THIS JUST IN: The Other Paw

Back in 2008, we helped the Internets blow up with this video of two otters holding hands at the Vancouver Aquarium. The Aquarium even wrote to thank us for posting the video, which has now earned almost 17 million hits.

Nyac the female otter passed away first, in 2008. And now, it’s been reported that the other otter, Milo, has also passed away. Interestingly, Milo was the first otter to ever be diagnosed with lymphoma and also received chemotherapy treatment!

Rest in peace lil’ dudes.

Thank you for the news, Ant.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    😦 *sniff*

  2. awhn! I saw Milo a few years ago and he came right up and smooched the glass for me. Rest in Peace together sweet otters.

  3. Rest in peace,Milo. You are floating along with Nyac again.

  4. Rest in peace, little friends; you made the world a little sweeter…

  5. Barooo! 😦

  6. Martha in Washington says:


  7. so sad–but so happy that they were here and made us coo and laugh so much!

  8. This makes me sad. My husband and I saw them years ago and fell instantly in love with the hand-holding. We fell in love with them again when the video aired. Thanks for sharing the love, little otters, you will be missed.

  9. truth

  10. Watch these little guys at 1:18 and then try to tell me that animals aren’t caring creatures with feelings. So sad to know they aren’t with us anymore, but so glad to know so many people cared for them while they were here. And I really hope they’re together again, holding hands and just floatin’ around!

  11. cellarmouse says:

    Oh!…wasn’t expecting that…but you’re right, shari, my pain is for myself, not for them…they were and will always be part of this great, big, wonderful, aweful universe…and so are we…

  12. Awe. Forever holding hands. ❤

  13. They will live forever thanks to the internet.

  14. Bwaaaah! My heart is aching. 😥

  15. The Original Jane says:

    I think most otters do this – at the Aquarium closest to us I have photos of otters floating together, always holding paws. I LOVE otters!

    The other day webshots had a photo of a mama in the ocean, floating on her back (so she was wet) but her new baby was sleeping on her stomach -all dry and fluffy. SOOOOO cute!

  16. KittyAdventures says:

    Awwwww! s sad. OTTERZ OTTERZ OTTERZ,

    They reallys were the ctest sweeties werent they

  17. KittyAdventures says:

    Cutest. :/

  18. *sniff*….*bawl*….baroooo 😦

  19. This is sad…

  20. BOB DRUMMOND says:

    Rest in peace guys ! Both of you will always be remembered ! : (

  21. In happier otter news, Aniak @ Seattle Aquarium finally had her pup today!

  22. Digitoonie says:

    T__T *sniffles*

  23. Sleep well Nyac and Milo, you will be sorely missed.

  24. To take the edge off the sadness, I will think of them floating through eternity, hand-in-hand, BFFs forever.

  25. Along with Cute or Sad, I think another tag should be added for all the cute and furry friends that we’ve lost over the years. Like, In Memorium or something.

    Just a suggestion.

  26. D’aww. I call “tail swimmingks”!

    Thanks for exploding the intarwebs, little dudes!

  27. I came here to post that as well.

    RIP, Milo.

    Welcome, Aniak’s pup.

  28. They’re floating paw in paw forever now.
    Rest in peace little ones.

  29. omg. that was the most preshe thing ever. i’m glad that this video will forever live.

  30. RIP little ones. I hope you’re both holding paws on that big pond in the sky.

  31. Tears in mine eyes. Why can’t we all just get along?

  32. I’ve just been informed that the hand-holding is a survival tactic so they don’t float away from the pack when they sleep. That MIGHT make this less cute, except for the fact that it shows how adorableness is a big factor in otters’ survival, which is just awesome. Built-in sweetness for the perpetuation of the fuzzy lil species!! And I choose to believe these guys just flat-out love each other anyway 🙂

  33. There’s a BBC radio sitcom called “Cabin Pressure” which, in the Ottery St. Mary episode, assures us that Heaven is full of otters. 🙂 Yeah, I know it’s a comedy (and a very silly one at that), but I hope they’re right.

  34. Well, they’ve crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to the Great Pond in the Sky……
    (I should be happy for them, and I am; but why am I so sad at the same time?
    Probly, because of the beautiful love they showed each other, which still goes on……
    And we can do the same, loving each other with that Sweet Otter Love…..?) 😥

  35. I agree with you 100%, Vicki.

    Rest in peace, Milo 😥

  36. That is so true, Gigi 🙂

  37. AWW 😥 I will send you a BIG CYBER HUG, Raul 😥

    I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, and I have been to the Vancouver Aquarium where I enjoyed watching the otters at play and at rest 😥 Everyone here is mourning the loss of dear sweet Milo 😥

  38. I’m here in Seattle and when I saw this post, I wanted to help make some folks feel a little happier by announcing our new arrival. Thanks TinaK, this really helps the 😦 go a little bit more in the other direction. 🙂

  39. I had the great pleasure of seeing this lovely pair of otters twice in real life, and like this video, they left everyone watching in a big puddle of SQUEE. They will be missed.

  40. BOB DRUMMOND says:

    I second that suggestion !!!

  41. BOB DRUMMOND says:

    Last time somebody said that in a movie , he ended up getting killed !!

  42. BAAWWW!!! D: First I spend all night reading a book about cancer kids, and now I wake up to this I have not cried this much ever.

  43. It’s also worth noting, just for the sake of history, that Milo was a rescued otter from the Exxon Valdez oil spill waaaaay back.

  44. Awww! I remember these little cuties! It’s so sad to hear that! Well I hope they’re having fun together now 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Kieli ~

  45. Is there a heaven just for ani-pals? Can we visit them?

  46. I heard about this recently. RIP sweet little Milo, who is now hanging out with Nyac!
    I think that’s when I first discovered CO.

    Thanks for that history bit Todd M. Stupid oil spills. 😦

  47. I remembering sharing that video with not only all my friends and family but my co-workers too. It brightened everyone’s day. RIP little friends.

  48. C Downing says:

    If there is a “Rainbow Bridge” for our pets to wait for us to join them when we pass, the bridge must go over something, like a lake or river. These guys are there for sure, holding hands and enjoying whatever the hereafter brings us all.