Thanks to everyone who bought a Cute Overload 2012 Page-a-Day Calendar, we’ve sold out our stock at Amazon.com (but they can still sell you one from a third party)!

Looking for ideas for those torn-out pages? Get stylish like Carolyn G., who says “I have been taping up all the calendar pages on my wall. Here’s what it looks like so far. Sometimes I get so excited about putting up the next one that I tear it off before the day is even over.”



  1. I use the backs for shopping lists and notes–that way, I can spread the cute all over!

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY MEGgie !!!
    YAY Cute !!!!

    *shakes pompoms*
    *uses tambourine*

  3. I have three years’ worth of calendar pages (working on year four). I couldn’t bring myself to throw any of them away. I keep them in a file in my desk drawer.

  4. Retired Hippie says:

    This year’s “yesteday” pages are being saved to decorate a co-worker’s cubicle when he goes on vacation. Those things protruding from the top of my head? They’re not horns…they’re halo holders. 😉

  5. I used my old cute pages for very serious notes about science and technology. When the note gets flipped over in a meeting and people see what I’ve been using as paper, I just shrug and smile.

  6. The very best pages, I keep and tack up around my office. The rest, I use for scratch paper.

    CO calendars forevah!

  7. Cute Rules!!

  8. *smug dismissive headshake*
    sellouts… psssshhhh
    I’ve no use fer ya.

    (kiddingks, obv.)

  9. Congrats, CO!

    I save the old pages and tape them together to make gift wrap.

  10. When I was deployed to Afghanistan my partner would tape the pictures to the inside of my care package box flaps. It always brought a smile.

  11. We have a septic tank. Please do not flush your tampompoms down the terlet. Thanks.

  12. I turn mine into collages 😀

  13. gohastings has them on clearance for $2.99 with free shipping. I bought 3! 😀

  14. My 5.5 year old grandson loves his new one so much he won’t put his wall calendar on his wall… he’s still “reading” it.

  15. We have three calendars every year. They decorate my husband’s cubicle, my classroom, and our fridge.

  16. Wonderful! Look how much Cute you’ve spread. Look how many smiles you’ve created. That is truly changing the world for the better. I love my large wall calendar. It’s a fun addition to my kitchen and allows me to keep track of my appointments and smile at the same time.

  17. Love it!

  18. We used to re-caption them around my office at work. It was a miracle worked on stressful days!