Tiny Dormouse Snores

The fine folks over at Boing Boing have reminded moi that the ever-snoozing and ever-prosh dormouse is hibernatin’ and therefore snoring up a storm these days. Will you please check out this redonk snoring action:

Did You Know™ that the dormouse sleep three quarters of the year in a nest? (That’s insta-dorabuhls). They weigh 15 to 30 grams, and they’re English, so you know when they talk, it’s absolutely charming.

First still image by Terry Whitaker, Dormice photographer extraordinaire. Second photo from Smart Images UK.



  1. The Original Jane says:

    Nurse, get that little guy a C-PAP machine – STAT!

  2. *gently rolls the little sleepy one over onto his/her side to help ease the breathing, then covers with a little blanket and turns out the light*

  3. Oh my goodness! Such a loud snore for such a teeny dormouse! Ha.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!! Do you think they make teeny breathe right strips for dormice?

  5. Oh Em Geeee. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

  6. Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
    How I wonder where you’re at
    Up above the world so high
    Like a tea tray in the sky
    Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
    How I wonder where you’re at



    I actually put my head in my hands in disbelief.

  8. or hearing.

  9. What the dormouse said: (snrrrfgh rrrghthgh sgarrghghglff)

  10. The first thing I thought was “Are we sure that’s a snore, hmmm? ” 😯

  11. Feed your head….(me thinks this little guy just might have!)

  12. Cynthia McLendon says:

    They like tea parties.

  13. ohhhhhhh! i’m in ❤ wiv teh leetle thing!! now we need a teacup to put it in 🙂

  14. I’m all OMG! He’ll have apneas all winter long… 😀

  15. The snoring part is fake. In the original video you can’t hear the snoring, which was described as a really high-pitched whistling.

  16. The original video is silent – the snoring part was added

  17. Edible dormice are actually not native to the UK. The Romans brought them. (And the fact that they’re called edible is why the Romans brought them.)

  18. Doc, I twink I’m having a problem sleeping, I keep waking up with difficulty breathing maybe 4, 5, times a winter. My nest mate says I snore something terrible….could that be it?

  19. Welsh Dormice had to have a special bridge built.

  20. Snoremouse

  21. The bridge is LITERALLY RIGHT NEAR WHERE I LIVE OMG111!!!1ONE! and I for one support cuteness-enabling architecture. Funny to think these fuzzy little spheres of awesome are so close, but you *neeeeeeeeeeeever* see them. (Dormice have elite hiding skills. I suspect it comes of not moving around very much…)

  22. I’m sure you’re not supposed to move hibernating animals…..

  23. Hi Theresa! 🙂

  24. bookmonstercats says:

    So little dormouse, so much snoring.

  25. bookmonstercats says:

    Do they actually use the bridge, Loris? Are there teeny tiny dormouse-sized signposts to it?

  26. bookmonstercats says:

    What Oakley said 🙂

  27. kinda sounded like teddy the porcupine

  28. As a member of the national Committee for the Promotion of Latin, I’d like to entertain everyone with the following factoids: The word “dormouse” comes from the Latin verb “dormire = to sleep” and the ancient Romans raised them in terra cotta Habitrails to supply the upper classes with such delicacies as stuffed dormouse! The more you know…

  29. Moderation lounge… what’s for breakfast?!

  30. I say! honk-shu, good sir, pip pip!
    (imagining wee top hat and monocle)

    also! curled up little feetsies!

  31. Soft Dormouse, warm dormouse
    Little ball of fur
    Happy dormouse, Sleepy Dormouse
    Snore, snore, snore.

  32. You know, I was wondering– cause I saw this before but didn’t hear anything. I wonder if the 1st time I saw it the video was just messed up. I want to believe in the snores!! 😀

  33. Can you imagine what a nest full of snoring doormice would sound like?? OMG…..just too adorable 😆

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    Also also.

    I LURVE the hoovertext for pic # 3.

    The End.

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Gigi [and, by extension, Dr. Sheldon Cooper]
    WINS THA internet, fur tuday.


    *Knock knock knock*
    “Penny” (x three)

  36. okay, peeps, busy day.

    everyone fan out and pick a beelyon of webpages

    everywhere you see the cliche’, “quiet as a dormouse,” you know what to do

  37. That’s what I was thinking!

  38. Fird Birfle says:


  39. What do we do? 😛

  40. Me too! He must have a serious case of sleep apnea!

  41. *blink… blink” Teeneh tineh doormousie…wearing minuscule breathe right strip… *passes out onto keyboard*

  42. FTW, Gigi and FB!

    Big Bang Theory Uber-Fan

  43. And a lovely Mediterranean egg white panini

  44. This reminds me of a scene outta Men in Black II. Sounds like he’s rapping:

  45. ITA!

  46. SlaveToCat says:

    Gee I always blamed my little hubby for keeping me awake all night with the snoring.
    Obviously I must have a whole village of dormice sleeping in the wall near the bed.

  47. As long as they can sleep right in the teapot.

  48. ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sing soft doormouse again! This time, in a round!!!

  49. I’m thinking that that honk-shuuing isn’t nearly as adorable if you’re Mrs. Doormouse sleeping right next to it…just sayin’

  50. Check out the front paw action! They wiggle with every honk-shu!

  51. Awwwwww! The thought of that made me smile.

  52. Audioshopped?

  53. It’s like looking in the mirror. The snoring and sleeping I mean. Winter is made for naps, cozy reading in bed and general cocooning.

  54. *looks at palm, no dormouse there, has a sad, then watches video again & has happy! 🙂

  55. Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang!

  56. There’s more than one rodent bridge around:

    I’m thinking a truly hibernating rodent doesn’t breathe that rapidly. Much less snore.

  57. baileysgrandmom says:

    Make that an extra, extra, extra SMALL, CPAP machine, Nurse!
    They’re not so bad (CPAPs, not dormice)–I used one my own self for over five years. Losing 1/3 of my body weight in 2010 made it no longer necessary. (Actually, after losing just 20 pounds, I was sleeping much better.) But they are absolutely life-savers for folks with OSA.

  58. Ooh, don’t mind if I do!

  59. Got to say it, got to say it . . .


    Had to say it!

  60. cellarmouse says:

    y’know, even when all the best things i can think of have already been said, i just love being surrounded by so many like-minded peeps…

  61. Hi Nikki!

  62. This was on CO a couple of years ago . . .

  63. I am entertained.

  64. *hitting self on head* Of course! *shakes groove thang*

  65. As long it is not the Bridge of Death across the Gorge of eternal Peril….what is a dormouse’s favorite color, anyway?

  66. Exactly, it is adorable, but it hibernates when food is scarce. By rousing it or holding it in your hand and raising its temperature, might inadvertently cause it to wake up. And if it does, it takes up a lot of its fat reserves which may not be enough for the rest of the cold season, and its likely to just never wake up.

  67. Fird Birfle says:

    Also also (also?) we needz a “Sleppy” Tag, ovah hyah!!!

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    “Green, no!! BLUE — no — AUGH!!!!”

    *plop/ splash*

  69. I’m small. I’m sleepin’. Ssssshhhhhh!

  70. Captain and Official Spokescritter of the Olympic Sleeping Team.

  71. When Alice left the Tea Party, she turned around for one last look:
    The Mad Hatter and the March Hare were trying to stuff the fast-asleep Dormouse into the teapot……!!!
    Heck, don’t doubt my word: I was there……; (they needed a waiter for the party;
    the last one had quit unexpectedly; so they deemed that a passing Cheshire-Cat {me} was suitable as a last-minute substitute for table help….!) 😉

  72. Andi from NC says:

    The video took me to the edge then …. scroll… scroll… the pics threw me over!! So great!

  73. victoreia says:

    I love that part of the tea party. 😀

  74. victoreia says:

    Just avoid falling into the Bog of Eternal Stench.

  75. My job here is done 😀

  76. NOOOOOOOO!!!! I found this on Wiki:
    Relationship with humans
    The edible dormouse was considered a delicacy in ancient Rome, either as a savoury appetizer or as a dessert (dipped in honey and poppy seeds). The Romans had a special kind of enclosure known as glirarium used to rear dormice for the table.[1] Dormice to this day are eaten in Slovenia.[2] Dormouse fat was used by the Elizabethans to induce sleep.[3]

  77. CPAP is a life-saver (literally–have your cardiologist make a referral for a sleep study).

    I’m not an expert, but that seems like a pretty rapid respiration rate for a hibernating individual.

  78. Sasha's Mum says:

    Privacy tail!!! That’s what slayed me — that even in deeeeep sleep the little mousie was maintining its modesty! How vedy English!

  79. Sasha's Mum says:

    Well, as horrifying as that is … I don’t see any difference between eating dormice and eating pigs or cows. All animals are too cute to eat in my book!

    (Except of course for that cow in “Restaurant at the End of the Universe.”)

  80. Entropy's Bitch says:

    Me four! teeny tiny cpap. *giggles*

  81. This reminds me of how my cat snores.

  82. *standing ovation*

  83. “Remembahhhhhhhhhhhh what the dormouse saiiiiiiiiid. Feed your heeeaaaaddd, feed your heeeaaddddddd!” 😉

  84. bob drummond says:

    Just remember people , if you are invited to a Roman style party , DO NOT EAT THE APPETIZERS WHATEVER YOU DO !!!!

  85. bob drummond says:

    Who r u calling a fruit ?

  86. bob drummond says:

    White Rabbit by Jefferson airplane/ starship !
    Go ask Alice ,I think she’ll know !!

  87. skippymom says:

    There once was a Dormouse who lived in a bed
    Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red).

    Who knows this one?

  88. Fird Birfle says:

    I don’t know this one.

    But melikes yer rhymin’, Simon 🙂

  89. Fird Birfle says:

    Tha fruits in tha blue line item I posted at 6:37 am on Jan 26th

  90. It’s not me, it’s A.A. Milne. But feel free to call me Simon any time.

  91. Fird Birfle says:

    *pinches nose closed*

  92. This is a UK native Doormouse, the edible type which live in the area of Buckinghamshire were I was born are greyer and have a bushy tail.

  93. Perhaps just some Breath Right strips will help! 🙂

  94. bob drummond says:

    Okay, Firdie , My error and I admit it !!! SORRY !

  95. Ditto!!

  96. This was on the news