Bathtime for Sloths

OMG 28 seconds in!
OMG 28 seconds in!
OMG 28 seconds in!

Brinkie McBrinkersons sent this anerabuhl video in. Holy crap.



  1. omg. i don’t even.

  2. Sloth chocolate! Fantastic.

  3. leetle sweeking sounds!!

  4. Death by slothicutitude. Totally worth it.

  5. OMG. I want that job.

  6. Oh for crying out loud! Add “volunteer in a baby sloth bathing sanctuary” to my bucket list.

  7. Oh, that is just unspeakably adorable. Little squeaks. Hanging out to dry. Munching on flowers. Snoozing. Ridiculous.

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:


  9. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    “And then we drip-dry them…”


    those leeeetle squeaks! OH JEEZ

  11. The whole video is so very beautiful!

  12. I died at 0:23 XD

  13. Drip-drying sloths…I LOVE it!!

  14. I want a bouquet of sloth chocolate for Valentine’s day, with a baby sloth on the side.

  15. The background sloth at 1:07 is just like a kid on the monkey bars. “Look, Ma, no hands!”

  16. but that came at 24. At 28 I just got the lady dipping sloth into green tea. but there were so many omg moments….
    the one baby trying to munch the orchid out from under the other one… The hunched over napper… all of them in the little basket together…

  17. OH. MAH. GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD!!! I have found the only–ONLY, I tell you–reason I’d want to live in a rain forest-type climate (like Costa Rica): I want to work at the Sloth Sanctuary. Heck, I’ll even work there for free!

  18. P.S. I just LOVE that little “Wehhhh” the babby makes!

  19. I may or may not have just replayed that 18 times.

  20. I could watch these puff balls eat hibiscus flowers all day. Ahhhhhh….

  21. gently sloshing Sloths in green tea–now that’s a job you can sink your claws into

  22. Well, I think we can roll up the interwebs now. We’ve seen it all, folks!!

  23. That was awesome, and so much cuteness, but the baby hanging upside down then folding arms just so!

  24. OMG and then the squeaks and then more squeaks and then the hanging and the drying and the flowers and the napping! I am overcome.

  25. i did. i already tried to lure my husband into a promising “all inclusive vacation” that was only $350 per week ;D he’s not buying into it though haha

  26. Bree Story says:

    I think my heart just exploded…

  27. I think the bit at :28 that got Meg was the sloth in profile getting the soft brushing on the head. Almost too quick to see!

  28. OMG so did I – the little mewl he gives out!! UGH!!

  29. So when dipping sloths in tea, does one extend one’s pinkie? 😉

  30. only if you want to be etiquettely correct

  31. I think I passed out after the 10th time of replaying, it’s too much!!!

  32. R.I.P. me cuz those squeaky slothies just maxed out my c.o. acc’t. adios cute world… Pfzzzt!

  33. The hanging arm cross at 1:07-1:08 is what did me in…

  34. Wait..they are drip-drying little sloths? Cupping their lil tocks and gently hanging them up to dry? COOL-: D

  35. *looks in her totes and does NOT see 4 little bebeh sloths* um, management, there’s a slight issue. I don’t see sloths in my tote.
    that was so much cuteness I think I’m ded.

  36. OMG at 0:23….that little squeak!

  37. But then there’d be no more sloth videos!

    *throws an all-inclusive, ground-shattering tantrum*

  38. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG *dead*

  39. “…with baby sloths there’s no need for clothespins…!”
    Precious little critters…


  41. Alice Shortcake says:

    Animal Video Super-Squee Moment of the Year So Far! And for some reason that little mewl drovew my cat INSANE.

  42. Alice Shortcake says:

    …or even DROVE my cat INSANE. Stupid fingers.

  43. Everytime a human walks by, or picks them up; the lil slothies give them a look of utter love and worship. It is soooo adorable.

  44. I believe my head just esploded. Thanks for making me puke rainbows!

  45. That’s quite a stack of sleepy spoiled sloths.

    I wish I could hang my dog up to dry after his bath.

  46. Steeping your sloth in well steeped tea.

  47. Cool video. Never wanted a sloth for a pet until now

  48. that’s the one. upside-down self-hug. good TV

  49. I honestly don’t know how anyone can see this most adorable creatures and think “I think I’ll name a deadly sin after them!”. Wonderful vid!

  50. I have had a Sloth phobia from the moment i saw one, the odd slow movement, the arm length to body ratio, but after seeing so many posts on here….i think, maybe…..i kind of like them, as babies anyway 🙂

  51. One Skunk Todd says:


  52. WaterWish says:

    I am sorry. Sloths, no matter how young, are not cute.

  53. Matter of opinion, that. Pretty much everyone else’s disagrees with yours.

  54. I agree with everyone – as usual! But what touched me most was this woman’s obvious affection for these little guys. I didn’t get the feeling she was in spokesperson-mode, she really seems to love them.

  55. Yay! that means more sloths for the rest of us.

  56. What sort of a person are you????? You must come from another planet.

  57. The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica is a magical place! I was there this summer and wanted to take as many baby sloths home with me as would fit in my bags, shirt, pockets, whatever! Great staff and such a nice facility. Doesn’t hurt it’s a short drive from gorgeous beaches, too! 🙂 So, if you can’t volunteer at least try to visit! Just had to add this comment to encourage as many visitors/donors as possible. 🙂

  58. I need to find a way to grab the segments of the wee peeper at :23 and the little brushee at :28 so that I can play them over and over whenever I am stressed. I must have replayed this 100 times.

  59. I think it was the other way around… which is even weirder in a way…

  60. i know.

  61. There are more video here: Vid number three shows how happy the bebeh sloths are when they go perps!

    It’s my birthday soon and if I don’t get a bucket of bebeh sloths I will stamp my feets.

  62. They’d freeze in place before ever getting to where they are going. I had to keep my pace up on my walk to work this morning just to ensure I didn’t freeze in place. Speed is a survival skill in parts of Canada.

  63. That’s what I thought. She seems genuinely attached and also moderately amused, which I can really relate to. Adorable critters!

  64. Peeps. Meg has presented us with a valuable life skill building video. It teaches us new skills such as dipping in leafy green tea mix, drip drying, red “chocolate” flowers. Besides this is makes you faint from cuteness.

  65. Me too!!! I could get paid in sheer cuteness!

  66. When she fed one a hibiscus flower, saying, “Here, baby…”, I thought that was so sweet!

  67. skippymom says:

    I used to think I had a fun job.

  68. Ok, I was just sitting here, after watching this vid for the umpteenth time, thinking how rewarding it would be to do that work – to know that you are saving the lives of those beautiful adorable helpless leetle animals! Then I thought, but I used to do kitten and cat rescue/foster work, and I probably helped save hundreds of kittehs over the years I did that! And they were all beautiful, if not as exotic and squee-worthy as babeh sloths! So now I am sitting here feeling pretty durn happy and blessed! 🙂

  69. skippymom says:

    giving ceejoe a great big smooch and thanks for taking care of all those kitties

  70. I’ll go with you!!!!

  71. OMG Earwig. I think I will not be productive at work…I think I shall be squeeing over the videos.

  72. this is not merely a sloth “sanctuary.” It is a sloth SPA! (or is it ‘spaaaahhhhhh’?) Espeche with the green tea infusion soak.

  73. aaakgh
    hibiscus chocs
    leetle head washinks
    hanging owt da l’il sloths
    to dry
    silly smile
    on face

  74. The squeaking, the bathies, the flower chewing…*melts into a puddle*

  75. Download RealPlayer add-on for your browser. Then next time you play it, when you mouse over the video there will be an option to download it. When you play it on the stand-alone RealPlayer, you’ll have the option to trim any part of the the video into a separate file.

  76. I wish that I had known about this place when I was in Costa Rica! I would have preferred bathing baby sloths much more than hanging out with my lazy, shower-phobic ex-boyfriend! And these guys are better to look at, too.

  77. I must say, there is not much in the world that’s cuter than helpless animals getting baths. Case in point, Monday’s calendar page – the sudsy hedgie. And now this . . .

  78. OMG, look at the little twins!
    I love the little sloth “jammies”!

  79. Wish I’d get a Hibiscus too after I finish bathing. *pouts*

    (Does having sloth-like behavior count?)

  80. true. Sad, but true.

  81. Sure beats being sprayed with “Wet-dog-droplets”!! Always my least favorite part of the doggy bath.

  82. Keep on coming back, Red. We’ll make a convert of you yet. 🙂

  83. Nope. They’re absolutatively adorables!!!!

  84. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and nearly died all over myself. The noise they make is possibly my favorite sound, seconded by Snoopy’s laugh from any Charlie Brown cartoon.

  85. Erm, I’m sorry Marie, but, well, no. Not unless you have the whole bemused smile, adoring, amused eyes, and (of course), algae-infused fur? Then, you’re good. 😉

  86. The adorability factor on this just melted my bones.

  87. Fleurdamour says:

    He was the wrong kind of sloth.

  88. Fleurdamour says:

    A sloth phobia is like terror in slow motion.

  89. :24 is even better than that. That squeak made my heart grow three sizes.

  90. OMG. A bebeh sloth in a onesie so blissed out by perping it falls backwards! Officially the cutest thing ever.

  91. 🙂

  92. That is exactly what I thought, 😉

  93. I know, right?
    “…..Oh hi honey,,I have a second, we’re just drip drying the baby sloths…sure, I can pick up some milk on the way home”..

  94. i cant’ bear the level of redonk-ness here, sorry!

  95. Oh noooooooo

  96. It really is! Silly me lol

  97. Yeah, that killed me. KILLED. I’m dead. Thanks a lot, CO. >:O

  98. Alice Shortcake says:

    AHA! So the mini-sloth pyjamas are actually bandages which stop the babies licking off their anti-mange ointment. Ingenious!

    I find it mildly irritating that the twins are named Violet and Sebastian. Shouldn’t that be VioLA and Sebastian from ‘Twelfth Night’?

  99. Too cute!

  100. Dash,

    I keep laughing at your comments — mostly b/c I completely agree. I have watched those few seconds about 65 times today.

  101. ¡¡50:1 ʇɐ ,uıןןıɥɔ ǝpnp ǝɥʇ ʎןןɐıɔǝdsǝ ¡ǝʇnɔ os

  102. I can has? Please?

  103. Francesca D. says:

    I’m gonna be the good guy here. Let’s not get all up in an argument. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Now for the bad guy. WHAT THE BLEEPING BLEEP ARE U THINKING WATERWISH????? DO U KISS UR MOTHER WITH THOSE LIPS???? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *HEAD ESPLODES SLOTH-TASTIC RAINBOWS* ahem. that never… er… happened. *cough*

  104. Francesca D. says:

    Ah yes. Twelfth Night. But if i had any choice, i would name a sloth Malvolio. He could wear cute yellow stockings. 😀

  105. 23 seconds in is an ALIEN SPECIES OF CUTE. Internal dialogue: WTF IS THAT, WHY SO CUTE WHY, WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL MY LIFE? PRECIOUS TINY BEING, I AM HUMBLE. The beginning and the end of life’s daunting questions exists in the squeak of this tiny tiny TINY wet sloth alien babeh. You think you’ve seen everything, truly you do.

    It never occurred to me that I have never seen a wet sloth. Now that I have, i am CERTAIN I am complete. Complete in sloth-love.

  106. You do, but this “kids” are just as cute and you can read to them too if you still have the energy after bath and snack time 😆

  107. How did you do that?

  108. I’ve been watching that leetle squeak over an over for days now… i think I’ve found my life’s purpose haha

  109. FanciD-you have amazing powers of observation! I was kinda dazed from all the sly smiles and squeakage, but when you mentioned the hunched-over napper and the attempted upside down nommage theft of the one bebeh sloth-I look for those every time I watch the video now-yay! 😀

  110. that little squeak from the itsy bitsy sloth is hands down the cutest thing i have EVER heard! not to mention it seems to be coming from a creature from another planet. a wonderful planet at that!

  111. I love around 1:06 when the little sloth in the background is just hangin around upside down like “look ma! no hands!”

  112. I mean, is there *really* any other way to dry a sloth?

  113. ILoveHarryPotterAndMyNameisMackenzie says:

    i will die……in two seconds……by cuteness…..two………. 😛