adorable) competition.

  25. Utterly shameless “scritch my belly” behavior. :oO~

  26. That’s who I thought it was at first! I was all, what’s the fabric softener bear doing on CO?

  27. It looks like a plushy, but plushies don’t roll over. I am confuddled!

  28. Tuaca is very, very good. Blend of Italian brandies with strong vanilla and subtle citrus flavors.

  29. You better believe this little Mc Puppersons is ROTFLWBAD, becaue he knows he’s so cute his owners can deny him nothing! Nothing, I tell you, including Filet Mignon 3x a day, and fresh, hand churned ice cream for dessert. (Or maybe chicken livers for dessert… with a dog, you never can tell).

  30. I agree! Even Boo looks more like a “real” dog than this sweet creature! Maybe the Velveteen Rabbit has been on a recruitment roll! (Hah!)

  31. nice three-strip engineered walnut flooring. oh, and the dog is pretty adorbs too. 🙂

  32. Are we sure that’s not the Snuggle bear?

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me!! Make it two!!!

  34. Oh come on! That is just not fair! Nothing alive should be that cute!

  35. I like his thick ears

  36. That dog looks like a teddy bear, and doesn’t even look real. But he or she is super, super, super cutes!!!!!!

  37. oh no and I thought my doggie was the cutest, teddybear doggie around!
    this lil guy looks unreal….like a softy floofy fuzzy teddybear!!!!!

  38. OMG! Before I scrolled down I thought the cutey was a teddy!

  39. And what kind of alcohol would you like in that? 😛

  40. *upside down* BEEP!

  41. bob drummond says:


  42. bob drummond says:

    YES , I too also thought that little pooch was fake… until I saw HIM laying on his back then realized he had ” extra parts ” !!!

  43. bob drummond says:

    Whatttya mean my comment is awaiting moderation ? Get lost willya !

  44. I suspect magic afoot. He was once a lovely floofy toy dog, until the day a wizard brought him to life!

  45. absolutely, it’s the only pawsable explanation

  46. Alice Shortcake says:

    But…where do the batteries go?

    *scratches head*

  47. That dog is just SO not real! LOL

  48. doomchild says:

    My very thoughts, especially the “probably real” part 😀

  49. I demand proofs that this pup is real! Video please.

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    A MOST astute “pernt”.

  51. Maureen from Canada says:

    On first glance I thought that was a teddy bear!

  52. So did I! But those are REAL eyes, pleading “Please BOOP my belleh.”

  53. I have one right now. She did this last night, though it was on the couch as I was trying to set up my new phone. Needless to say the phone went un-set-up.

  54. emmberrann says:

    Had me fooled, too!b Thoe “shoe-button” eyes, that “naturally-molded” nose….. Nahh, can’t be ReaL

  55. emmberrann says:

    I seem to have a typing problem That”s “too!!” And. “Those”. I do beg the grammar gods’ pardon.

  56. The Snuggle Bear lives!

  57. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Oh my gaw. Can’t believe that it’s a real dog. May be the cutest dog I have ever seen, ever. I hope his name is Curly.

    Anyone have any idea what breed(s)? Clearly part Poodle, any ideas what else?

  58. And some lamb — with that shearling fur.

  59. I’m with you, Michelle.

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    I scrolled through these comments a bit and it seems the dog is not real? It’s very cute. It looks like a combination of a lamb and a puppy and I also thought right away that it looks like a stuffed animal. Whatever it is, (lambuppy? Puppalamba-thing?) I want it!

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap. I’m in the Mod Lounge. What do we have to eat in here this morning? Oh! I see scrambled eggs with truffles and toast! *runs to the buffet with plate*

  62. kisekileia says:

    She sounds adorable!

  63. cellarmouse says:

    oh man, oj, i feel your pain – when we moved out of our 27 year home we had to put a dumpster in our driveway to get rid of all the good stuff we’d “saved”…

  64. Are we sure this little guy isn’t the new Snuggle mascot? He’d be more than perfect for the job!

  65. awwww he looks like a stuffed anipal!

  66. huh. why all zee mod-er-ayshons lately?

    no biggie. just wundrin’

  67. Red Toenails says:

    Love his afro puffs!

  68. Poodle pups. You just have to love them!!!!!

  69. cheshirekittehkat says:

    Well, he must be real, because he’s wearing a dog license;
    (Ummm; peeps don’t usually put tags on stuffed aminules,
    do they? Do They? DO THEY?)

  70. That was my first thought! “Why is CO posting a pic of a Snuggle bear doll?”

  71. My first thought is that this is the live version of my favorite stuffed animal (Muttsey), whom I have since I was five. What breed is this, that I might procure one for snuggling?

  72. I thought he was a teddy bear at first. He doesn’t look real at all!

  73. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the elusive muppy.

  74. I have a Bichon too… pure cuddle bugs. My husband was dubious about getting a dog. I have had her since she was two months old. The first night he came home and saw her curled up on me… he melted.

  75. emmberrann says:

    Beige Bichon?

  76. What kind of dog is that? SO CUTE!!!!!

  77. Kelly Peters says:

    If anyone figures out what kind of dog this is, please reply! It’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out!!!

  78. The Original Jane says:

    That sounds nice. I’ll have to try it in another mixture since I don’t like citrus/fruits and chocolate together.

  79. The Original Jane says:

    It’s actually not as strong as a long island iced tea. 🙂 Those are deceptive!

    And no joke, for some really weird reason I can drink several straight tequila shots in a row and it has no effect.

  80. The Original Jane says:

    We did that with a huge garage sale first. Then we ordered the dumpster for the garage itself and some extras from the house. We need one more smaller garage sale to finish. Fun times, huh?

  81. It looks a lot like a Bichon. They can be apricot in color so maybe a mix?

  82. I believe by the curly curls it is a poodle without the silly hair cut.

  83. Okay i went looking it is called a teddy bear cut

    See link

  84. And with that title of course it is completely appropriate for this guy/gal to be on Cute overload ROFL!

  85. OMG, so cute, I thought that was a teddy bear. I’m guessing cockapoo puppeh?

  86. My puppy looks exactly like this dog and she ALWAYS sleeps like this. She is a cockapoo but she is predominately poodle. I love her!!

  87. “Am I A Dog or a Muppet?”

  88. The Original Jane says:

    Oh yes, there should be MORE things alive that are that cute! 🙂

  89. Where can I buy that plush fabric?

  90. Where is my comment from this morning?…

  91. I figured someone noticed that…just needs a fluffy pink blanket and the Snuggle bottle dropped next to him.

  92. Ques Twighlight zone Music…. Welcome to “The moderations ZONE”

  93. Seriously, I had a stuffed animal dog that looked like this! Memories…

  94. Stuffed animals are not anatomically correct. Take a closer look. “He” is the cutest puppeh ever!

  95. That’s a toy poodle. My ex had one and it was the only and best reason to stay with him for as long as I did 🙂

  96. LOL y’all had the same idea I did! He looks like the snuggle poochie. I just want to reach through the screen and scratchy his belly!

  97. OMG, i thought it was a stuffed animal. Only when I looked better I saw it was a dog.

  98. Chris Christian says:

    Seriously, I thought that WAS the Snuggle bear until I took a second look.

  99. I sewiously can’t believe that’s a real puppers!!!!!

  100. Susie-Qute says:

    The site is being usurped by clever/weird animals. This little poochie-pooch is a darling sweetie-pie AND lives up to the name of the site. I come here for relief from weirdness and strife and all that,so I really need sweet and endearing. This puppins is great!!!

  101. Hey all, this is my dog and my picture! AndreaPorter on Pinterest! His name is Samson..almost 2 years old and a mini goldendoodle. Thanks for the love 🙂

  102. The walnut floor is real :p



  104. live teddy bear dogs do exist! now, where can i get one copy? 😀