Adorifying – adj. 1. Horrifyingly adorable!

We may have a new word for the CO Glossary, thanks, Ant.



  1. Pom pom ball

  2. Goodness gracious, great ball of fluff!

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Puppeh needs soft bed to lay upon. i have one at my house!! I’ll take you there, puppeh!!!
    *scoops up puppeh–runs*

  4. chelseabreanna says:

    i have not been able to see any of the videos that you have posted in your last few posts…. (especially the “best videos of 2011” post, which i was SO excited for) they just show up as blank white space on the page. are they being loaded differently than before?? 2012 is not starting out to be a good year for me and cute overload, which makes me an extremely sad girl. ;____;

    is anyone else having this problem???

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    Cuteness Police car pursues kibblenibble with sirens wailing and lights flashing…

  6. Bellringer says:

    Says: “Embedding disabled by request. Watch on YouTube.”

  7. Just click on the youtube symbol ans it will take you there

  8. There is another totally squeeeee-worthy video of this very pom-pom here:

  9. omg, those teensy leeltle flailing legs…

  10. No probs, Firdie, I opened the trapdoor!

  11. kibblenibble says:

    *drops suddenly, but manages to keep hold of puppeh…feels around in the dark until she finds light switch…ahh, the snickering lounge! Places pup in conveniently located fluffy pup bed…grabs a soda…plops down next to pup…waits…*

  12. It’s a literal sleepy-head!

  13. Just another step in makind’s inexorable march towards breeding a tribble.

  14. Possible new rule of cute: If you can make your feetsies disappear, it’s cute.

  15. The problem is that once the video is over, I get sucked into watching more cuteness and can’t stop :~)

  16. Have to relate what just happened to me. I work in a big building and was walking down the hallway when I see a woman with a pet carrier. Not a common sight here. Suddenly I hear the tiniest whimper. “STOP” I yell as I hasten over to her, afraid she will escape into the elevator (I don’t usually yell out “STOP” at work). Is that a puppy in there? I ask hopefully. Yes, it was a tiny black cocker spaniel. Neck axis snorgeling was successfully engaged. Softest fur, tiny tail wagging. Finally the puppy was pried out of my reluctant hands. I walked away with happy endorphens bathing my brain…again, not a common occurance at work. ahhhhh.

  17. I had to sneek out of the office and watch it on my iPod but I couldn’t make out the sound he was making because I didn’t hane my earbuds. Is the puppeh crying?
    If he is I have a very soft shoulder he can use.

  18. Okay, when did they start cross-breeding dogs with tribbles?

  19. I saw this one a couple months ago (showed up in my “recommended videos”, natch). Seeing it again reminded me of what was the highest rated comment at the time I first saw it: “It’s like a snowball with legs!” or something to that effect.

    That whole channel is full of wonderful.

  20. Oh yeah I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole of Japanese Pomeranian puppy videos!

  21. The Original Jane says:

    To quote Agnes: “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna *die*!”

    (if you don’t know the quote – RUN out and rent “Despicable Me” -such a cute movie!)

  22. New Year’s resolution:

    Bug the mod’s until we get a KAWAII tag.

  23. kittens not kids says:

    at first I was: Puppy? Kitty? Polar Bear?
    then I was just: AWWWWWW

    you can almost hear his little eyes going plink plink with sleepiness.

  24. Yes! Like when kitties fold all their feet underneath them. I always say they look like toasters when they do that. Don’t really know why.

  25. victoreia says:

    Sometimes it might be a problem with your browser’s cache. If you go into your tools (or options, I’m not sure which, depending on the browser), there should be an option to clear your browser cache.

    Alternately, it could be a firewall/security issue. I’m at a loss if that’s it……

  26. victoreia says:


  27. Don’t forget to disable the FluffTracker!!!
    it’s hidden behind the left ear fluff.
    You’ll be safe then….

  28. We call that The Meatloaf. If wrapped in a blanket, Burrito. We’re all about food in this house 🙂

  29. I love when someone brings their pet to work for a visit. Especially when of the puppy variety. And if they can fit in someone’s purse.

  30. astropunkin says:

    I calls them kitteh loafs!!!! Hehe.

  31. Just put the sweet puppy on the couch with you. Its striking resemblance to a throw pillow will serve as a clever disguise and thwart all pursuers…

  32. Such a cute fluffly little haid! Sweet sleepy pup.

  33. Yes, I am having this problem, and absolutely nothing has changed at MY end … er, that would be my COMPUTER’s end, ahem.

  34. That’s not the issue. The main page shows no videos … but the vid-pics and usable links appears on the comments pages. Odd.

  35. We had someone bring in a 30 lb baby-ball-of-fluff just the other day. Turns out it was a Great Pyrynees(?sp) weanling. Once “confiscated”, she laid her sweet little haid an my shoulder and snuggled.
    My rule is “Any cute critter brought in shall not leave until I have had my cuddle time with it”. 😉

  36. I totally agree with your rule and believe it should be legislated into law.

  37. It´s the fabled puppy-seal hybrid!

  38. WendyLady says:

    O MY GAWSH! It’s a floofy dust bunny come to life.

  39. Blue Footed Booby says:

    You can’t actually know that for sure. Caches can randomly get corrupted, and I’m fairly sure all three major browser will silently apply updates (to prevent users from refusing to update out of date versions with known security holes).

    Another possibility is that there’s been some change on youtube’s end that affects whether users with your setup are shown HTML5-based content by default. The Big Three browsers all support HTML5, but they all behave slightly differently in certain circumstances.

    My point is basically that it’s worth trying a few things like clearing your cache, trying a new profile for firefox (don’t know if other browsers will randomly muck up user profiles), upgrading your browser (if you have an old version that doesn’t silently autoupdate or you’ve been blocking updates) even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong on your end.

  40. This dog, IS its own bed!

  41. Erm, it’s fixed now … thanks, Sharpy et al! … without any fixits on my part. So there.

  42. *pouting* MY dustbunnies are never this cute!! 😦

  43. …I can’t remember what a tribble is.

  44. My roommate asked what I was squealing about and I accidentally told him “Cute Overlord!”

    HIM: Don’t you mean Cute Ovlerlo-