The Sloths… need… your… help.

Judy Arroyo from the Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary says: “Over twenty years ago a small sloth was brought to my door. I cupped the tiny animal in my hands and knew I had to do something…”

Baby sloth, Costa Rica
“…This baby sloth was dying of starvation. Her mother was most likely dead and I was faced with a huge challenge. At the time, little was known about sloths, much less baby sloths. I was warned that I should let the baby go, that I would not be able to feed her, that I would only prolonging the inevitable.”

I looked down at her little face and knew that I would do anything in my power to save this tiny sloth. Buttercup had a few difficult months. Today she holds the record of being the sloth to live the longest time in captivity and she reigns supreme over our veranda at the Sloth Sanctuary.”

The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica is in great need of your end-of-the-year donation consideration!

Your donation can go far:
$10 – stuffed ‘Mom’ surrogate
$20 – baby bottle
$50 – baby check-up
$100 – baby incubator
$200 – feed a baby for a year

Consider donating today, here.

OK! OK! Sloth close-up!

Consider donating today, here. Top image by Salz R. Thanks to Miriam S. and Georgienne B.



  1. Mary (the first) (being sarcastic, I hope y'all got that) says:

    OMG Sloths in jammies!! I’m sending all my extra money right away!!

  2. So cute! I saw a documentary about the sanctuary about 2 weeks ago. They do great work there.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Dang it, that was not supposed to still say sarcastic. I really will donate!!

  4. *thud*

  5. I asked Santa to bring me one. Didn’t get. Love this little guys more than I can stand.


  6. The Sloth Sanctuary really is a remarkable place. I took a Tropical Biology course there last May. Not only are they a clearinghouse of information on all things slothful, they’re knowledgeable and active with regard to a number of local environmental issues, and they’re taking care of a variety of other injured and orphaned animals (as if the sloths weren’t enough).

    I’ve sponsored sloths a couple of times as Christmas gifts for my mother (who is also a big fan of sloths).

  7. Jammies alert at 0:49…

  8. I’m so happy I made a donation! Sloths are my favoritest anipal, next to doglets.

  9. OMG, we are watching this entire community support our work and we are floored here at the Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica. This is really helping us. We lost both baby sloths today, but your support is giving us much hope. Thank You.

  10. YAY! I donated! How can you not want to help those sweet adoring faces?

  11. Any critter that spends its life giving hugs to everything and gazing longingly at you has my vote. The wee pj’s are just icing on the cake. (dashes off to find a sloth to hug)

  12. JannieWolf says:

    I saw that documentary too…”Too Cute: Sloths” was the name of it. It’s a really amazing, one of a kind sanctuary. And friggin’ adorable. 🙂

  13. CO readers, this is Judy, JUDY, as in, baby sloth GODDESS. There would be no cute baby sloth photos if not for Judy!!!

    Thank you for taking the sloth babies in and passing the smiles to us through your hard work.

    I’m going to donate to the Slothpital right now.

  14. Donated twice! A one-time donation, then with the memory of those beautiful eyes in my mind, went ahead and set up a monthly contribution. Times are tough, but giving a little a month is within reach and it adds up! Now, everyone get to the donation site and open those wallets for those precious sloths…

  15. I love the look of complete adoring trust in the second photo. I never knew sloths could have such lovely eyes!

  16. Can’t send much…donation on the way.

  17. Yea! Save the sloths. I’m so on board. Love ’em!

    That said, why do they kinda creep me out? I feel so bad thinking that, but I can’t help it and I just had to tell someone. They have kind eyes, and sweet, smiling faces, why, oh why, do I shudder when I see them move?

    *hangs head with guilt*

  18. Yay!! Santa gave me my very own CO 2012 Calendar for Christmas!! I love it and, yes, I sneaked a peak at the pages throughout the year…I couldn’t resist! Oh, and bless you to the people at the sloth sanctuary…I’m off to make a donation…

  19. Better than bananas in pajamas any day, aren’t they? And snugglier

  20. I used to make the sloths their breakfast when I volunteered at the Baltimore Aquarium in the rainforest exhibit. As I recall it was a big bowl of chopped fruit and veggies….tossed in a dog food dressing. No kidding.

  21. I confess that sometimes I see a cat photo that freaks me out. Still cute and furry but sometimes they look evil. I love the sloths but that prehistoric thing isn’t for everyone. You are pardoned (-:

  22. DaChickenLady says:

    Great cause but I’m confused. Isn’t Buttercup a three-toed sloth? These are two-toed sloths, no? So, none of these pictures are of Buttercup?

  23. sounds… delicious…

  24. I got mine tooooo! I have only looked ahead to a couple of pages. It’s so…hard…to…resist.

  25. I believe Buttercup is the one in the hanging basket (not shown in the pictures posted here). She’s featured prominently in the Animal Planet special and she’s quite the majestic beauty.

  26. i want to kiss their little nossicles. and tell me honestly, dont they kinda look like muppets?

  27. Great eye! Buttercup, the diva of the sanctuary is not picture on this page, but many other adorable babies are! Anyone going to the donate page will be rewarded with Buttercup’s little face:)

  28. Yes. Watching sloths in the wild is like watching feral Muppets.

  29. Oh my gosh…those nosecicles, those eyes, those clawses and those slow, calculated movements….I am slain by the cute quotient !!!! [thud].

  30. I’ve left my 2012 CO calendar in the box under a small pile of papers for that very reason… It’s easier to resist when I cannot see it!

    Off to give money to the sloths. Happy 2012 to all!

  31. Please PLEASE add a Paypal account to donate! Is there a Paypal in Costa Rica?

  32. What the heck is dog food dressing? Do they drape thousand island dressing over it?

  33. TRACY ROSEL says:

    Although I have never been, I am a huge advocate of the sloth sanctuary. My family owns a vacation home in Guanacaste, and I tell each person I encounter to give to the sloth sanctuary. My dream would be to conduct sloth research and to volunteer at the sanctuary. I will be sending a small donation today. Thank you for all of your work. I will spread the message that you guys are in need.

  34. Patti Muse-Walker says:

    Just sent a donation. We saw the documentary a few days ago. What special creatures. So deserving of my Xmas $

  35. My husband and I visited the sanctuary during our honeymoon October 2010, and couldn’t have been more impressed. Thanks so much for taking care of those crazy adorable creatures!

  36. We have not been able to add the Paypal yet. We are in Costa Rica and need to set everything up with a bank in the United States. The Razoo Site is the best we could do for the moment. It is secure and we hope you will consider donating there. Thank You.

  37. bob drummond says:

    WOW! SLOTHA-MANIA !!! I just love it !!! Unfortunately, I cannot get that channel on my t.v.,yet ! Maybe when the video comes out I’ll grab it .!

  38. DewiCasGwent says:

    Couldn’t give too much Just wish they showed those documentaries in the UK not only would I get to see them but a lot of donations would be forthcoming from over here

  39. The fruit and veggies were tossed with wet dog food. Sloths liked it I guess.

  40. how do you get your house ready for a sloth

  41. Lewis n' Clark says:

    saw the documentary and was enchanted! Especially like the “poop poles”. I’d smile like that too if I only went once a week.

  42. Lewis n' Clark says:

    oh, of COURSE I’m in moderation..gah, what was I thinking?. What?! No leftover champagne? oh, great, it’s the start of everyone’s New Year’s diet resolutions, so the mod lounge is only stocked with carrots and celery. Can someone sneak in some Reese’s Pieces for me?

  43. SarahTheEntwife says:

    Sloths! My favorite critter! I shall go donate now. I don’t suppose you accept donations of hand-knit sloth jammies?