Don’t Be Ridiculous

I did not get blown into you by a gust of wind. I just tweeted you by accident.

Sender-inner Krista L. says, “Hello, I live in Victoria, BC and we recently had a very windy day. While I was walking to work I was leaning against the wind, being whipped around by leaves and dust and my own hair. I felt something hit the side of my face and get tangled in my hair/hoody. I reached in my hair and pulled out what I thought was a piece of trash but turned out to be this guy. He was tired from the wind pushing him around so he’d thought he’d hitch a ride in my hair. I put him at the bottom of a tree root to give him a little break from the wind so he could get his strength back up.”



  1. Hurrah for rescues, and hurrah for itty bitty birds! Also, hurrah for fellow Canadians!

  2. what a magical early morning, brighten-up-your-week encounter! ❤

  3. So much cuter than a virtual tweet!

  4. Super cute little bird! So glad you were able to help him.

  5. Oh my STINKIN GOSH! A golden-crowned kinglet!!! One of the teeniest and proshest of boids!

  6. oh

    so cuuuuuuute! eep!


  8. Were there two in the bush?

  9. Claire Morris says:

    So cute!!!! Looks so posh with the yellow stripe on his head!!!

  10. antiavenger says:

    And for those brief few awesome moments, his name was Piglet….

  11. Wow what a cutie! I am sure he was oh-so-thankful for your rescue!

  12. I live in Burnaby now but I used to live on Dallas road in Victoria. I really miss the Island, we really do love our animals here in B.C !!!!!!!

  13. ba-dum-tschhh

  14. WIN.

  15. Never go out without your wing man.

  16. Here’s to you Krista

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    I never get anything in my hair except actual trash, dust, twigs, etc. Sigh. This little cutie is just wonderful!

  18. michelle b adams says:

    i wanna bitty bird in MY hair! and, wow those new feather extensions for hair just get cuter and cuter. does steven tyler have one like thees?

  19. Nice mohawk! And with that, I can die happy

  20. Wikipedia sez: “They give a series of high-pitched calls on a single note, and tend not to fear human approach.”

    So there you go.

  21. The only thing that ever got in my hair was a big black bug in Fla. ICK! (pouts)

  22. The Original Jane says:

    I’ve seen them once in awhile in our yard, not too often. So pretty. (I live in Oregon.)

  23. mimikitty says:

    awww what a sweet lil thing!!! i hope he gained his strength back!!!

  24. Why is there not more cute in my life? I can’t have pets where I live. None of my friends that have pets live close to me. I live in the city so I see cute critters every now and then but they are usually squirrels and nothing cute never, ever randomly gets lodged into my hair! Why must I suffer so?!

  25. Once a huge yellow spider landed in my hair; I think it fell off a tree I was walking under. It was awful — I don’t know who was more scared, me or the spider.

  26. A golden-crowned Kinglet!

  27. Winnie Pooh reference for the WIN!!!!!

  28. He does look tired sitting in your hand. Such a nice person to rescue him. Luckily he found a person that was not scared of birds.

  29. EEEEEEEEE!!! If that guy was in my hand, I would go all Elmira and love him and hug him and squeeze him and name him George.

  30. Ohhh! He’s a Kinglet! I just got a tattoo of one on my arm. 🙂

    (The artist is Darci Love in Vancouver, BC)

  31. * golf clap *

  32. I’m so glad you posted this! I’m in Victoria too, and I came across a yardful of these little guys on my way home one afternoon. Thanks to the commenters who IDed it–I’ve been dying to know what they are!

  33. Awesome! I live in Victoria and heck those wind storms were nasty! Glad to see such a cute story come out of it!

  34. Anyone reminded of this Seinfeld episode?

  35. I like your new fascinator.

  36. Canadians are lovely!

  37. Fird Birfle says:

    I concur with jen.

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    I also concur with Claire Morris.

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    Lots of buggehs live en la Floride.

    Lives in N. Fla

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    Here ya go, JenDeyan!! 🙂

  41. WendyLady says:

    OH MY GAWHD! Laughed until I cried. Wonderful. Simply Wonderful.

  42. Reminds me of the time I was sitting in my backyard and just had a random urge to go behind my shed. Sure enough I found a baby bluejay, stuck and struggling in a bucket of rainwater! I saved him, let him dry off in some towels and later he took off in my backyard. So cute!!!

  43. True dat.

  44. Definitely worth at LEAST two in the bush!

  45. This would totally make my day. I like animals, but I looooove boids. Especially the teensy, weensy ones. So cute!

  46. bob drummond says:

    Absolutely Faith , a golden crowned Kinglet !

  47. Awww, I think this could be the cutest surprise hai accessory 😀

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Alessia & Rescute!!!

    *shakes pompoms and bangs on tambourine with metal clicky-clacky thinggies*

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa: IM(H?) O, very menneh “teensy” critters am prosh.

    Perhaps not every last blessed critter.
    But menneh uv ’em.

  50. (The Original) Mel says:

    I’m from LA, Lower Alabama, and spent many years in the Redneck Riviera.

  51. Hello neighbor! I was just about to say the same thing! Portland here. And I keep a bird feeder with black oil sunflower seed (which is like crack for wild birds, LOL).

  52. The Swedish name on it is “Kings Bird”, kinda funny regarding the size.

  53. I’m gonna have to sart checking my hoodie for boids.

  54. very pretty!

  55. Wow, look at all these Victoria folks! Nice to see you all here, and that was quite the blustery couple of days we had. Several years ago, a wind storm blew a baby grebe off course and straight into my cat who was coming out the window onto the balcony. The grebe squeaked in terror and hid under a deck chair and the cat squeaked and ran under the bed. The grebe was a tiny little grey ball of shaking feathers and animal control had to come and pry him out from under the chair, poor thing. He was fine eventually and released back into the wild.

    Chloe on the other hand, quaked under the bed for two days and wouldn’t talk to us. She finally crept out and slunk cautiously about the house, retreating whenever there was even a small noise. Such a scaredy cat our Chloe 🙂

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    I hope the birds’ mugshots don’t deteriorate every year, the way crackheads’ appearance and medical condition does …. 😯

  57. That’s why “kinglet” fits better 🙂

  58. Quite the reverse. Have you ever seen a chickadee with jowls?

  59. He looks like he’s wearing a little yellow-striped cabbie hat on his head.

  60. I second that, Mina 😀 I am from Coquitlam, British Columbia 😀

  61. AWW 😀 I am glad to hear that you were able to save that little bluejay and he/she was okay, Alessia 😀

  62. Yep 😀 We have three birdfeeders out here in Coquitlam 😀

  63. I think if that poor little bird was in my hands, I would hurry to the nearest vet and have him/her checked out before releasing him/her back into the wild 😀

  64. AWW 😀 That is so pretty 😀 If I see a lady with that, then I will know who you are, lin Snowin 😀

  65. Was it the “November to remember in 2006”, sugrant42? I remember that was ONE NASTY STORM! Stanley Park was hit the worst 😦 1/3 of the seawall needed serious repairs 😦 How long did it take before your dear sweet kitty, Chloe, recover from her fright? Please give her a cuddling for me 😀

  66. What a way to give someone the bird!

  67. I think it was 2006 actually, yes. And Chloe was okay after a few days, she’s a silly thing 🙂

  68. Golden-crowned kinglets are the best! They are super small but like to pretend they are tough and raise their crowns. This one is a little girl, though. The boys have a stripe of orange down the middle of the yellow.