I Got Yer Happy Birthday Right Here

When presented with a singing birthday card, this cat responds the way we all wish we could. (We’re still looking for the follow-up video, in which the cat finds the greeting card factory and burns it to the ground.)



  1. nyerhe!

  2. How much do you bet that when he ran away with the card, he went strait to his litter box and buried the annoying thing. 😆

  3. My cats did not like it either – much distress here!

  4. I was waiting for him to squat and poop on the card.

  5. LOL. That second round of pouncing was all out. IT MUST DIE.

  6. I expected him to go into full shred mode, with tiny strips of cardboard drifting through the air..

  7. LOOK at the poof on that tail! 😯

  8. You’re just all about the pooping this week, aren’t you? 😛

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    Seriously!!! He/ she (?) took a MASSIVE, hurtling LEAP across the kitchen, like a superhero, in pursuit of it!!!! “OUT, OUT, dam*ned greeting card!!!!!” “HYYYYYYAAgh!!!!!! [yelling, in Miss Piggie voice] ” 🙂

  10. My pom, Boomer, almost does the same thing to my toy that barks ‘Jingle Bells’. Very, very funny. My other dog just looks at him and then looks at me and rolls his eyes.

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    I think he styled his tail, thusly:

  12. I hate those things too, kitty.

  13. My plan is to work that theme until everyone is thoroughly annoyed with me. Let me know when we get there.

  14. This kitty reminds me somewhat of this pretty girl, who decides that this hat must die:

  15. Sheesh, I love cats, but can you blame her?

  16. Oh my gosh – who can pay attention to the multiple hat stealings?. Her tail is absolutely mesmerizing! *stares*

  17. Mesmerized also by that magnificent TAIL!

  18. Plots a trip home to harass my own kitties.

  19. Geez, poop? I think you can just go crazy with that one. Ceiling unlimited. 🙄

  20. Damn.

  21. Wow! Now that’s a fluffy tail !!!

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Add me to those impressed by the tail. I also enjoy the way she walks with the hat, as if trying not to drag it on the ground. 🙂

  23. 😛

  24. lol, s/he sure did! Love that leap. 🙂

  25. LOL! That is twice today I saw a cat attacking card! Over on the Animal Rescue Site they have a video of a cat attacking a Christmas card, one that plays a “You Better Watch Out”. Not in cat voices mind you.

  26. I can only imagine the reaction of the person who sent this card when they see this and recognize the cat and/or house..

    “Wait.. that’s the card that I sent to Fred.. What?? He doesn’t LOVE the card? He’s actually GIVING the card to the cat to attack?? Not once, but TWICE?? Fine! That’s the last time that Fred gets a card from ME! Hmph!”

  27. Indeed! That is a tail other cats would kill for. So lovely. *goes off the spend the rest of the day googling Somali cats*

  28. HRH QueenCat says:

    same here 😦

    I’ve had to kill those musical cards with a hammer

  29. Just plain funny.
    Go get-em kitty.

  30. One of our cats does that, and it’s really funny when he’s holding something tiny–he still feels like he has to put his chin up as high as it will go.

    Cute videos of silly, floofy-tailed kittehs!

  31. I did let out a giant LOL with that leap at the end!!

  32. the little stiff leg front leg wobble is killing me!! lol

  33. Ok that has to be some kind of evolution throw back to hold a kill high? they all do it! even if it’s stuffed! or a hat! lol

  34. I too was mesmerized by the tail. What a gorgeous girl indeed!

  35. Love it I guess my cat would be afraid but she kills my hat too veryyyyyy annoying but yes indeed very funny 😉

  36. Me too!

  37. me, too!11!

  38. 0:24 is too moishe! I predict a gif of that pounce will be everywhere…

  39. My little girl Raku kept stealing the coon skin cap my hubby’s mom sent him for X-mas last year. She would find it no matter where I hid it & bring it upstairs to the
    studio (while yelling “look what I have mom”) & put it down on the floor to show me what a competent hunter she was. It was soooo funny ’cause the hat is just about as big as she is. I could always tell when she was dragging it because she really sounded like she was talking with her mouth full.

  40. ROFLMAO My Bucky is behind my ‘puter now looking for what’s making that sound. His eyes are almost standing out on stems and his tailio is whipping around…gonna go play it again – needed the laugh!!

  41. I crack up at the high, proud tail posish as she sashays by with the hat.

  42. Eyes on stems? It’s the rare cat-crab hybrid!

  43. Got a Jeff Dunham DVD for Christmas and he does a bit about the 4th little piggy who built his house out of poop, (as some do in Africa) and the big bad wolf’s surprise when he huffs and puffs it and gets some poop up his nose. Very funny and imagainative and fits skippymom’s poop theme very well.

  44. I got one of those a few years back. It read: “Sorry we forgot your birthday. Here’s the tackiest and tasteless card we could find.”

    My relatives love me.

  45. SEAL team cat!

  46. Flowerfanatic says:

    The Somali is a long-haired Abyssinian. They are gorgeous kitties for sure. Those tails are one of their trademarks. 🙂

  47. I don’t think the cat hates the card, I think it wants to play with the cat whose voice it hears, but can’t see!!!

  48. Me three! I also LOL’d because the meowing and the leaping cat totally freaked out my poor cockatoo who was watching the proceedings from my shoulder. Poor Mr. Bird nearly fell off backwards.

  49. Right up there with the “Jingle Cats”. Let me know if you need help, kitty!

  50. We finally gave up after finding socks all over the house. Kyuri has his own stash of socks, now.

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    Isn’t that the purpose of those socks, to begin with??? 😉

    Please pardon my *blush* dangling preposition.
    Thank you.

  52. Alice Shortcake says:

    All he needed was a little cape streaming behind him. “Supercat…keeping the world safe from singing cards!”

  53. baby birdie says:

    “That’s a bad word! KILL IT!!!”

  54. bob drummond says:

    I reallythink ring tailed lemurs and meerkats also hold their tails up like that ,but for different reasons . Still impressive though !

  55. bob drummond says:

    Me three , nyuk,nyuk,nyuk !!

  56. 😆 Please send us a picture or even better a video of your dear sweet kitty, Raku, carrying your husband’s coon skin cap, Mudbug 😆

  57. 😆 I would just love to see a video of your dear sweet kitty, Bucky, reaction to this video, Flutterby 😆

  58. 😆 Man 😆 Go beat the stuffings out of that hat, kitty 😆

  59. 😆 I would just love it if someone added what you said about the cat’s reaction, Fird Birfle, to this video 😆

  60. Fird Birfle says:

    my own computery “skills” are astonishingly inadequate to such a task;
    but I’m truly glad, that you enjoyed the “virtual visual” !!!!
    Thanks muchly, Teresa 🙂 Have a Spiffy New Year, all !!!

  61. I love how he never touched the floor in between.

    His large pupils too. I love cats.

    My dogs went nuts hearing this video..lol.