What the Heck is That?!

Yah, I think that’s Elsie’s boy Norman, the one that come out all funny-lookin’…

Nah, can’t be…

Well, what is it, then? Can you milk it?

Hmm, don’t think so…

Sure smells funny, whatever it is…



  1. Boxer…..with a taaaaaaillllll!!!

  2. victoreia says:

    Boy, they sure don’t make cows like they used to!

  3. what a good puppeh to lay down so the cows could all snuffle him!!
    and trusting, too, with big cows.

  4. I don’t know, they used to make them nosy.

  5. arachnophile says:

    What a GOOD dog! Props to the person who has raised and socialized that pupper! LOVE!

  6. Wow, I took a hike once with my dog and the cows literally CHARGED at my dog. I’ve been terrified of cows ever since. Someone told me that the cows can’t tell (or smell) the difference between a coyote and a dog, so that’s why they charge. It’s nice to know there are some cows who are friendly.

    I bet boxer puppies smell different though. Like heaven.

  7. victoreia says:

    Sorry, I meant to put that whole thing in quotes. (As said by one of the cows…..)

  8. 😀

  9. baileysgrandmom says:

    I just re-watched “Temple Grandin” last night, and this reminds me of a scene early on where she goes into a pen full of cattle. One of the farm hands tells her not to worry, that the cows will just come up and sniff her, because they can’t help being so curious. So she goes in and lies down in the middle of the herd, and sure enough, they all just mill around and sniff, kind of like these do to the puppers. Great movie–a remarkable woman who overcame a formidable obstacle.

  10. I know where this is!! it’s on the Town Moor in Newcastle Upon Tyne, near where I live. It’s a huge piece of open land in the middle of the city, and cattle graze there freely – very popular spot for walkers, cyclists, and dogs – so the cows are really used to everyone and everything, but well done to the owner for letting investigation happen!

    Maybe English cows are particularly friendly – my dog Daisy gets on very well with our local ones.

  11. I love the doggie strategy for meeting the cows: “Look I’m harmless, I’m lying down”

  12. I liked that, too. And obviously it worked!

  13. Entropy's bitch says:

    It looks like one of them is going to give him a lickin’! He’s cow colored. What a good puppy. Like arachnophile said.

  14. What pretty cows!

    And such a cute, well behaved doggie!!!

  15. OMG that is sooooo cow, nosiest creatures I’ve ever seen! I can feel the gooey wet schnozzes just watching. And what a wonderful pup!

  16. Kari Callin says:

    “Moo, Cow, Bull!”
    “Moo, Cow, Bull!”

    That’ll do, pup. That’ll do.

  17. ThirdShift says:

    Awww! I take my greyhound to a farm with horses, they all think he’s a foal and are very interested in him. He’s afraid of them though, and wouldn’t meet their eyes. He’s even scared of the little miniature pony. Boxer pup is very brave.

  18. The cows I know always run when they see my flufferoo… Maybe it’s because he’s an English BULLdog, they don’t have the best history together…

    Love the curious cows….

  19. thats exactly how i felt. i was like wow, that dog knew exactly what to do in order to get close to the cows… he layed down. so smart!

  20. i used to work in an industry that subscribed to the publication in which she wrote columns. i was always mystified by this woman with the weird name and the extremely unlikely job. i wondered about her a lot and was blown away when she became a celebrity. we all know someone like that, don’t we? someone laboring in the shadows, doing what they love.

  21. arachnophile says:

    I know RIGHT!? Let’s hope this catches on, more and more. I mean they have ears now, let them have their TAILS!

  22. I thought the same exact thing. When he was standing one of the black cows was startled, so it is as if the pup said to himself, “hmm, he’s nervous, maybe I should like down and act submissive so they won’t be scared of me…” So sweet for the puppy to be lie down, he even has his ears down. But his tailio is wagging away. I love this.

  23. fleurdamour says:

    I’ve never seen a situation where another kind of critter is more interested in sniffing than the pup is.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s really sweet in so many ways! Kind, curious giants, compliant puppeh (kind of cow-colored, maybe they thought he was a calf needing rescute?) and the soft snuffling.. *sigh*

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    hmm… and again in the mod lounge…..is it time for margaritas??

  26. have you ever seen that photograph of the greyhound and the racehorse? it’s called something like “meeting of the racers” and it’s quite lovely 🙂

  27. 260Oakley says:

    Polite pups everywhere know that one must cowtow when in the presence of the moo-narchy.

  28. Jillersons says:

    Okay, I’m normally not one to say this, but those cows are *adorable*. Anyone know what breed they are? And I love the floppy ears and tail on that pup! It makes him (her?) look so much nicer – although anyone who’s met a Boxer knows they’re super sweet dogs, ears and tail notwithstanding.

  29. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Yer killin’ meeeeee

  30. Janna Marga says:

    What a good dog!! Love that tail wagging!

  31. i never herd of such a thing! (made myself laugh)

    beautiful cows!

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    well, y’know, victoreia, I allus *HERD* (*giggle*) as how Elsie’s lovelife was
    kinda whatcha’d call an… (air quotes) “alternative lifestyle” …. 😉

    Sits back in the rocking chair on the porch and begins whittlin’ ….

    Now, back in MY DAY …..

  33. I know I’m being all whiny, but I sent this in A WEEK AGO! I want credit for my cuteporting. *SNIFF*

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    ….Down to Greene Street
    There you go
    Lookin’ so outrageous
    And they tell you so …. You should know …

    Well, it’s over now
    Drink your big black cow
    And get out of here ….

    Not That Donald Fagin (sp?), the Other Donald Fagin

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    (it’s probably Donald Fagan not Fagin….)

  36. oh big fat puffy heart! love love!

    funny story… we always had “the Dan” on when I was a kid, so I knew this song backward and forward. One day when I was maybe 6, we were at a hardware store and I saw a pallet full of manure bags, brand name Black Kow. I started humming the song and asked my dad if they got the name of the cow poop from the song… At 6!
    ehhh if nothin’ else, I was good for a laugh as a kid

  37. stbernardmom says:

    Cow version of a salty dog??

  38. What a gooooooddaaaawwwwgggg!! He sensed quickly that the cows found him a little threatening and he changed that in a flash. And he was so secure in allowing them to sniff him to their heart’s content. Simply wonderful.

  39. ohhh I love this video. That Boxer’s attitude is very much like most Boxers. When my girl senses someone (mostly children) or some animal is scared of her she lays straight down so she seems harmless. And has infinite patience with them getting to know her. Ohhh such a good pup 🙂

  40. the pup in the video (not just my dog)…I’m not that into talking up my pup 🙂

  41. The Original Jane says:

    My sister worked in animal sciences at our local university for years until a recent change. Temple came and gave lectures at least twice before she got famous. And then came again after the movie was made. Did you all know she is autistic? (That’s probably in the movie – which I didn’t see.)

  42. The Original Jane says:

    Know one has mentioned the breed yet?

    I’m pretty positive they are Jersey cows (from Jersey in England, not “The Jersey Shore” east coast USA, lol).

    I LOVE Jerseys! They are SO pretty and such sweet dispositions. I am pretty sure the ones in the movie “Cold Comfort Farm” are Jerseys too. (btw, if you haven’t seen that movie – GO RENT IT! or better yet, buy it!)

    Their milk also makes very yummy products. Not sure if it’s partly the breed and partly the fresh air, water and grass in rural England?

  43. Cold Comfort Farm is one of my favorites! “The golden orb…” hahaha

  44. Until recently, there were cow pastures all around where my dad lives in Florida, and if you went up to the fence, the cows would all come over and check you out. Very nosy gals. Also, once in the UK, I was on an extended walk which took us through some cow pastures (*splatch*), and the cows would one by one fall in behind us and follow us around the field, like a parade,

  45. Geordie cows, for sure. Those southern cows are probably snooty. 😛

  46. Babe reference FTW!

  47. Thanks for making me smile CO! 😀

    This is the first boxer that I have ever seen with a tail. Didn´t know they were so long! 🙂

  48. TheFormerAstronomer says:

    Some of them could be Jerseys (although not all – they’re always brown/tan, so the black one is a different breed. Maybe a Galloway).

    A minor quibble! Jersey is not in England, it’s one of the Channel Islands :). Which means it’s a Crown Dependency, and not technically part of the UK.

  49. Great movie! Great person!

  50. Aww, what lovely behavior from all participants! ❤ Such a nice doggie and such nice cows. :3

  51. Jersey cows are one of the five most common dairy breeds, usually a brown with gold “highlights”, and are noted for producing milk with the highest butterfat. There are at least three in this clip – all are blonde to caramel colored with a pale ring around their nose. The black ones are definitely not Galloways. Since there’s a red cow in the group the blacks and the red might all be Dexters. There also appears to be a Brown Swiss. She’s the tan with a silvery cast and curly locks on her forehead. There are a couple of others that I can’t identify, too. One blue roan and a couple of sooty girls. They could be crossbreds, I’m not sure.

  52. From left to right, at :02 Jersey, Dexter, Dexter, Jersey, Dexter; at :15 Jersey, Jersey, Dexter, Jersey, Dexter; at :30 Jersey, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Dexter.

  53. I liked how the black cow on the right kept looking like he wanted to play with the doggeh. Also, maybe the cows are like the people around here who huff doggehs, kittehs, etc., when they are extremely adorable. Sorta sounded like it. 🙂

  54. It made me smile too! Lovely cows and lovely pup!

  55. Love the puppy and how could said puppy owner NOT try to pet one of the cows?!

    Love the cow nose noises at the end…too funny!!

  56. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I love cows. They’re so gentle looking & have such lovely eyelashes.

    This was so cute. Pup was so patient with them & so cute how the one was nuzzling the pup.

  57. Fird Birfle says:

    Cows and GIRAFFES have the Awesomest eyelashes.

    They ought to win America’s Next Top Model. Or maybe somebody ought to
    take eyelashes — ONLY from the cows & giraffes who already died without any human actions — and sell them as Falsies at Walgreens.


  58. Fird Birfle says:


  59. Fird Birfle says:

    *Officially gives Liz credit for cuteporting*

    *also gives Liz a lollipop, and a fuzzy pink teddy bear*

  60. Fird Birfle says:


  61. *waves pompoms for Liz*

  62. My white boxer has a tail. I understand why it is nice not to hurt them to remove, but if you would see the size and strength in those tails, you would understand why it isn’t a good thing in your house or for them. Them whip them so hard that they can hit things and constantly damage the tail. If pups are taken at 2 days old there is not pain to speak of, much like circumcision of a male baby.

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    y’all am verreh verreh smart 🙂

  64. Throws confetti and rainbowm glitter all over Liz while a marching band plays when the saints come marching in. 🙂

  65. Temple Grandin is such a great movie. I highly recommend it, too! She’s an inspiration… And I love cows!

  66. 🙂

  67. Thank you, wwax. I might just have to purchase one, I’m sure I can think of someone to give it to as a gift – it looks like a great cause!

  68. Love the way the little guy submissively lies down so the big folks can check him out without considering him a threat.

  69. Boxer + long tail = gorgeous. I don’t know what genious came up with the idea in the first place to cut off the tails! It’s barbaric. The practice should be banned, like it is in (at least parts of) Europe. Think of the actual act! I saw a photo on flickr of a whole row of cut off little baby puppy tails, bloody on one end, all lined up… Just no.

    Aaaaand the video is adorable. 🙂

  70. And she wins the internet again, ladies and gentlemen!

  71. there you are! I always look for your response b/c I find them very clever and funny!

  72. Docking a dog’s tail is mostly illegal in the UK (which is where I believe this took place). Isn’t that great?!?! I have a boxer with a natural tail and ears and it was one of the things that drew me to her at the shelter. Her tail tells me EXACTLY how she’s feeling, so I’d never want to take that away.

  73. The Original Jane says:

    I thought Jerseys were tan but wasn’t 100% sure there weren’t other colors too. I love the tan/blond ones and their sweet looking faces. Thanks for the info!

    Oh, and @”Astronomer”: There was a vague thought in the back of my mind that it was an island off England but I didn’t know for sure the name. 🙂

  74. Hello all!
    Long-time lurker but emerging to share my cow story with you:
    While on a walking holiday in North Yorkshire, I used to pass a field of cows every day and just stand there and look at them for ages. One day, one of them came up to me, studied me for a while and then *slurp* licked my face 🙂 I love cows!

  75. A friend of mine went hiking in the hills around here (where they often have cows grazing in parkland). She took a nap, and awoke to find all the cows standing in a circle around her, looking at her quite curiously! Not too unlike this sniffing circle.

  76. It’s margarita time somewhere! 😉

  77. Love that Vid! I am so glad I don’t eat meat. They look like such beautiful, smart curious animals. And the boxer was such a good puppy there taking all the sniffing in stride.

    PS. No judgement on meat eaters

  78. ¡Olé!

  79. WHOO! WHOO! 😛

  80. Sounds about right.

  81. if you think a whip lash is strong, wait ’til you start hearing complaints about your post!

  82. Wow, that is one patient, calm, brave puppy!! Gold ribbon for him 🙂

  83. That’s all I ever wanted. Thank you all. *HAPPY SNIFF*

  84. Katherine says:

    The tail has bones, muscles, and nerve endings, just like a limb. It is not like circumcision of a baby at all. If you have a lot of breakable stuff you shouldn’t have boxers.

  85. john rodriguez says:

    aww my boxer has ears and a tail too! very nice.

  86. hahaha. word.

  87. Sharon Wilson says:

    That dog’s probably thinking, “Boy, there’s some really funny-looking dogs at this dog park!”

  88. Man: “Could I get the Jersey, Dexter, Dexter, Jersey, Dexter, Jersey, Jersey, Dexter, Jersey, Dexter, Jersery, Dexter, Jersery, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Jersey, and Dexter, but could you substitute Jersey for the Dexter?”

    Waitress: “What?!? You mean you want Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersery, Jersey, Jersery, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Jersey, and Jersey? Ewww!”

    Woman: “Why don’t you get the Brown Swiss, Jersey, Dexter, Dexter, and Jersey? It’s not got much Jersey in it.”

    Man: “I don’t want any Jersey!”

  89. The Original Jane says:

    Glad you came out of lurkdom. And I like your story. I think I would have backed up before the cow managed to lick my face!

  90. The Original Jane says:

    Like in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” with Diane Lane.

    Her friend tells her to quit chasing whatever she was after (men, happiness, etc.) and then told the story of being a child and chasing ladybugs but could never catch one. Fell asleep outdoors once and woke up with them crawling all over her. Moral: “Let them come to you”.

  91. Puppy had a close encownter of the herd kind.

  92. How ’bout some spam with that?

  93. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I wish I lived somewhere where there were random area cows hanging around & they would check me out & smooch me too! *cries*

  94. Fird Birfle says:


  95. arachnophile says:

    Well, them having strong, healthy tails is hardly a good argument against them by my reckoning. My aunt and uncle have a pitty while a tail like a billy-club, and I’m glad he has it.

    Saving our furniture isn’t a good enough reason but I hear where you’re coming from. I’m not arguing from the pain perspective I’m just an advocate or removing a limb from anyone. 😉 I just hope that culture will come around. We used to argue chopping up their ears was good for them too.

  96. arachnophile says:

    🙂 It’s so true. Tails are such an important part of canine communication!

  97. arachnophile says:

    ROFLed! Bro-fist. 😉

  98. History lesson time : Way back when, they used to dock tails and crop ears on certain breeds (doberman, boxers, pit bulls, etc) since they were often used for protection purposes or for fighting other animals. The elimination of floppy ears and long tails gave the opposition less to try and grab on to. So, from a practical perspective at the time, it made sense. You don’t want your guard dog to get hurt because the person/other critter he was fighting managed to grab him by the ears. In the case of the Doberman, Louis Doberman wanted to convey the look of a racehorse, hence the upright ears. Other breeds, like the rottweiler, had their tails docked since their original purpose was as a cattle wrangler and the tail would get in the way, possibly getting stepped on or crushed by a cow.

    Nowadays, we don’t fight or bait with these dogs anymore (not legally, anyway), but the tradition remains. It has been outlawed in some places in Europe. But the AKC still requires docked tails and cropped ears on some breeds. Some (and I mean very few) dogs do still benefit from the cropping and docking. My dad bred and trained dobermans for the Philadelphia police for years and they had to have their tails and ears done so bad guys wouldn’t grab them. However, ear-cropping is becoming less and less fashionable since people now find soft, floppy ears more personable and friendly-looking than cropped ears.

    Working in a vet’s office, I can also attest to the damage dogs with natural tails can inflict upon themselves. We had one rottie (a breed that almost always has its tail docked) who had a natural tail who was forever bashing it against walls and furniture to the point that he ended up breaking his tail multiple times. It’s nearly impossible to immobilize and bandage a tail so it will heal properly. His owners finally opted to let the vet dock it in order to save the dog future pain (and increasingly astronomical vet bills!). I’m NOT saying it’s right to pre-emptively dock tails on dogs. But there are times when it’s a good idea.

    Ear-cropping, I got no valid excuse for. I’ve been trying to get my dad to stop cropping his pups’ ears for years (he now breeds on a very small scale for show dogs, like one litter every other year).

    *steps away from the chalk board* All right, who wants to stay after class and bang erasers?

  99. Pass a margarita, I”m in the mod lounge. What kind of music do we have in here?

  100. My friends have two Jerseys in their Holstein herd. One is a toffee color and the other is a dark chocolate with a white heart on her forehead. I’ve known other Jerseys who ranged in color from a pale eggshell color to almost black. The dead giveaway that a cow is a purebred Jersey is supposed to be the pale ring around the muzzle. Jersey crosses don’t ever have it, even if they’re many generations removed from the 50:50 cross. They’re wonderfully sweet girls!