Will Chase String For Food

Hobo kitteh lives in a box, has no job, passed out, and comes from a long line of beggars.

Daniel S. says this is, “Louis P. Louis (the P stands for Peepers since she has great, big beautiful eyes. And yes, she is a she named Louis).” And we thought the P was for Pawverty.



  1. Must snorgle ketteh belleh…

  2. Hmmm, an abandoned kitteh in a box. I will take you home with me. MINE! ALL MINE! BACK! BACK! BACK! MINE! MINE! MINE!

  3. And I mean it!

  4. aw ah… poor lil beggar. I would happily give food and $$$ to this lil beggar.

  5. spotty belleh !!!! It must be fruit season ! ( Cause I feel a raspberry coming on !)

  6. P is for Purrrty!

  7. Kari Callin says:

    Open with caution, as contents are fragile and can become hyperactive upon awakening.

  8. I want that tummy!!! I’ll have to go kiss my kitty’s tummy now. Although she just had surgery so it’s all bald 😦

  9. Did anyone else think the cat was levitating in the box? Dang confusing camera angle!

  10. Sydney (Empty) Carton says: It is a far, far better string that I chew…

  11. she’s so beeyootiful!

  12. My dear departed tinee tabbee girl Steve would approve of Louis’s name.

  13. Isn’t that from A Tail of Two Kitties?

  14. *reads hovertext* ….As someone with an English degree, I would like to point out that there are far more political science majors living in boxes than us.

  15. kibblenibble says:

    My sentiments, exactly, ashagato!

  16. cellarmouse says:

    i just can’t feel the angst…clearly this kitty lives with a loving famly in a warm house and has a room of her own where she falls asleep at night saying her prayers to Mama Catcha…she is safe, cozy and happy…nite, nite miz kitty…

  17. I’m a happy miser! 😛


  19. On the CarTalk website, the Chairman, Underemployment Study Group is Art Majors. 😛

  20. The Original Jane says:

    I always wanted a tabby. In order from childhood (one at a time) we had a marmie a calico and a persian (blue) mix. But never got to have a tabby. Now I’m allergic. Sniffs….

  21. oh, I cross my fingers for your little darling, hilz. Give her/him a gentle pat on the head from me 🙂

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    One should also consider the
    Professional Organization of English Majors
    (aka P.O.E.M.) 😉

  23. This is not a tabby. Judging from the spot patterns I’d say she is likely a beautiful silver Mao (or partially Mao). She is very snorglable though.

  24. I have an English degree as well (turned out quite well for me, aktually). I applaud anyone who pursues an education in any form – and I approve of cute snorgleable cat-bellies in boxes. I passed a lot of homeless people on my walk to work this morning (on the streets of Toronto) – we have a cold kind of nearly-freezing rain coming down today that promises to turn to a bitter snow storm over the next 24 hours. I worry about the people on the street.

  25. JLAmusings says:

    Awww ditto from me. Although I admit, I love the hair grow-back time on nekkid kitties tummies (or legs, as one of my just went through). It’s like peach fuzz! *runs off to snorgle kittehs before work*

  26. Aw thanks guys! She had bladder stones, and seems to be fine now 🙂 However, she also has poodle legs too, haha– She had to get an IV for the surgery so they shaved a band around one of her front legs. Right after surgery, my grandmother died and I had to leave town and couldn’t leave my kitty alone, so my friends came to stay with her. They bought me lillies to be sweet about my grandma, unbeknownst to us that they’re EXTREMELY TOXIC to kitties!! Of course, Moose (cat) ate some. So they rushed her to the vet and they had to give her another IV in her other leg, so now it looks like she’s wearing 2 fuzzy boots on her front legs!! But she is fine, and a word to any cat owners out there– don’t get lillies! And if your cat eats even a little bit, take them to the vet ASAP!!

    The moral of the story really isn’t lillies, it’s about all the fur she needs to grow back, haha.

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    Were either the girl named Steve or the other girl named Louis, related
    to the boy named Sue??

    Johnny Cash

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    RIP Hilz’ grandmother. 😉

  29. Kitty in the box, I will feed the kitty in the box. Give him a cup a tuna he will be my friend.

    I remember getting a kitty for 99c then I was carrying her home in a box we stopped in the food court of local mall and shared my arbys roast beef sandwich w her.
    We were best buds after that. Miss her its been awhile but a good memory.

  30. JLAmusings says:

    Love the poodle legs/boots look! Glad Moose is doing better. And so sorry about your grandmom.

    p.s.- awesome friends for rushing her to the vet! I had a friend looking after one of my kitties years ago who did not rush cat to the vet after an accident (never try to outrun a naughty kitty & always check before slamming doors) so the big bad bunchy cat had a stumpy tail the rest of his senior years,

  31. I’m an English major who married another English major. We have a cat. She probably lives the best out of the three of us (mostly because she doesn’t lose any sleep over how we’re going to pay student loans). 😉

  32. JLAmusings says:


  33. JLAmusings says:

    and I had cousins who had a girl pitbull named Floyd. 🙂 She was sweet.

  34. fleurdamour says:

    Schrodinger’s cat chases string theory

  35. fleurdamour says:

    Box hab-itation

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    A++ x elebenty.

    Sheldon Cooper

  37. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: “BEEP!!!111!!!” on da nose and YAY, for the BoxHab Tag !!!11!!!

  38. Warm kitty, soft kitty,
    Little ball of fur,
    Happy kitty, sleepy kitty:
    Purr, purr, purr…

  39. Floyd is a great name for a pitbull of any sex!

  40. i want to see her big eyes when they’re open.

  41. I would give her anything she wanted, including a new custom deluxe “box” to live in (In MY house, of course.)

  42. She was a Pink Floyd, of course…

  43. Knock knock knock


    Knock knock kncok


  44. I’m so sorry about your grandmother. Hope Moose is better soon!

  45. Bazinga!!!

  46. One of my best friends in high school had an elderly female tabby named Jonathan.

  47. English major, fine arts minor here. Otherwise known as the “Would you like fries with that?” degree.

  48. Emmberrann says:

    Try Modern European History and French Language & Literature.

  49. The Original Jane says:

    I named my blue/gray persian mix “Precious” – even though he was a male and was not precious at all times. But still, a very good cat.

    In my defense, we had moved around a lot and I was finally able to have a pet again. It was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw him as this cute little ball of kitten fur and he hissed at me – well, it was a pet store and he was in a little cage at the back so I didn’t blame him.

  50. The Original Jane says:

    Actually, I remember he was part Himalayan/Persian. So not as flat of a face. Gorgeous color.

  51. There’s a kitty living in a box on my back porch. His owner has abandoned him. I’m providing food, water, skritches, and a polar fleece-lined box to sleep in. All the shelters here are full and can’t take him. He can’t come in because of the 2 furgirls in residence. Oh, and btw, English major/art history minor plus a degree in nursing.

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY julie b and kitteh!!!

    *shakes pompoms in advocacy & encouragement*

    (EXTRA BONUS, “BROWNIE POINTS”, for the polar fleece-lined “crib” 🙂 )

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    BA in Outrageous Frawnsche, minors each in Choiman & Russkie; and an MLS in what one of my Knucklehaid Brudders, refers to as “Librariology” !!! So yours and mine are pretty Dang Parallel, Emmberrann!!!

  54. victoreia says:

    Ah, if only that were the one I’d been forced to read for school. (Twice! 8-O)

  55. victoreia says:


    *muttering* Knew I shoulda put a space in!

  56. fleurdamour says:

    Aw, shucks.

    And it really IS Schrodinger’s Cat – simultaneously alive AND dead. At least to the world.

  57. jlamusings says:


  58. I had a friend with a male cat called Mr. Princess.

  59. AWW 😦 I am so sorry to hear about your dear kitty, Hilz 😦 I hope your dear sweet kitty gets better 🙂

    😥 I am also sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing 😥 (BIG CYBER HUG)

  60. AWW 😀 I am so glad you are able to give a kitty a loving home even if you are forced to have him on your back porch due to the fact your two furgirls would beat the stuffings out of him, julie b 😀 Is there any way you could get your two furgirls to accept the new kitty?

  61. 😆 AWW 😆 and that “cute little ball of kitten fur” grew into a LARGE ball of cat fur 😆 which you love just the same, huh, The Original Jane 😆

  62. Same here, Gigi 😀 Followed by cuddles and snorgles 😀

  63. Haha…I went with a Religious Studies minor (couldn’t hack it in Fine Arts, I guess). 😉

    What were we thinking? Moreover, what were our parents thinking? Shouldn’t they have warned us?!

  64. You beat me to it…….I ALWAYS tear up when Sheldon or Penny or both sing it!!!!
    just don’t know why, make me think Sheldon IS human after all!!

  65. skippymom says:

    My Francesco ended up with his name because when I got him I thought he was a girl and named him Frances. (His ‘tocks are so floofy that I didn’t see his bits.) When the vet told me he was a boy, I realized that I could change him to a boy name by just adding two letters.

  66. Lewis n' Clark says:

    my brother named our dog John Irma (a girl). My two, Lewis and Clark, were supposed to be Lois and Clark, but like Skippymom, bits were mis-identified

  67. The Original Jane says:

    Yes he was a great cat – good size but not overweight but unfortunately he is no longer with us. He and I used to “box” with each other. My mom took a picture of me on my knees and him up on his haunches “boxing” with each other. He never used his claws when we played our game. That was quite awhile back.

    btw do you remember which C.O. member I recommended the James Herriott series to? We all got into a book discussion over a month or more ago. I keep thinking maybe it was the Queen of Dork but I’m not sure. Plus, I don’t see her posting anymore. I keep wondering if she’s holed up reading them and thus not posting.

  68. Religious Studies major, English Lit minor here….*sigh*

  69. Sorry, I do not remember which C.O. member you recommended the James Herriott series to, The Original Jane 😦

  70. My bunny “Lexi” turned into “Alexi” the same way! (Easy to misdiagnose “gender” in buns!)

  71. It was Queen of Dork. 🙂 See link below, scroll dowwwwwnnnn…
    Likes to be Helpful

  72. The Original Jane says:

    I just realized we have a Teresa and a Theresa, sorry I commented to the wrong one on this question. I’ll have to keep track – Teresa seems to use a lot more icons in her posts!

    6Rabbits, thanks! I thought it was the Queen of Dork. Where has she been? I hope spending the cold weather reading all the James Herriott series. Then she’ll emerge in spring raving about how wonderful the books are! 🙂

  73. BOB DRUMMOND says:

    May your grandmother rest in peace. And my condolences to the rest of your family . My compliments to your friends for rushing your cat to the vet in time to save it !

  74. Daniel S. says:

    Yeah! Thanks for posting my little girl. Maybe now she’ll be motivated to get a job! My neighbors just got a lethally cute Shiba Inu puppy. Must get photo.