THIS JUST IN: Kitten and baby deer MAKING OUT

Thanks to Eagle Eyes Cristal G. who sent this in.



  1. Just like birds of a feather.

  2. kibblenibble says:


  3. “I shall leek you!”

    “No, I shall leek YOU!!”

  4. Walking E says:

    Bambi vs. Purrszilla

  5. I’d like to see the nuffers find something wrong with THIS video….

  6. *unintelligible burbling, pointing and petting*

  7. skippymom says:

    Is the kitten trying to nurse on the deer at one point?

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    Is there a better way to start the New Year than with inter-species snorgling?

  9. Yeah, Tinee Tabbee thinks Bittee Bambee is him mama cat.

  10. muttluver says:

    Wuv… twu wuv…

  11. That’s right, Tinee Tabbee was about to kneel the doe at the very end of the clip.

  12. Who is being so selfish as to keep both of these adowable widdle babees to themselves!?! And to be able to hold a camera for a minute and twelve seconds without snorgling?? What is wrong with them??

  13. victoreia says:

    Took the words right outta my mouth, muttlover!

  14. OH EM GEE

  15. PS: *THUD*

  16. It’s so cute, I can’t stand it!!

  17. victoreia says:


  18. victoreia says:

    P.S.: Ditto!

  19. All baby animals love each other given the chance. It’s when they are taught by their moms or other members of their species that they learn who is predator and who is prey. Absent that, these two could be buddies for life. It HAS happened!

  20. Mary (the first) says:


  21. Mary (the first) says:

    Technically I don’t think deers and house cats are natural enemies, are they? Although I do agree and approve of your general concept there. “They have to be carefully taught.” as the song says.

  22. Cat: Are you my mommy?

  23. baileysgrandmom says:

    Let’s see…who is grooming whom?
    End of English lesson – now let’s SNORGLE!


  25. That thud you just heard? Walt Disney flinging open the door on his cryogenic vault. He’s trying to secure the movie rights for the new re-imagining of Bambi. 3D. Now with 100% more Kittens!

  26. LisaLassie says:

    Right. And just in caswe all that isn’t bad enough (and it is) the two babies are being kept in a kiddie pool!

  27. Oops, I mean ‘knead’, knead the doe.

  28. cellarmouse says:

    guys have wet dreams…gals have these dreams…

  29. Who knew Heaven was in a green kiddie pool? I’d never looked there, but there it is!

    @cellarmouse – you have hit teh nail on teh head.

  30. kitten’s like “got meelk?”

    it’s a tub-o-lerve. so sweet!

  31. This is so adorable for all of the obvious reasons, but that kiddie pool just puts this over the top! OMG!!

  32. Bambi and Figaro as buddy cops!

  33. Ok, I know very well where to get (a lot of ) kitties … But a baby deer? Does anyone know the story about this video?

  34. furbabies says:

    Pure love. A beautiful thing.

  35. OMG. This is giving me cavities! 😀

  36. Selfish????? what the heck is wrong with YOU?? Do you know why the deer is there? Could it be that it was rescued in the middle of winter? Get the facts first and then complain. But I guess you are one of those notorious complainers and nitpickers that has to find something to complain about… poor you!

  37. What is bad enough?????…….. The deer and the kitten are both able to hop out of that pool, or do you see any restraints ? In a kiddie pool the deer can’t get hurt. In a basket his claws could get stuck. Can you look just once on the bright side of things and not blow the horn of people like ceejoe above.-

  38. Ok, where is this wonderful place where baby cuties live in green kiddie pools???? And HOW DO I GET THERE?????

  39. what a great feel-good video! title is really off though

  40. Ded…ded…ded………….

  41. I think the word you’re looking for here is “kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-enn-gee!”

  42. I’m pretty sure ceejoe was using outrageous hyperbole, not nuffing.

  43. No, not really. Although there is a certain amount that is taught between mother and child of any given species, a lot of it is instinct. Cats know what prey looks like and will chase and pounce it with no instruction, although they may not know what to do once they’ve caught it!

    But deers and cats are not, as Mary pointed out, naturally in a predator-prey relationship.

  44. skippymom says:


  45. I am gonna assume Barbara just didn’t have her cup of cocoa yet this morning.

    Here Barbara and I added some chocolate snowball cookies to dunk in your cocoa too.
    Ceejoe was commenting on how we would all love to cuddle those babies and the fact that to take the picture you have to resist cuddling… Ceejoe Never nuffs she has been on CO a long time.

  46. And Already in the mod Lounge gerts out cookies and cocoa and waits on rescue!

  47. You’ll understand someday

  48. I literally hit my forehead with my palm at :45!
    Totally ded at :51!!

  49. um….hey, Barbara…I’m fairly confident that both ceejoe and LisaLassie were just joking about how adorable the situation is (and a kiddie pool only amplifying the cuteness). nobody is ringing alarm bells here, with the exception of you.

    settle down now…settle down…it’ll be okay…

  50. Nah, I got nuffin’.

  51. They fight crime!

  52. Uhhh….the video is adorable, but once it ends, the links that pop up for other “related” videos are rather disgusting – python eats deer, woman kills deer, guy kills deer almost, rabid deer …. NOT cute. Is there some way you can check for that sort of thing? I’m assuming that children visit your site, and after watching this video, they are going to see stills of deers half-swallowed by snakes etc. pop up.

  53. omg that is SO SWEET!!

  54. Yeah I hear ya it’s hard , er, nearly impossible for the eye to go to those related videos. I’ve seen some stuff i wish I hadn’t.

  55. AWW 😀 How cute 😀 I also would love to know the story behind the kitten and the fawn being together 😀

  56. Having read MANY ceejoe comments, I agree.

  57. That sound you heard was my mind BOGGLING and…shut…ting…..d..ow…n…

  58. I DIE

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    My heart just melted.

  60. 4 days later and I’m still speechless, yet I keep coming back looking for something to say.

  61. My suggested videos at the end were pretty benign…. like “Baby deer trapped in pool” (being rescued by a dude.)

  62. Just for the record, they’re called “fawns.” AND THEY ARE VERY CUTE INDEED.