A Princess. A Dark Lord. A Bad@ss Teddy Bear.


What was that?! That was the Star Wars Universe, Expanded, again.

Inca (Princess Leia), Murray (Darth Vader), and Rocco (Wicket the Ewok), by Megan R.



  1. 260Oakley says:

    We would like to go for Luke Sky-Walkies now, please. We will use the Force, if necessary.

  2. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Rocco is staring into my soul.

  3. These ARE the pups you’re looking for!

  4. So amazingly 70’s, see it all comes back to fashion!!!

  5. Oh no! Lookie how serious on their little faces! I almost FEEL like I’m under their power!

    @Gigi- I do NOT believe you just whupped that one out! That was completely uncalled for, as it almost broke a couple of my ribs when I couldn’t stop laughing.

  6. Should be named Leonard, Sheldon and Raj. (Sorry Howard, but you don’t have a PhD.)

  7. need a COXCU to tell if Inca is wearing ear covers or if her ears are just brown and fuzzy! inquiring minds want to know.

  8. When you take them for Sky-Walkies, you can C 3 P, O!

  9. HA!

  10. kibblenibble says:

    Sender-inner Megan is soooo lucky to have these sweethearts.

    PS @Cashew: Yes, Inca is wearing ear covers. I had to put my nose on the monitor to see them, though…

  11. I feel a disturbance in The Force. One I haven’t felt in many years. Its almost as if…

  12. 260Oakley says:

    Unless just one of them goes out. Then it’s a Hounds Solo.

  13. By Murray’s looks, I can tell he’s definitely channeling the Dark Sith Lord.

  14. ROFLMAO!!!!!! How am I sposed to work after that?

  15. I feel the force!

    Wookie growl “wooooooooooooh”

  16. I love them!
    (I know.)

  17. Sorry — I’m through with the
    Star Wars costumes –let’s move on!. Dogs do not need costumes to be cute, and we are waaaaay past Halloween.. It’s a New Year already!

  18. Bazinga!

  19. Alas, CaliGirlElebentyNine, CO is a magical place where the Qte and teh Geek cross streams, a place without time, a time without space – a multiverse, if you will, of disgruntled emo bunnies, stackable giraffes, banana-eating cats and rude fuzzy mini-primates… A place, in short, where fun and whimsy rule…

    And that includes puppers dressed as sci-fi icons.

    Jus’ sayin’…

  20. Also who is every really done with Star Wars Costumes?… I make exceptions to my no dressing animals rule for pirate costumes and star wars costumes. LOL besides the cuteness of this picture is undeniable.

  21. And look how they are perfectly positioned and their adorable faces… the cutness shall not be denied.

    Okay I am done now… Gets off soap box.. hands Calforniagirl her own star wars light sabre and her very own form fitting ewok costume so she can join us in the fight to maintain our right to the cute!

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    *knock* *knock* *knock*


    *knock* *knock* *knock*


  23. In the imortal words of Master Yoda:
    Cute or cute not. There is no nuff.

  24. Mark Martin says:

    reminded me of the Valley of the Dolls poster

  25. *knock* *knock* *knock*


    (sorry… couldn’t leave it unfinished, you know!)

  26. p.s., I think Miss Schnozz needs Leia cinnamon bun ear warmers, yes? where can I find them?!

  27. He does that, to be the Ewok he has more force ability in him than Murray but we kind of had to stick with the color scheme.

  28. She is wearing yarn buns

    There are a lot more pictures on my facebook page, sophiapahawkins

  29. We really are lucky to have them. This photo took an hour, way too many treats and some creative vocabulary to accomplish but it’s by far the best christmas card we’ve ever made 🙂

  30. californiagirl, this was the christmas card we sent out this year. I’ve dressed them as trees and gifts in the past and felt the need to make sure everyone felt the force of the holidays this year =)

  31. tracylee – it is yarn strands spun into a bun and then hot glued on felt and kept on her noggin with elastic…nothing fancy, just crafty that worked out =)

  32. KittyAdventure, your responses have made this star wars clothes wearing furmomma happy 🙂

  33. victoreia says:

    Yup, I’m done for the day!

  34. victoreia says:

    Niiiiice Twilight Zone response!

  35. victoreia says:

    Hey! I wanna lightsaber!

  36. Bark Vader
    Princess Lay-down-and-roll-over-a
    Obi Wan Kennel-obi

  37. Lando Cat-chase-ian

  38. Princess Amidogla
    Jar Jar Barks
    Grand Mof Barkin
    Count Dog Doo-ku
    Bone-a Fetch

  39. http://www.etsy.com/listing/31194554/knitted-leia-earmuffs

    Sold, but I bet they’d make you a pair custom.

  40. y’all are amazing. total nerds, but amazing.

  41. i concur. and you rule.

  42. woohoo! I think I can handle that!

    I had an elementary school bff named Megan Ross 🙂 any chance this is the same one?

  43. bob drummond says:

    More STAR WARS , STUFF , I love it . Especially with the canine accent .Outta sight Man !!!

  44. Megan you are so lucky to have three adorable babies in your house and they are so patient. also WAAAAA! I need a christmas card like this LOL.

  45. Here you Victoreia,
    Your veryown Lightsaber glowing red… and your favorite character ‘s costume!

  46. Fleurdamour says:

    Nerds are cool.

  47. victoreia – it’s really simple, all you need is a paper towel tube, whatever color felt you want your saber to be, gray felt for the handle, double back sticky tape to make the felt stick and some electrical tape for decoration. viola! light saber on a budget =)

  48. tracylee, I am not the Megan Ross you are looking for. I’ve only been a Ross coming up on seven years. I was a Guffey before that. Hope you find her though, I hear Megans can be kinda awesome. =)

  49. ‘yarn buns’

    Made my day afer a very tough week. Thanks!