Rapunzel, Rapunzel


This vid’s a little kinky! Just tease’n, !



  1. I always dreamed of having a Palomino pony when I was a kid.

  2. CatViccer says:

    Remarkable hair flip at 3:13!

  3. My Metal Pony

  4. that is one beautiful horse

  5. Can I just say that EMI sucks not letting me watch this in Canada.

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    I haz a sad.
    me compooter no work-y video bits.

    BAD compooter !!!!


  7. Leann McRobefrts says:

    This beautiful little horse is not a Palomino but a Haflinger which is an Austrian Tyrol horse of Arab ancestry. The Palomino is an American mustang.

  8. That horse was having SO MUCH FUN!!! Loved the skid ALMOST into the side of the arena a couple times. And how it looked at the camera…. “I’m ready for my closeup now!” (hair toss)

  9. emmberrann says:

    Oh,Firdy, me, too! Can’t see poneeez! *stamps feet and sticks out lower lip*

  10. YOU Know You WANT my hair! Head toss Heal flip See how it flows in the wind.

    More head tosses and racing and flouncing. Your Hair it is dull and Ugly But MINE is BEAUTIFUL!

    What a lovely horse. Just beautiful! and GOLDEN! 🙂

  11. Was anybody else thinking David Lee Roth?

    Loved the horse and want to know what she uses on that mane!

  12. This feels like a shampoo commercial, the horse’s mane is just beautiful and bouncy.

    “I’ll have what she is having!”

  13. Is that horse’s hair crimped?

  14. It’s blocked in my country 😦 Obviously we Canadians can’t handle horses with long blonde hair.

  15. aparrently my comment is “Tangled” up in the moderations Machine!

  16. Diane Brown says:

    Not crimped, but braided and probably only let out for short show-off moments like this.

  17. Horse from a fairy tale.

  18. Oh, the sheer JOY at being alive!

  19. Oh. My. God. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod what a beautiful animal… I’m stunned. Someone should call Hollywood; this horse needs to be in the movies! It’s like out of a fairytale.

    Per my research it’s a’ Haflinger’. Stallion obvy (the prancing, the temperament).

    @Nina: I’m pretty sure the mane had been braided, that’s why it’s wavy. They do that for competition. This guy might have it braided most of the time though, bit impractical to run around with a cascading mane like his!

  20. Fabio-pony is totally mugging for the camera. What a happy horsie!

  21. The Taylor Swift of horses.

  22. CLEARLY this horse needs to be a model for Pixar … or already has. Add a red tint and this is the heroine’s hair from the upcoming “Brave.”

  23. It says it’s blocked in Canada because of content from EMI. Why would EMI a British multinational music company headquartered in London, United Kingdom bloc Canada from seeing this video? We’re part of the Commonwealth just like them.
    I’m sad :sniff:

  24. sabrina rose says:

    This is the MOST. GORGEOUS. HORSE. EVER!!! Definitely should be in the movies, it’s one of the very most beautiful animals I’ve ever seen. And he’s so full of joy and energy and happiness with life. Love the kicks and prancing and pretty gaits. Would love to see this video set in slo-mo with the right classical soundtrack.

  25. I just have to comment. Sooo glad you enjoyed this! Yes, it’s a haflinger. A friend of mine has one. I have a few tresses of her haflinger’s mane hanging at my desk! The one in this vid is show quality but all haflingers are extra fluffy, and have personality plus.

  26. wannadance says:

    love animals, free, fed, boingy that is one watchable animal. do they ever let the manes hang straight with out braiding. it would fly. reminds me somehow of fantasia, the flying horses, fieerent colors, can hear the music in my head but tongue won’t give.

    so so beautiful. i want to feed it.

  27. wannadance says:

    tangled? i am trying to imagine how that could be obscene or profane or body party or just plain suggestive or nasty.

    okay okay…i’ll being the mexican cheese dip and dos exquis…sigh

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    All I can say is…Beautiful Animal!

    Well, I can also say…I WANT ONE!!

  29. Probably like that b/c it was in braids for a while.

  30. What a beautiful happy horse 😀 I want to bury my face in all of that hair!

  31. What I wanna know is…why oh why is this not MY little pony?

  32. Did you hear that? the “squee” of a million adolescent girls.

    and me.

  33. Harumph ! “Mane & Tail” shampoo & conditioner never did that for MY hair !
    (Pardon the green eyed monster typing under my name)

  34. WOW….she is the HOTTEST BLONDE EVER! The girls in Hollywood have NOTHIN’ on her! Look at those moves! And that HAIR TOSS !

  35. I tried logging on to view some cute last (?) week, and it wasn’t functioning in protest to a proposed censorship law in the US, and now I can’t see it because of “copyright grounds”? Lame. I want to watch the horsie.

  36. cuteismyporn says:

    change the music to willow smith ‘I whip my hair back and forth,,,,,,,,,,, and watch happily in Canada.

    BTW what do they call it on Glee when they hair dance?

  37. Hairography

  38. *remembers to close her mouth*
    *remembers to breathe*

    … are all angels ponies?

  39. True he is a Haflinger, but he is also a Palomino. Palomino is a color designation like Chestnut, or Bay, and American Mustangs come in many colors.

  40. HAHA- I was thinking

  41. @ Firdy and @ Ember – here is Kleenex and a couple Aspirin, and some candy – I am so sorry for what you have missed – it is time they stopped this nonsense about who shares what – Somebody should do something.
    Just thought – it is somebody’s JOB, everybody knows that anybody could do it. but unless someone gets up and alters this, nobody will do it everybody will lose out. Awww Rats !!!!!

  42. You may say so my Dear – but I cannot possibly comment !!!!
    n/c children may be viewing !!!!!!!

  43. Is this the first thing she’s done since Sex and the City?

  44. I too always wanted a Palomino and I have always loved Haflingers, what a dreamy combo. Sadly the idea of me riding a Haflinger congers images of Olive Oyl riding a Great Dane!

  45. Alice Shortcake says:

    Edward, you are a cruel, cruel man.

    And that’s the first thing that crossed my mind too!

  46. I’ve gotta say it… what a show pony!

  47. Cool, thanks for the info =D

  48. …& also so hilarious that he keeps checking to see that the camera is still focussed on him. I luff you wittle pony!

  49. Was just going to say. It´s a Haflinger. 🙂

  50. I would name that pony Shakira. Same kinda hair, hehe. 😉

  51. Palomino isn’t a mustang. It’s a color.

  52. BOB DRUMMOND says:

    I am so sorry to hear that , why don’t I meet you in the MOD LOUNGE and we”ll drown our sorrows in a couple of Pumpkin Spiced Cappocinos ?

  53. BOB DRUMMOND says:

    When I look at this horse , All I feel like saying is “HEIGH YO SILVER ! AWAY !!!”

  54. Oh yes, Fabio was my first thought too 😀

  55. mavethrave says:

    That’s right, Palomino is a color and there are a lot of breeds that have palomino color In their lines.

  56. I was just going to come here and post this. They should have used “Jump!” with all the cavorting and hair flinging.

  57. Are you sure about that?

    I was thinking it was a Hairflinger. 😀

  58. I was thinking more along the lines of Christina Aguilera in:

  59. DEFINITELY a HairFlinger LOL

  60. Ditto. Grr.

  61. Hot.

  62. haha yeah hairflinger 😀

  63. that’s what i was wondering – is it like that naturally or was it braided???

  64. If you go to You Tube and input the name “Liz Neidhart” you can see a different video of the same horse.

    Also, please note this horse is male!

  65. I’m going through the comments hoping someone found an alternate host for this so we poor citizens up here in America’s Hat can see it too.

  66. Honestly don’t know if it could be natural 😀
    Either way, it looks nice on the horse 🙂

  67. Fird Birfle says:

    *delighted snerk*

  68. Take a look at this video. It’s not the same one posted here, but boy oh boy, it’s the same pony and he’s showing off here too.

  69. He says “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

  70. This is a supermodel and a sports star combined and reincarnated. Stunning!!

  71. OMG PONY

  72. Hilarious!!! SJP

  73. Other blocked Canadian reporting in as well. Boo. Hiss.

  74. It was a play on words Kinky being used to describe certain types of adult fun and also being used to descripe a type of hair as in crimped or kinky hair.

  75. LOL Mudbug.

    Ditto. My hairdresser finally talked me into getting a razor cut and now my baby fine hair pretends it is all fluffy of course it is short, if I let it grow long it would just hang there in a limp stringy mess LOL

  76. One way to get around the Canadian restriction might be to use something like TOR, where you pretend your somewhere else. This vid is worth the time it takes to set up. If you want to be moral to the spirit of the Canadian, you can watch it with the sound off…

    Do a search for reverse proxies, proxies, and a reference to the law – you’ll probably find a five minute fix for whatever Canada’s doing to block what you want to see.

  77. What a magnificent animal. Speaks to my 60+ years of loving horses (for me Paso Finos). What a joy to watch.

    I’m guessing you folks in Canada are being blocked because some moron programmer decided that kinky is a dirty word. I sure wish the whole damn world would lighten up!

  78. Haflingers, the goy David Lee Roths of horsedom!
    A plenitude of prancing ponies for the cursing Canucks:

  79. This video shows him with his braids – totally awesome horse! http://youtu.be/E1YhXIihGMY

  80. I meant ‘Canadian law’ – sorry. I’m also not recommending that you break any laws.

  81. It was Beethoven’s “Pastorale”–I love it, too!

  82. Arr Arr. Very Good. That is one beautifuly philly. Well, at least I believe it was a philly. Lot a hair. I love the gallop, gallop, kick my heals up, gallop, gallop.
    What a ham that horse was. Knows the camera is there.

  83. LOL David Lee Roth…funny!

  84. The horse seems to love his/her hair, sashaying it around when it runs.
    wonder what conditioner they used…

  85. Am wondering if there was a way to do a screen capture for everyone who has it blocked . Sadly, it is beyond my technical savvy… . .

  86. Me too!

  87. Is there a problem there?

  88. Truly magnificent!

    I can imagine Valkyrie riding these majestic horses as the carry fallen warriors to Valhalla…

  89. I did some screen captures but not sure if it really shows the feeling of the video. He is having so much fun and playing right to the camera.

  90. *snerk*

  91. *guffaw* Sorry. “America’s Hat” just kinda got me giggling. (If it helps, I live in America’s “maybe-you-are-but-maybe-you’re-not a part of the States” state. AKA the stolen kingdom. Sometimes referred to as the Aloha State.)

  92. It’s the new My Little Pony live-action movie!

  93. Lmao! You are soooo right!

  94. I believe in this case, it would be “HI-HO, GOLDIE! AWAY!” 😉

  95. Every pony’s favorite exercise – Free ring time!

    Let the bucking and farting begin!

  96. Pixiewings says:

    If we’re getting technical then he’s a haflinger and his colour is actually a light chestnut, not palomino. Palominos have a much lighter colour on their body.

  97. Oh Jenn, I just snorted. My sister and I used to go to the neighbor’s farm and after the draft horses would come over to see us, they’d get all hyped and start bucking and farting. Being two younger (maybe 7 and 10ish) girls, we were very entertained and couldn’t stop laughing!

  98. Fird Birfle says:

    t’ankyew, p.n.


  99. Fird Birfle says:


  100. Fird Birfle says:

    Those are some pheNOMenal braids, there.


  101. Megumi's Mom says:

    I especially love the kicking up his heels part, and the way he smiles for the camera as he runs by…

    …and all the hair flips.

    the blocking in Canada may be because of the SOUNDTRACK, of music added to the video, personally I loved it in silence.

  102. Anonymous Coward says:

    me too!

    wth is it with this “copyright issues” nonsense? it’s not as if this video would be used for nefarious purposes! >:-(

    and, frankly, tptb should realize that there are quite a few CDs/LPs (hey, where did that shift key come from?) that have been sold because peeps like me heard some music they liked on a youtube video. some of these videos linked to by co, even.

    instead of being daft pricks, they should realize this.

  103. My first thought was “Extensions, maybe?” 🙂

  104. Me too!

  105. i SAW that too! He ducks his head and totally does a carelees ‘over the shoulder’ hair flip… like a hot babe at the beach, lol!

  106. aww, you guys are missing out! this vid is totally gorgeous and would really make you smile 🙂

  107. agree virginia…this Haflinger is a… Haflinger AND a palomino 🙂

  108. Haflingers manes are naturally crimped…they hit the genetic lottery with those locks!

  109. All I can say is what a beautful hourse!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Ok. I totally had a Motley Crue/Poison/Def Leppard/Guns n Roses flashback here.
    Am I the only one????

  111. My first time in the mod lounge… YAYYYYY … gimme those fruit tarts!

  112. Juniper Jupiter says:

    That has to be the most vain horse I’ve ever seen.

    I think he was half-expecting a slo-mo Prince Charming Coif Snap!


  113. Try clicking the link to the submitter, under the vid pic frame, it will take you to their youtube channel, perhaps that will be better liked in Canada?

  114. Because the people who made the video didn’t pay EMI for rights? Maybe?

  115. ladyneeva says:

    Actually, Haflingers are NOT palomino (the color, not the breed), they’re just chestnuts with flaxen manes/tails. A palomino is caused by a chestnut horse who has one dominant and one recessive cream gene. If Haflingers were palomino, breeding two of them together would occasionally (about 25% of the time) result in a foal with *two* dominant cream genes, which would dilute their coat color down until it was a very very pale cream. This color is called cremello.

    Since *all* Haflingers are red-gold with pale cream manes and tails, and none of them are very pale cream with white manes and tails, it proves that they aren’t genetically palomino.

    Of course the palomino *breed* association registers horses based on their physical appearance, not their genetic makeup… so technically, I think you can double register a Haflinger as a Palomino… even though it’s chestnut. They also have (or had) a purebred Arabian registered as a Palomino, even though Arabians also don’t have the cream gene so cannot possibly be genetically palomino the color. Hence the confusion.

  116. They also have a website! http://www.stalgrootprooyen.nl/ You can translate it from the Dutch if you want to read about their horses – Haflingers and Arab-Friesan (!!!!!) crosses.

  117. Definitely NOT a filly, although I’m sure this guy would LOVE a filly harem!

  118. Try their home page: http://www.stalgrootprooyen.nl/

  119. i wish i had his hair *_*

  120. Bia Fernandes says:

    Beautiful horse and flirting with the cameras! Adorable!

  121. Nope. Got a Twisted Sister hair vibe, but much, much, MUCH cuter!

  122. lololol

  123. Remember the Bugs Bunny opera cartoon where Bugs comes in riding the horse? THIS IS THE HORSE!!

    Also, maybe EMI will let Canadians watch it if they all promise to turn the sound down.

  124. Fird Birfle says:

    aaaaaaand T.U.M. WINS the Internet for today!!!

  125. And he knows it! ^_^

  126. This horse is a ham. Love the way s/he is totally aware of the camera!

  127. I cannot get over this horse… I’m transfixed!

  128. Sharon Wilson says:

    It’s like a real-life version of one of those toy ponies with manes you can comb!

  129. Zomgosh It’s barbie’s horse!!!!!

  130. Yes, I was thinking this horse put every hair band to shame! Do horses get the squirrelies when they get a bath because he was acting just like my dogs when they get bathed. They get the zoomies.

  131. Horsey loves the camera and says: “I’m fabulous and I know it!”

  132. Cubbybutt says:

    I came for the luxurious locks, but I stayed for the Simple Minds soundtrack.

  133. Wow…blondes DO have more fun 🙂

  134. Wow! Where else could I have found all this information in one spot? Thanks, ladyneeva!

  135. Aw, if I had a blonde beautiful boy pony like that, I’d name him Nelson. I’d say, This is Nelson…and he’s GLOOOORIOUS. LOL

  136. Emmberrann says:

    It’s all too much to take in, ladyneeva! *clutches pearls*

  137. Emmberrann says:

    Yah, FB, me, too!

  138. Hello,
    Here is a message from Holland. I was supriced to see our video with our Haflinger
    stallion Liz. Neidhart . He is Born in Austria, that s correct. He is for this moment
    champion of the Benelux ( Holland Belgium and Luxemborg). This stallion is 7 Years
    old. You can see on the video. He loves people. He had a very good character and
    loves working on the sadle. He have a lot of childeren in Europe and The music is from the Simple minds. ”My first thought was “Extensions, maybe?”” No he have no
    extensions. When you want to see him at work look:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1YhXIihGMY. Thanks Hans Stalgrootprooyen
    Thanks for your reactions.. Hans Stalgrootprooyen
    Thank you all for your lovely reactions. And when you are in Europe . you can always
    visit our stables.. Best Regards Hans Goedhart Stalgrootprooyen

  139. Her mane so so long it’d make any “rocker” jealous! Heck, I’M JEALOUS!!! Wish I could get my hair to grow that long and luxurious!!!

  140. OOPS! MY BAD!! I thought he was a “she”!! Couldn’t “tell” by the video! Anyway, HE has a mane any “rocker” would be jealous of. I know I am!!