We’ve Created a Squeema Donna

Now that my appearance in the Cute Overload 2012 Page-a-Day calendar has established my star quality, I think I’m entitled to certain perks…

… a private trailer, catered lunches, my own personal trainer, oh and I insist on choosing my own makeup and styling team…

Nehama V. says: “Max checks himself out in the Cute Overload Calendar! It seems to have affected his ego, now that he’s a celebrity he sees no reason to waste time posing for a silly photo!”



  1. cellarmouse says:

    gets to keep the car!…no way…

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    1: The Pink Jeep seems to have shrunk, from when I saw it as the main
    prize on one of the Toddlers/ Tiaras episodes 🙂

    2: Nice, how Max gets to choose both a TRAILer and also a TRAINer !!!

  3. Plus His own personal Stylist…. becuase we all know how harrd it is to get that just crawled out of bed head look.

    You see how he is rocking that rock style hair now!

  4. opps “rock star hair style” is what I meant to write. I was completely tongue tied by this hamster cutie

  5. *giggle*

  6. My husband (who was given a Kia Soul, which looks a heckuva lot like Max’s ride, as a loaner car) wants to know why Max doesn’t have a hoody and bling. Well, Nehama V.?

  7. Was it pink?? Was it ?? *giggle*

  8. Max now has “people” to do the menial tasks for him. Have your agent call his agent if you wish to speak to him.

  9. Max also wants his Wheel to be kept pristine clean at all times, for whenever he feels the need to take a run, (which could be anytime……)
    He also wants the caterers to bone up on the book, from awhile back, about creating special exotic meals for liddol guys, such as himself, to have as late suppers….! 🙄
    (Enny questions? Have your people contact his people…ASAP…!)

  10. victoreia says:

    Does he get his insurance directly from the Geico gecko?

  11. I tried bribing Max with a lot of different treats but he just wasn’t interested in sitting still for the picture and kept trying to run off the bed instead! I guess all of us adoring friends just don’t rank very high on his list of priorities! 🙂