THIS JUST IN: From the C.O. Mailbag

Dear Everyone at Cute Overload,

This note is long overdue, but better late than never I suppose.

The upshot of it all is that CO has saved my butt, over and over and over.

The longer story of it all is that I broke up with my boyfriend in August of 2011 and almost immediately thereafter attempted suicide. I survived, and have begun creating a new life with a wonderful man who I refer to as my “Upgrade”. However, my attempts to start over did not stop my ex and his new girlfriend (who had been my roommate) from harassing me incessantly, harassing my boyfriend, spreading around horrible things about me that were not true, etc. I put a restraining order on my ex-roommate, but the judge dismissed it as a ‘property dispute’. It’s been kind of like one of those nightmares where you keep feeling like you’re waking up, but you’re really not.

Praise Ceiling Cat for my boyfriend, though. Every time I would receive an email from one of them and would feel like my head was about to explode, he would say “Cute Overload! NOW!“. The humor, silliness, and generally overwhelming cuteness would put me in a better mood almost instantly and help me calm down much more quickly. Then I could write a response that was appropriate. It was very helpful — for me and for him 🙂

I must also mention that this was all going on during the fall and winter, when my mental health issues are at their most debilitating. The fact that the worst I ever did was write an unsent poison pen letter is miraculous.

So, thank you thank you thank you, Cute Overload, from both me and my boyfriend.

Much love,
[Name witheld]

[This part is from Meg] P.S. Cute Overload! NOW!



  1. A friend of mine told me about CO while I was in grad school. This site has helped to keep my spirits and sanity many times over! The combo of snarky humor and adorable animals is often just what my wounded soul needs.
    Many thanks from me as well!

  2. Sometimes it really IS the little things in life, (especially the cute little fuzzy things) and the support of someone that helps us the most when we’re hurting. So glad you were able to find a safe healthy way to cope. ((HUGS)) and ((LOVE)) to you and to your “Upgrade” Sounds like he’s tuned right into you and you to him. Take care of yourselves!!!

  3. OMG! Is that not the cutest, sweetest, little wee kitten you ever saw??? I MUST have that baby!!! Awwwww…

  4. Cute Overload is the best.
    I haven’t needed it to save my life, but it has brightened my day immensely, time and again. Cheers to Cute Overload!

  5. Cute Overload has been my own saving grace on many a day. The videos of the animals are the only thing that keep my son still enough so I can clip his nails (19 months old), when I am sad, a good dose of cute and silly has me running off to go snorgle my own kitties and send my heart back into happiness. When I need a pick me up, I just come here. There are many sites of cute things now, but I find that CO really had weeded out the less than ideal pics that give you a headache as you try to stare at the cute. It is the Swiss Chocolate of cute, the $500 dollar bottle of Merlot of adorable, the Rolex of Redonculousness… Its the best of the cute!

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    I would nibble on those little toesies, too, if they were within my paw grasp!
    And ((HUGS)) to N.W. and her upgrade!!

  7. However, on a more serious note, I have suffered from depression most of my life, and at one time seriously considered suicide myself. At that time, I had left my ex and taken my two children with me. As time passed I started to feel totally out of control and felt as if I was losing it. Fortunately, I had several good friends, and they helped me to make a decision that turned everything around…after talking to my family doctor, I admitted myself into our psychiatric wing at our local hospital, where I spent a couple of weeks in therapy. I won’t say it was easy, but it put me in the right direction. Cute Overload, and particularly the kittens and cats, justs makes my day! I look forward to coming here every day! It’s like a breath of fresh air to me. So I totally understand how Cute Overload can affect your mood and make you happy! So go for it every day! And God Bless you whoever you are, for you have come such a long way!!! Welcome!!!

  8. It was the same for me. I had a complete nervous breakdown in the third year of grad school while working through a PhD, with resulted in a year of counseling and gobs of ways to manage my depression during the week. Flocke was just born around that time, and stops at CO and the Nuremberg websites were a daily routine. I can honestly say cute pictures are what got me through that program.

  9. I love knowing that I have a similar relationship with Cute Overload and that I would imagine a lot of folks when they are having bad days (or really really bad days) just come on and sit and go aww at animals and it really does help. I’m a pretty classic party college girl with bad anxiety issues. Rather than have a complete meltdown about the things that go wrong I can sit and spend some time looking at puppies and all is well thanks to you folks.

    Awesome letter, thanks for posting it Cute Overload!

  10. CO was there for me in my darkest hours. Literally , going thru a horrid divorce after
    13 yrs. But what nearly did me in was losing my mom at that time. Thank God, she had
    come to live with us then it was just her and I . I really did not know anyone in this town
    for about 4 months after her passing. I could not sleep and CO was there. I really
    love it here at CO and the comments also make me laugh. You peeps at CO really
    are wonderful the staff and the community!
    Thank you.
    I am happy you were there for the gal that needed you too!!! 😛

  11. I have ongoing depression among other things. I used to have nightmares and negative thoughts when I tried to go to bed. So, I started looking at cuteoverload right before I laid down to sleep. The cute photos and stories helped to put good thoughts into my head and push out the scary ones. I still come here daily for my cute fix. I still need it just as much as I did before and am greatful everyday that I come to the site and its still here.

  12. Thank you, everyone at CuteOverload, to give a ray of cute and light into everybody’s life that needs it. I come here every day, especially when the stress of everything seems to much, and I leave feeling glad that cuteness lives.

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhh, this is the mod lounge.

    I’ll help myself to some coffee and scones.

  14. Definitely, we should take a cargo B-747 full of kittehs to every war zone on earth: Instant! World! Peace!

  15. bookmonstercats says:

    God (or Ceiling Cat, or *your deity of choice*) bless and keep everybody who suffers from health problems, all kinds of problems, but especially mental health, which can be the cruellest of all.

  16. bookmonstercats says:

    I’m in Mod Lounge. Anybody for a coffee and sticky bun (it’s just after 9am where I am, so really too early for a margarita)?

  17. With all due respect, whatever the issues are that drove you into attempting suicide require more attention and further treatment than finding a new relationship and visiting OC. Please, please see to it that you find a good therapist to talk things with. Life will deliver more major disappointments, intense experiences of abandonment, and feelings of utter failure, but there are also amazing and wonderful experiences coming your way full of happiness and love. Make sure you have the proper tools to get past the pitfalls (no matter how severe!) so you might live to see the good side of life, OC included. stay safe.

  18. CO*, not OC… Wow, Overload Cute? Freudian slip I guess… 🙂

  19. HRH QueenCat says:

    it’s never too early, bookmonstercats, esp if you have chronic depression, like me & so, so many others 😦

    let’s raise our glasses to all depression sufferers & to C.O. furr brightening our lives

  20. starlinguk says:

    It’s in situations like that where you find out that karma doesn’t always work.

  21. The healing effect is well documented…

  22. You go, girl! And Upgrade, too!

  23. It’s interesting that this is brought up now as it is Mental Health Awareness Week.
    I also use CuteOverload to battle the blues, and to help my friends as well when they’re down. We have sortof a depression support group in which we email each other cute stuff. Here’s one from my best friend–

  24. Hi, everyone. If you’re reading this and feel that things are hopeless and you are thinking of hurting yourself, please don’t! Things WILL get better, and you ARE strong enough to survive whatever hurts. Find someone to talk to, even if it’s the people on CO or another website. Think of the people in the world who depend on you and care about you, and how your death would shatter them. However you do it, get help. You are important, and you deserve to be here for yourself if for nobody else. There are people and organizations that can help. The websites below are a place to start. Please contact them and get help if you need it.

  25. yay for CO and all the peeps behind it! CO is proof to me that happy generous good energy spreads with a force more powerful than the deepest depression and the most toxic “friends”/roommates/boyfriends/ex-husbands/bosses…long live the Qte!

  26. and the freakin’ kitty? omg….

  27. It’s my first stop every morning! Chronic depression is awful, but it is nice that there is a wonderful happy place here on CO to visit. I raise my glass with all my fellow depression sufferers in toast to CO for being so sunny and furry!

  28. Such a sad story 😦 but a good ending!

    Life can be so rough sometimes *sigh*. I also check CO every day and usually multiple times a day because its always good for a smile 😀 i love that “science of cute” that was just posted (and was on tv). Meg, you really caught on to something! Thank you for CO!!

    ps my husband used to say he was going to carry pictures of puppies in his pocket so if we got in an argument he could pull them out and i would be immediately distracted haha. “you spent HOW much on…oh, oh how cute!! wook at that widdle guy” 😉

  29. May I suggest quotation marks around the text so we DON’T think it’s from Meg?

  30. To the letter writer… hang in there, sweetie, and don’t let anyone ever make you feel unworthy of love or respect.

    To my fellow CO’ers who – like me – have suffered from either chronic or occasional depression… I love you all. CO has been the single ray of sunshine in many a cloudy day and I love this place with all my heart. ♥♥♥♥

    And finally… the kitteh!! Awwwww!!

  31. Cute overload always makes my days brighter, even when I’m hormonally depressed and feel like no one loves me. The community here, and the squee little fuzzy ones, make life better enough that I can continue to get things done.

    Oh, and teh kitteh? So very squee. I’d nom those feet.

  32. The world is full of so much negativity, hate and cynicism. CO is a refuge from all of that. Thank you for everything you do.

  33. come back again soon! we have a wonderful menu and drink specials. happy hour today is featuring the cucumber-tini!

  34. I don’t struggle with mental health issues but I have used CO since discovering it to take a “break” from all the sad, horrible crap that seems to pile up each news day. Nothing like a wee piglet to reset my brain after time spent reading about the financial fraud of 2007!

    My whole family loves CO. Thank you so much!

  35. Love CO!!! Never fails to bring a smile to my face no matter how crappy I feel. For the best vacation ever I go to Slothville

  36. The world is also full of much love, joy, and beauty. It’s all about what you focus on. Love to you all.

  37. That was my first thought too… I read it through to the end thinking our Meg was suffering so… then I saw the note that it wasn’t. huge sigh of relief, but still…

    Oh letter-writer! I hope you have better days ahead 🙂 You may also want to consider reading PostSecret as another uplifting blog. Frank does a lot of great work for suicide prevention, and the community there is wonderful as well.

  38. Here’s to less gratuitous melodrama, and more sunshine and cute animals!

  39. Can I get a group hug??

  40. The Original Jane says:

    Gaaa! First I get the pure joy of the bouncing doggie in the field video, then I scroll down to the absolutely adorable kitty video. My brain doesn’t know if I should laugh or turn into a pile of goo. 🙂

  41. C. O. helped me get through design school (think French Bulldog puppy frolicking with tiny tennis ball). It is now a part of my daily life. I love Cute Overload ( although I sometimes refer to it as Cute Overlord).

  42. I have never commented before, so I guess that makes this my virgin reply??? like many of the responders, I have depression issues. It took over 4 years for my divorce to be finalized, and he put me through hell: nuff said. I have chronic, debilitating pain and I recently was forced to stop working because of physical limitations. i worry about $$, my health , my kids, our country, the world, the universe………and when things are spiraling out of control, a visit to Cute Overload brings me back! I LOOOVE this site, and the wacky comments crack me up! You guys are so bright and funny!

  43. Being bi-polar, I have some very bad days, even with my meds, cute overload is one of the places I go to feel better, I’m here daily. Please don’t leave us!!!

  44. Because you “look” healthy, and no one can see the pain.

  45. I consider a daily dose of Cute Overload essential to my (relative) mental health. Wishing much healing to N.W.

    ANother website that I recently discovered has also come to be an essential part of my mental health routine: Jenny (aka The Bloggess) recently posted a moving entry about her own battle with depression, anxiety, and self-harm; the supportive, caring, “been there, done that, survived, and healed” comments in response to the entry bolstered my belief that most people are really quite decent human beings, given the chance:

    Most entries, though, are hilariously snarky. If you have not read the iconic one about Beyonce, the five-foot-tall metal chicken The Bloggess purchased at HomeGoods specifically because her husband told her NOT to buy towels, you have not lived:

    I promise that her sense of the absurd will fit right in with the CO outlook on life!

    Finally, I wanna poke that kitteh belleh!

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    “cuc*mber-tini” 😉 *snerk*

  47. I second your description. Lots of us have only survived thanks to CO!

    Meg and Co.: thanks SO MUCH for participating in the SOPA/PIPA blackout, and thanks EVEN MORE for coming back. I was torn when I visited this afternoon: those bills are awful, but I needed my CO fix.

  48. Hurrah! We can survive and thrive. A little cute can make the world a better place.

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    OH GREAT SCOTT that kitten shore is cute.

    He/ she oughtta run for President!!!!

    *Sends wheelbarrow-full of wildflowers in random colors,
    and best hopes for the well-being of the letter-writer*

  50. You really freaked me out, Meg! I mean… how could a woman who runs the most endorphin-packed website on the internet feel the need to commit suicide???

    To the woman who sent the letter, I’m glad that you’re doing your best to get through a hard time. Always remember that you’re not alone, and that you’re incredibly blessed to have a boyfriend who reminds you to check CO when you’re down. May you live life to the fullest!

  51. Bless you for the Blogess link. I’m buying my own Beyonce as soon as I get paid.

  52. Innit she great? The photo of Beyonce at the front door (and the caption of course) made me laugh until I wept!

  53. My husband do the EXACT same thing!!! “Have you had your tea? I’ll make some, now go sit and watch CuteOverload!” Also, if my friends are sad for whatever reason, I send them kittens and puppies and ducklings and small goats and piglets and and just bombard them with CO stuff. It always helps!

  54. Bears are so smart. Starting in late October, every cell in my body screams at me to eat lots of carbs and fats and take a nap until, say, mid-March, when everything will be oh-so-much-better. Waking up to two new babies every spring does put a slight crimp in that plan for avoiding the winter blues, though . . . . .

  55. appreciativefan says:

    I totally just came to the site to cheer myself up, and toooootally recommend CO to friends (any one really) who could use a pick me up. Thanks CO!!

  56. Excellent resources! Thanks for posting.

  57. The Original Jane says:

    Laughed out loud! My sister thinks I’m nuts. We’re packing up to move and I needed a good belly laugh. A new site to bookmark -thank you CathyDee!

  58. You can get a BIG CYBER HUG from me, hilz 😀

  59. CuteOverload definitely helped me when 9/11 happened. I was never so scared in my life. I was just starting my IT course at Vancouver Community College in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was with a classmate who told me of a plane crashing into one of World Trade Towers. I thought it was some kind of sick joke until he pointed to one of TVs at the college and I turned to look just in time to see the second plane hit the other Tower. I went online to try and find something to take my mind off those horrible images and found CuteOverload where I lurked for a time before signing on and texting everyone here. The pictures and videos of cats and kittens at play always make my day 😀

  60. Do both; less stress that way.

  61. Dear Zoria,
    It’s me, Name Withheld (actually, Abbye). I wanted to reply to you and let you know that I do have a doctor, I am on medicine that I take as prescribed, and that since that Bad Place last summer, I have assembled a much better team of supporters and a better arsenal of coping skills.
    Thank you so much for your message of both support and common sense. I really appreciate it. 😀

  62. Dear Everyone,
    Hi. I’m Abbye, and that’s my letter up there. I wasn’t planning on speaking anymore; I figured that the letter had said enough. But I read y’all’s remarks and I had to just say Thank You to everyone who has commented with their own struggles, experiences, or with such loving messages of support.
    Since last summer, I have improved drastically (not just because of my amazing Upgrade!), and I look forward to more improvement as I am able to get a job again and have health insurance once more.
    Again, thank you all so very very much, from the bottom of my heart.

  63. I’m the upgrade, and I approve of this post.
    In all seriousness though, this site has helped out lots. I’m glad it’s in existence. My anxiety is lessened greatly because of it.
    That’s all

    Thanks for all your stories and whatnot. Abbye is doing much better.

  64. The Original Jane says:

    I’m already a mess of stress. Moving out and selling after 31 years in the home because of a death in the family. Just need a few months for the dust to settle. Meanwhile, CO can keep the daily jolt of happiness coming. 🙂

  65. The Original Jane says:

    You were smart. I watched CNN all day for several days/weeks. Not such a great idea in retrospect.

  66. ItsyBitsyTeenyWeenie says:

    Is that Hayward Boogie?

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    What she said about the blackout and the coming back!

  68. bookmonstercats says:


  69. Prayers for the writer, been there, done that. After a lifetime of struggles with depression and the feelings of worthlessness, I’m finding that seeing a therapist was a good decision. I truly hope the writer of that letter finds true peace and happiness! Depression sucks, but it’s good to know we are not alone. CO is the one place where I see nothing but happy, silly and sometimes thought-provoking comments. It’s taken the place of Facebook in my cyber-world. Thank you, Meg and company, and all regular CO commentors. Y’all are great 🙂

  70. snerkity snerk snerk.

  71. Cheers. *clink*

  72. Great post! I get my “morning happy” by looking at CO daily. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  73. Dear Name Withheld,
    You are not alone. Dark winters are the pits. But, in the pits you will find someone
    to understand and be there with you. Just reach out…..maybe even something
    soft and furry will touch you back 😉
    C.O. is just a lap top, phone, or desk away……


  74. I just added the link to my Favorites. 🙂

  75. Meg and the CO crew, totally rock!!
    I was hooked the first time I visited the site. My family still does not understand my need to check the webiste several times a day. I love all things small and cute ( I guess because I am the tallest in my family and have always wanted to “fit in” – size wise) Anyway, CO has helped me many, many times (along with lots of prayer) overcome my sadness and/or disappointment in life.
    Words cannot express my appreciation to the CO Crew and all those to share on the site.

  76. WendyLady says:

    It’s 5:00 somewhere! 🙂

  77. WendyLady says:

    CO, here is a new tag line for ya:
    CO – The panacea for what ails ya!

  78. Thank you, CO, for making all our lives a little brighter!

  79. I believe his name is JoeJoe and there are several videos of him on YouTube. Search for “cute kitten JoeJoe”

  80. “Property Dispute”??! Yeah, I guess I can sort of see that since your ex bf seems like such a tool. I would recommend a call to Geek Squad or something similar to get some filters put in your email to sequester the nastygrams from both your ex bf and ex roommate. I would block their calls from my phones as well. Who needs that toxicity? And if you keep seeing them around, go back to court. Depending on where you live, stalking is illegal.

  81. There’s always hope ❤ I've been a CO addict for ages now, and I know when I'm feeling upset, this is the perfect place to be. Thanks for giving us something positive and uplifting – it definitely helps when times are tough. Peace, love and snuggles.

  82. I have been reading the Bloggess for the past few years. I love her! She is REAL and hilariously down to earth.
    I also love Cute Overload, and though I don’t often comment anymore, I always get a smile.

  83. as long as everyone else is revealing themselves, I have suffered from major depression and PTSD for many years. I finally got into therapy and take a lot of prescription medications to keep me from spiraling into thoughts of suicide. I have been visiting Cute Overload daily for years. It is sometimes the only thing I enjoy in the day. That said, I have never failed to smile and come away feeling better. I never realized how many of us there were…..thanks CO, your are absolutely a life saver.

  84. Discordia says:

    Dear CuteOverload,
    My relationship with you is pretty much the same as hers. You all but cure depression and anxiety, year-round. I cannot thank you enough. Also, thank you for the SOPA/PIPA protest yesterday! I participated, thanks to your easy forms.

  85. smallthunder says:

    Wow … not that I consciously thought I would be the only one in this cyberworld to take a daily (sometimes more) dose of CO as an adjunct to my antidepressant medication, BUT … I guess I kinda did. But that’s one part of suffering from depression, is it not? Thinking that you’re alone, the only one … even if you know otherwise … even if, every time you do end up checking yourself into the psych ward, you find so many others going through what you are going through (and so willing to try to help you — and I’m not just talking about the docs and nurses).

    ANYWAY … I was just thinking last night if the folks who run and contribute to this site realized, truly, how they were making the world a better place … that they were in the mental-health business … I guess I need not wonder any longer.


    [make that: “And Ceiling-Cat Bless Us, Everyone!”]

  86. I’ve always imagine this to be the poster hanging in the mod lounge.

  87. I remember trying not to watch replays of those horrible events, but almost every station was showing them except for a station called “Teletoon” which shows cartoons here in Canada. I tuned in and watch some cartoons on “Teletoon” to try and get a break from all the news of 9/11.

  88. Moi, Actually says:

    Yes, it absolutely is the sweetest ever. Don’t know exactly why–perhaps it was the moment when his stripey little leg came into view, or the mumbling over that nummy pawlet, or perhaps just the fact that kitty seems about to go sleepies–if it weren’t for the dad-rotted distraction of those feetsies.
    Yes, dottiebj, you have called this one correctly.

  89. Thank you, Tyrilla!

  90. I’ve been reading a book called “Emotional Intelligence,” and I would bet that visiting a site like CO to distract from anxious or depressing thoughts would be considered emotionally intelligent, even by neuroscientists. Of course, when suffering from major depression, you should go to a therapist, but it’s clear that for your typical stress and blues, many people have found CO to be a great tool, myself included. I get my CO email everyday, and the best times are when I have a good belly laugh for the first time that day, all because of some adorable animal being its innocent (or not-so-innocent!) self. I also highly recommend volunteering at the humane society or a breed rescue and adoption network as a way to keep in touch with your kind and nurturing side. At least for me, I find it easier to be patient with dogs than people, so helping my foster dogs has kept me in touch with my nurturing side. All that to say, take your CO habit a step further and help some animals too, which may increase your self-esteem and in turn guard against future depression. It has helped me! ^_^

  91. Same here! Cute Overload and PhD Comics are keeping me sane through 9 years of higher education. 😀

  92. It’s already tomorrow in Australia!

    Here’s to CO and the little things that somewhere, someday, may mean a lot.

  93. I am reading these stories with tears running down my face. CO has been there for me in the worst time of my life. My husband had a brain aneurysm burst and was in the ICU for 8 days before he died. I remember coming home around midnight each night to rest up for the 5am visit time, and checking CO. Through my tears and horrible anxiety I was reminded that all in this world is not dark and ugly. Lots of love to all fellow cuteologists!
    Then about a year ago, I lost my kitteh (technically my husband’s kitteh). This was my living connection to him and was totally devastating. I remember posting about it on CO and I got so much support – I can’t ever thank y’all enough for that.

  94. SarahMonster says:

    Animals and nature are my primary coping method. Anytime I feel upset about anything going on in the world, I remember that it is full of amazing, beautiful creatures and I feel better. Cute overload is fantastic therapy!

  95. Miss Olive says:

    I have to say, last year around this exact same time I went through a terrible breakup from my ex-fiance as well, one in which I had to cancel our wedding, and was left with a pile of stupid wedding debt to pay off on my own. Cute Overload definitely helped me get through the times I was just completely and utterly down in the dumps.

    Things are much better now. I also have a new “upgrade” boyfriend who I have introduced to Cute Overload, and he is slowly adjusting to the amount of cute found here (He was won over with the running bassett hound photos, he’s a self proclaimed bassett lover!) and CO is still my daily dose of cute in addition to my own fluffy shih tzu 🙂 So, thank you CO. You guys make the world a happier place 🙂

  96. you are now officially* a Man of CuteOverload.


  97. Miss Olive says:

    *hugs* I’m so sorry for everything you went through.

  98. CO – making the world a better place. One BOOP at a time.

  99. Fleurdamour says:

    Cute Overload kept me from throwing myself out of the window of a Manhattan office building when I worked a horrid job in finance. I’d get another 387 emails asking me to do wretched things ASAP, and I’d flip on CO for a minute to remind myself that the entire world was not as jacked up as Wall Street.

    BTW, thank God you are back today CO! The PIPA/SOPA protest was worthwhile, but – whimper – it was awful, even for one day, not to have kittehs that eat their own feet.

  100. Fleurdamour says:

    I was in New Orleans during Katrina, and watched too much CNN in the days following after I evacuated to Dallas. I ended up watching Sesame Street to counteract some of the negativity. It helped!

  101. Fleurdamour says:

    And feet! We have delicious feet!

  102. Stunbunny says:

    As one of the great depressed, unemployed, uninsured masses, I cannot over-state how beneficial CO is on a daily basis. I don’t want to know the individual that doesn’t derive some small pleasure from viewing cute animals in some form. Combined with the CO staff’s brilliant sense of humor, this site provides a great public service to those of us who find ourselves without any other meaningful, FREE, mental health resources. Keep up the good work!

  103. Fleurdamour says:

    I’d vote for Kitteh before I’d vote for any of the rest of the clowns on the slate so far.

  104. I have systemic sclerosis and it look as though my days are numbered because of it. I’ve been in pain for most of my adult life and my so-called loved ones blame me for ruining *their* lives as well. Aside from my two dwarf hamsters I do not much left. it’s sites like Cute Overload and Post Secret that keep me around just a little longer.

    And I haven’t stabbed anyone. Yet. 🙂

  105. Praying for continued positive steps for you!

  106. Robin Kiesel says:

    Hooray for Upgrade! I have also been blessed with an Upgrade, and life is good!

  107. Same here. Whenever the stress gets to be too much, my husband pulls up C.O. – particularly any post featuring a squirrel-type cutie – and I feel so much better.

  108. Laura Wingate says:

    It’s twue, it’s twue, cuteness can cure a multitude of ills. Many have been the times I’ve opened up my inbox to the latest cuteoverload mail and when it says it’s time for your happy pill and then “now don’t you feel better?” I often say aloud, “Well, yaas, I do!!”

  109. I know, you’d think internet is full of cats. But there’s just no replacing CO.

  110. As a sufferer of chronic depression myself, I have to second all these words praising CO for helping maintain mental health. The posts are great and cheerful but the responses from the COers are what make me think humanity isn’t quite as bad off as I sometimes think. Here you can find empathy, wit, cleverness, happiness, sharing and love. All necessary ingredients for a happy, healthy mental state. I love this site and check it every single day. Bless all you wonderful peeps and your great humor and humanity. Love all of you. Arvy

  111. I feel the same. Whenever I get stressed and need time to calm down and get my spirits back up, I’ve always gone to cuteoverload. In fact, it’s been such a part of my after work routine that I check this website everyday. Even on my days off. Helps to keep things in perspective.

    Thanks everyone. And keep up the good work.

  112. Abbye + Upgrade + CuteOverload = Happy Ever After!

    ((hugs to you))

  113. Hugs to kittehs to you Diane.

  114. Should have been Hugs AND kittehs. 🙂

  115. emmberrann says:

    And here is another person, who has had to rely on meagre self resources just to get through each day, full of accolades for the people who came up with the idea of CO and who maintain and moderate it. I try to find something every day to be grateful for, and I’m sending gratitude out to the Universe for all of you. And for beautiful bebeh kittehs who nom their feetsies.

  116. smallthunder says:

    Wait a minute! Wait a minute! There’s a way I can get CO sent to me by e-mail every day?!!!!!!! Sign me up!

    Or, OK, I’ll sign me up — just tell me how!

  117. cellarmouse says:

    mm..hmmmm….and here’s to those who suffer and self-medicate on CO or nick-at-nite and don’t ask for merit badges…and to those who dive in & say thank you even when it’s hard…and those who recognize sincerity (that’d be meg) and allow the rest of us to admit our pain whoever we are…

  118. I’m with you. CU can be a lifeline!

  119. “cute overlord” — me too! I wonder what *that’s* about?!???!

    and that bebbeh was sooooo adorabuhls! he kept wanting to nom his own back paws, but then his front ones would scare him off! and those baby blue eyes!


  120. KariAnn64 says:

    I just loved this post! I am a huge fan of felines anyway, but this just confirmed why! She is precious! Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

  121. My favourite days are when I remember that I’ve forgotten to check CO and there is a little stockpile of cute. I can physically feel the relaxation and well-being flood in as I smile, laugh, awwww, or even get a bit misty. I’m a grad student, working a lot in isolation, battling the anxst of the strange world of thesis-ing and I love this site. CO is the carrot I use to motivate myself to complete chunks of work without procrastinating. I am also terribly allergic to cute and when my own beloved kitty of 16 years died a few years ago, knew that would be my last pet. So I borrow! Thanks CO for helping!!

  122. I get the daily dose of cuteness and love it…and usually send it to a couple of peeps. I’m thankful that I don’t suffer from depression or have much turmoil in my life, but I still enjoy the outrageous cuteness that the animals bring. I’m thrilled that so many get so much from this website. Keep up the good work and I hope all who suffer from depression can find a happy and beautiful existence which includes this glorious website. Thanks to all for the Overload of Cuteness!

  123. …or maybe, karma will just take longer; I suspect it will get them in the end. You might not be there to see it, but rest assured, the Powers That Be will take care of it. Meanwhile, there is always more CO! And s’mores 🙂

  124. Yay! Slothville!! Baby sloths getting their baths and eating ‘sloth chocolate’!!!

  125. i think we’re all allergic to cute! it would explain all the snifflin’ and snorflin’ around here. did you notice all the used tissues in the mod lounge?

  126. do you also object to the gratuitous sunshine and cute animals or would you rather pay for them?

  127. This post and comment thread make me feel so proud to have contributed, if ever so slightly, to the vast archives of Cute. Thank you all for sharing your stories!

  128. Threemoons says:

    Lurker here…let me say that a) the only reason why I still have a job (ie haven’t run out screaming/mooned the boss, etc) is my daily fix of Teh Qte here and b) sorry to hear RE the nitwit juge. This sort of thing happens more than you think; a friend of mine had a similar sitch with her ex when she tried to get back stuff he had stolen from their apartment, get back rent, and get child support–you guessed it, judge said it was a “co-tenant” issue (um, the MONEY? The FURNITURE? The, um, BABY???)

    Please keep up the great wor, CO! My one request to the community would be to please send along moar chinchilla and hedgehog pix; those are my fave and an inside joke with a good friend of mine…will try to get him to send along HIS chin pix also.

    Be well and STAY QTE!

  129. CO is powerful medicine without the scary side effects.

  130. Cute Overload has amazing theraputive powers! I spent the last year going through a major surgery and subsequent months of radiation and chemotherapy. To say I had some bad days is an understatment. But CO was one of my ritual daily “go-to’s” for an immediate boost of happiness. I’m very happy to say the cancer is gone and CO continues to supply a daily dose of smiles.

  131. Add me to the chorus of readers who depend on CO to get se through some of the dark days. There are times when we need a reminder that there’s SOME spark of something good and worthwhile left in the world, no matter how small and fuzzy.

  132. I, too, suffer from depression and C.O. and other such sites always help. I have running playlists of cute animal videos on you tube and I watch various animal blogs as well. If laughter is the best medicine, then cute is the best antidepressant. Thanks, C.O., for helping those of us with mental illness chase away the blues. Keep it up!

  133. ItsyBitsyTeenieWeeny says:

    Yes it is.

  134. Y’all trot to the snickering lounge now.

  135. Hear, hear! His slogan is “A chicky on every pot”

  136. Thank you so much for this website. You have helped so many people with your adorable photos and CO humor comments. I am glad to hear that things are OK now. You are a gem of a person. I, and millions of others, looooove your website and can’t thank you enough.

  137. ugh! me too!!! i recently broke up with my partner. i felt so sad and lonely, then angry, but once i would click on Cute Overload and see the cuteness–i would forget everything about him. all the baggage was gone…after watching that tortoise try to eat a tomato. Thanks for the cuteness in my days of gloom.

  138. AWW, I will send you a BIG CYBER HUG, Diane. (Your “so-called loved ones” are real morons!)

  139. AWW, I am sending you a BIG CYBER HUG, Alice007.

  140. All right, Abbye 😀 (ONE BIG CYBER HUG)

  141. That is great news, Michelle 😀 (ONE BIG CYBER HUG)

  142. I have a disability called Asperger’s Syndrome which can affect speech and movement. People with Asperger’s Syndrome (99% male, 1% female) also look normal so it is hard to get a diagnosis (I am a female amd my diagnosis came in 2006) and then help.

    Lucky, I was able to get on Disability 😀 CuteOverload definitely helps make my day and everyone else’s here day 😀 I have laughed so hard watching videos and seeing pictures of cute kitties that I had tears coming out of my eyes 😀

  143. OK, Meg, where did you get the picture of the dog and kitten mailing a letter? I know I’ve seen that before, back in the ancient times when I was a kid. I keep thinking it’s from a children’s book or story. Please tell me so I’m not up every night racking my brain for the answer!

  144. I love C/O and love you guys to pieces – many years ago after the death of my husbamd i went through that – and even now – i am still affected.
    But I am lucky – having no Family to speak of (now we do not speak – they cross the road) I see the value of friends – two in particular – I am old enough to be a Granny to them – and they are sweet and kind to me – I get taken for a car drive – and treated just fine. They are all I need, – you choose new friends – when the family you are stuck with just let you down. I♥ C/O

  145. dogsleder says:

    I’m bipolar and survived a suicide attempt, so I blasted over everyone else’s sad stories. Everyone has their own and it’s very depressing to be hit with that many all at once. Still, um, I’m just wondering why (name withheld) didn’t change her email addy so the ex-es couldn’t harass her in writing? That would pretty much just be common sense. I get links to C.O. via the Tweetie now, so there’s little hits of happiness all day long…ThxKBai

  146. maybe it was as a postcard?

  147. well said!

  148. I visit CO whenever I need a smile and/or a laugh. It’s great medicine!

    And that little kitten is totally prosh!!!

  149. Me and my husband are living 2000 km apart since 2010, when I got a job in Sao Paulo and he kept his job in Bahia (both cities in Brazil).
    We miss each other so much, but we only can meet 4 times a year… so when it hurts too much being alone and so far from him, I come to CO and imediately get happy and LOL. I send him some of the cuter postings.
    Last time we met was in November 2011, and we sat for hours seeing funny pics at Cute Overload, and it was so full of love and sillyness…
    Life is not easier but it gets a lot joyful thanks to CO, everyday.
    Sorry about my bad English, I hope you understand.

  150. Reading the letter almost made me cry. Whoever you are who sent this letter to Meg, congratulations for making it through that roughest of rough patches! I’ve struggled with some depression myself and I too find that some days, my ratties – I have three – are what make me move forward. It’s such a relief knowing there’s a whole bunch of people just like me that relies on their cute and furry friends to help them get by – makes me feel a little less crazy. 🙂

  151. If the exes are crazy enough to keep harassing her, they might also be crazy enough to track her down. There are ways to find people. And when you’ve been emotionally attached to people sometimes it’s hard to shake them for good. There are many little details that we don’t know about the situation that could explain, individually or together, explain the situation. I just take it at face value.

  152. Shoshanna says:

    Wow, not only am I not alone in battling those very dark moments with an overload of cuteness, we seem to be legion! CO, I’m sure you’ve saved quite some jobs, minds, LIVES…

  153. Thanks Teresa!!!