It’s going to be OK.

There, there my leetle smooshed-face puppulence! [Pat pat]

Sender-Inner John B. says new puppy Billy the Boxer is slowly settling in thanks to a lil’ help from Donna.



  1. What a lovely pink nose, I must beep it.

  2. oh noes! I don’t think this sweet puppeh bebeh is getting nearly enough snorgles…

    alright, Donna, I’ll take over from here…

  3. Awwww, that looks like a HINT of tongue there!!

  4. Donna has to sleep some time, and I would be more than happy to snorgle sweet little Billy while she gets her rest. What a cute pup!

    BTW, my iPad was convinced I meant to say “snorkel” Billy. Glad I proofread before submitting!

  5. What a sweet baby. Look at his little mouf.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Boy, she sure has a lip on her shoulder.

  7. Looks like a bulldog puppy to me! Sooo cute though.

  8. cellarmouse says:


  9. rescue gal says:

    I think if you kiss him he will taste like vanilla- vanilla chocolate swirl.

  10. Squeeeeee! I want!!! *grabbie hands*

  11. Kari Callin says:

    Aaaah! Woogie woogie woogie!

  12. Haw!

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    He looks like any behbeh who misses his momma.. barrrroooo! So glad he has nice Donna and John to kiss his sadness away. (And if they need help, there are many of us here who are happy to help out!)

  14. Does the pink spot on his nose look like a shirt to anyone else? Like a crazy Dr. Seuss shirt.

  15. Does anyone else think Billy’s expression is saying “good luck getting smooches now, John”? I’m just sayin’……

  16. “I’m the king of this castle now!”

    I think you are spot on, Tessamo.

  17. LOL Nothing like Auto Correct is there!

  18. Well All I know is Boxers are the SWEETIST dogs ever and there is no way you could be in a room witha boxer and not give them snuggles scritches and hugs.

  19. bob drummond says:

    I prefer Pekingneses myself !

  20. Jackie Rose says:

    A friend of mine, who happens to be quite petite (4’9″), used to rock their boxer puppy when he cried. Even after the dog was grown, he thought he was a lap dog and still wanted her to rock him. He even climbed up in my lap one evening and put his head on my shoulder. He was a sweet dog, but definitely not lap-sized.

  21. Jackie Rose says:

    The mod lounge. Seriously?

  22. Yes, the start of the line is here; the end of the line is down the block……

  23. I’ve seen black noses, and pink noses, but I’ve never seen a black-and-pink nose.


  24. Alice Shortcake says:

    Nah, he’s not sad. You’re all misinterpreting this photo. Let me explain:


  25. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Is that really a Boxer? Looks more like an English Bulldog pup to me. Adorable nonetheless, but… a Boxer?

  26. I said that too. Wondering at the moderplation on it. Ahwells.

  27. phred's mom says:

    …and around the corner……

  28. How do his parents ever leave the house? With a face like that around, you’d get nothing done but snugglig.

  29. Anyone else seeing “OK” as a stick person laying on its side?
    Or is that just me…

  30. spoiledcat says:

    Awww the little lower lip of DOOM!

  31. Yes! with the two little buttons!

  32. I think it was giving a helpful hint; if we wear snorkels we can keep our faces buried in Billy’s coat for much longer.

  33. You can’t even SEE the belleh!
    (or can you . . . . ?)

  34. *Ringing bell, a la Stephen Colbert* ALL HAIL AUTO-CORRECT!!!

  35. Billy the Bully has a better ring anyways.

  36. and over the bridge into the next county . . .

  37. Aww, have some cappucino and an orange madeleine!

  38. *hair blowing back*

  39. No, now I see it too. Poor stick person.

  40. SlaveToCat says:

    I’ll just have to wipe it off her shoulder!

  41. What on earth are you two talking about?

  42. And bring that cuddly boxer with you!!!

  43. Oh, Ceejoe, eavesdropping again! Anyways, look at the letters OK, and read it with your head tilted to the left, like you would an emoticon. It looks a bit like a stick person, with the O as the head and the K as the body.

  44. I’m gonna agree with this. not that I’m biased by any way possible!!! *hides pics of her Boxer pup and Boxer doggie paraphernalia*

  45. Jackie- my 70 pound girl is the same way. Something about Boxers thinking they’re lap dogs when they clearly aren’t 🙂 But I still love her anyways.

  46. Great… Now every time I see an OK I will be seeing stick people! ROFL

  47. *brushes hands*
    my work here is done

  48. huh?
    I said ‘behbeh” not belleh…
    though I would love to snorgle the bebeh puppeh belleh

  49. His eyes. OMG. One pleading look and you couldn’t leave.

  50. OK, my next question is, what are you two smoking? And can I have some? 🙂

  51. That sure does look like an English Bulldog puppy, not a boxer. There’s a rope above the nose and the snout is too short to be a boxer. You can send him to me, I will issue a refund .

  52. skippymom says:

    Yeah, you people are obviously high.
    I was trying to think whether we could make up a new expression, “shirt-nosed” (see Bertie, above) and now I think I’ve found the perfect use for it. “Tracylee and Theresa are, like, totally shirt-nosed, man!”

  53. Jackson (who wasn’t a boxer but still thought he was a lap dog) was afraid of thunderstorms and wanted up in a lap when the thunder started. We reached an agreement – I would sit on the end of the sofa and he would get up beside me and put his head in my lap. That was all there was room in my lap for when he got up to 110 pounds. But he is still in my heart today, although he has been at the Bridge for about 5 years now.

  54. Whoa, the wallpaper here is really funny! I never noticed that before *giggling inappropriately* Hey, anyone have anything crunchy? 😛

  55. warrior rabbit says:

    Yeah, I was gonna say. That’s not a boxer (but I make that mistake all the time, actually, saying boxer when I mean bulldog).

  56. Oh great, now you tell me, I thought this was the NOMTOM proposal line! 😉

  57. Jackie Rose says:

    I’ve noticed that the bigger the dog is, the more they want to climb in your lap.

  58. It looks like one of my mother’s blouses.

  59. The eyes are what do it for me, but the whole face is just super cute.

  60. Bulldog behbeh, not a boxer behbeh. ❤ Both are snuggly wuggly awesome dogs though. xD