In His Dreams Saved Pup Runs Free

Sender-Inner Jason says he found puppy Laji in a dumpster in China! [face palm] Thankfully, Jason rescued the pup and he now has happy, happy dreams:



  1. Ha ha ha! “Laji” means “garbage” in Chinese. Cute puppy! Glad he was rescued. Good on ya, Jason!

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    Jason belongs in the Calendar! (Any guy who rescutes puppehs from dumpsters 😯 belongs.)

    Also…BELLEH FRECKLES!!!!!!

  3. Ques Born Freee Music.Boops nose and gives puppy belly a little tickle!

  4. Sigh Moderations Lounge … For the Born Free Music Maybe?

  5. HRH QueenCat says:

    awww … Laji’s pink belleh matches his pink blankie

  6. I think you meant, “Jason rescued the pup”!

    Such a happy dream-running puppy 😀

  7. Happy, lucky puppy!

  8. Pretty soon Laji will have to find a new place to dream–he’s nearly outgrown that basket. Yay for Jason for rescuing this little cutie! And I concur with Martha: Jason definitely needs to go in the Men of CO calendar.

  9. WendyLady says:

    SQUEEEEEEE! Puppeh Belleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. LunaChickFringe says:


  11. Sweet, sweet puppy! Jason, you are my hero! Sending you and Laji lots of love.

  12. The Original Jane says:

    From Belle magazine (no, not Elle, Belle, as in belly beautiful, french naturally): “This spring season the top trend is linings of pink with brown polka dots. Make sure all your accessories have this lovely feature. Your friends will be pink with envy.”

  13. Methinks that’s a bicycle basket! I’ve heard of driving your babies around to make them go to sleep, but biking your puppies around to make them go to sleep? New to me! Nice!

  14. skippymom says:

    That is the belliest belly I have ever seen. That is the Belly Of The World. That belly is so bellyful it’s beyond belief. That is the belly to end all bellies.

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    I guess Meg meant, “Jason” rescued the pup. Whoever it was, YAY!!

  16. When my pups dream in motion, it is all I can do not to play with their wee feet! And what fun to bike around with this treasure in your basket!

  17. loff the belleh freckles!!!

  18. Word.

  19. It’s *amazing* what you can find in Chinese dumpsters these days.

    (This message was sent from my iPhone 4)

  20. skippymom says:

    And also, this belly out-bellys all bellies that have come before.

  21. I really don’t like the human race sometime (grrrr).
    Thank goodness for people like Jason!

  22. NurseNoir says:

    Dottehhhhhhhh bellehhhhhhhhh!
    M’WAH! M’WAH-M’WAH-M’WAH!!!!!

  23. Dreamingks.

  24. And thus Jason continues on the highway to heaven.

  25. Can’t you smell the puppy breath?

  26. cellarmouse says:

    i really am at a loss…how to express the gulf between the compassion i feel and the good i can do…it’s an infinity and i must reconcile the desire to complete my mission and the need to sleep…
    mother theresa said it best (i paraphrase)…”i know i will not be asked to do more than i am able…i wish i were not judged quite so able…”

  27. I think you mean, “Thankfully, JASON rescued the pup and he now has happy, happy dreams”. Just sayin’.

  28. good catch, thanks 😉

  29. Ah, yes. The deep, peaceful sleep of “I’m safe now.”

  30. cellarmouse says:

    oh, for heaven’s sake…i just drifted off there for a minute…i meant to say “belly freckles…yayyy”…sorry…

  31. Privacy polka-dots!

  32. what kind of terrible person would put this darling puppeh in a dumpster?
    boogers to them, and YAY to Laji.

  33. Putting puppy in dumpster equals minus 10,000 karma points, get reincarnated as a squash ball. Just saying.

  34. kibblenibble says:

    Sooo much peenkness. 🙂

  35. cuteismyporn says:

    air guitar!

  36. Biking is a major form of transportation in China. 🙂

  37. Excellent question – but they get dumped and lil kittehs too get dumped – I would say not only in China but it happens everywhere – it would be right for us – as humanitarians to keep our eyes wide OPEN.
    eknirb – ok I agree – boogers to them – stacks !!!!!

  38. camivette says:

    Puppeh belleh. Bike basket babeh. Honky tonky poochy party.

  39. HRH QueenCat says:

    KittyAdventures, ummm, maybe it was furrr copycat rights 🙂

  40. I wish a slow and agonizing death to the person who abandoned this dear furling. Grrrrr.

    And Jason, you are my new hero. Long may you prosper.

  41. Katherine says:

    Wonderful story. China is definitely not so up on animal rights yet. 😦

    I do, however, love that the puppy’s name actually means “trash” in Chinese (I assume those are the characters Jason used). Very cute!

  42. HAW!!!

  43. Censorship IT BURNS! 🙂

  44. I second that, Rachael!

  45. Sweet freckles on that belleh!

  46. Ahhh ❤ puppy air guitaring in his sleep for sure!

  47. Major Ronnie!
    To the Max!