Rocket Bun, Ready for Takeoff

We’re here at Yuk-Yuk Flats for the test launch of the experimental X-27 ½ rocket bun. I can see the test pilot, Felix “Crater” Farnsworth, has strapped himself aboard, and once the rocket fuel is digested, we should be “go” for launch.

Michelle P. says: “Here’s a photo of Howl (cat) and Salvador (rabbit) (photo shot and animals snuggled by Tracy T.). They seem like good friends but you know what they say about keeping enemies closer…”


  1. I will luff him, and hug him, and I wall call him George. Yup yup yup.

  2. For ever and ever and ever and ever and – you get the idea.

  3. or alternatively Howl may abandon the flight idea and have a spot of lunch.. uh oh…

  4. to the moon!

  5. I have a lawnchair and some helium balloons if you would prefer. Just be sure to notify the FAA.

  6. To infinity, and beyond!

  7. cyberpunkrocker says:

    To boldly go where no Salvador has never boldly gone before… In space no-one can hear your Howl…

  8. thecandiedmango says:

    Man, I wish my rabbit would let my cat do this. Instead he growls and sounds like a very small pig.

  9. our first bun used to do that too! She’s hide under the furniture and then lunge out when you walked by, making terrible snorting & honking noises. Ferocious beastie! Our current bun is a fattie and much more laid back- but he makes snorfing sounds when he eats. And then the kitten comes and wants to wrestle, and they end up like the above pic.

  10. My little lionhead thinks she is an actual lion–her little growls are completely hilarious. All I can do is crack up at how big and fierce she thinks she is. My other bun just looks at her like she is nuts… So funny.

  11. I have a lionhead–Remy–who growls like a guard dog! I’ve had a couple rabbits growl before, but never like this one! (She was even worse when I first adopted her.) She’s even “taught” my usually-benign Netherland dwarf to growl when his food is not appearing fast enough! Of course, I can’t get her to do it for the video camera! :-)

  12. My bun is a grunter. He grunts for food, for hay, when I take too long to clean his cage, and pretty much everything else! It’s funny, the longer I have him the more vocal he gets. All disapproval, of course.

  13. phred's mom says:

    My bun was a cranky bun, when I leaned over to put food in his dish,
    he BIT ME on the first part of me that was in range: my boob!!!!!!!!

  14. phred's mom says:


  15. 8O So apparently you learned to wear armor whenever you set his food down?

  16. Isn’t that hilarious? The first time my (late) bun growled – and she sounded exactly like a small angry dog – the first thing I did was jump about a foot in the air. Quickly followed by the second thing I did, which was to crack up laughing. “Who’s the fierce little bunbun? Dat’s YOOO”.

    Current bun makes small pig noises at pellet time.

  17. so cute

  18. Yuk-Yuk Flats! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  19. I’m cracking up about “Crater” Farnsworth!

  20. “Once the rocket fuel is digested”

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    Rocket serial # is X-27……and 1/2 !!!!!111!!!! *tee hee*

  22. Very high in fiber, I’m guessing.

  23. PS: Hovertext, snerk

  24. Check the pupils on Howl – a little too much excitement there. Be still Salvadore, be still. Cute, but only at first glance.

  25. Wackadoodle eyes is the technical term.

  26. Moi, Actually says:

    The bunny’s eyes are a marvel of jaded cynicism.: “Fly the friendly skies–yeah, right.”
    What’s the word for them kinda eyes?

  27. :lol: I will have to remember that :lol: AWW :D What a cute pair :D

  28. Dis MAH bunneh!

  29. Mr Bun, Is it lonely out in space?

  30. Bunway 104, you are cleared for test of jet-propelled takeoff…

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only.
    There is no stopping in the red zone

  32. Listen Betty, don’t start up with your white zone *!@# again. :D

  33. Guy in Ted’s cab: “Well, I’ll give him another five minutes, but that’s it!”

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    Betty: *tee hee*

  35. Tell my wife I love her…she knoooowwwwsss.

  36. Howl Control to Major Bun.

  37. Too funny! System countdown, engines on…

  38. bob drummond says:

    Does this sound familiar 2 anyone ?

  39. I think it looks like Howl is trying to kick-start a Harely Davidsbun.

  40. Looks more like a Vincent Black Bun from here. :3

  41. Howl knows what he’s doing:

  42. cellarmouse says:

    large hairy man going 150,313 mph?…and is the pic from rollie or to rollie…inquiring minds want to know…

  43. Alice Shortcake says:

    Nah, that’s a Bunda.

  44. Awww! They’re besties!!! That so cute, of course!

    Btw my bunny growls at the broom, honks when it’s dinner time, and snorts and nom noms while eating. It’s a bunny thing.

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    This is Extremely Silly.


  46. And we like it that way! :)

  47. The cat thinks it’s a Salvadore Dolly! :)

  48. This thread is completely cracking me up with all the honking, growling and grunting bunnies!! I had bunnies and guinea peegs when I was young and only remember the peegs making noises, not the buns. Then again, maybe getting forgetful too along with getting older….

  49. Some bunnies honk, or grunt, or even make little mumbly noises – and some don’t.
    My “growly” bun only grrphed when she was annoyed. We were fostering a boybun to see if she’d like a companion (both speutered of course) and she was having none of that. Since she was a park-dumped rescue, I don’t think she actually knew she was a rabbit. She tried to attack every bun we introduced her to, and at one point she went after the neighbor’s chihuahua! So she lived out her life as the pampered queen of my condo, and slept under my bed every night.

    I recently adopted a very regal black Satin girlbun who makes snorfly piggy sounds at pellet time – which is so at odds with her elegant appearance.

  50. Well, when you think of a bunny diet, you can understand all the honking and tooting. :P

  51. Howl is a major tom.

  52. Woot!

  53. Is he floating in a most peculiar way? ;)

  54. My brother does a great version of Major Tom. He puts his hand over his mouth to make staticky noises and speaks the lines as though he’s talking on the radio. It’s very funny, particularly when he matter-of-factly says “Tell my wife I love her.” -static- “She knows.” I’ll have to bring him here to perform it for you guys some time.

  55. Um, except that my brother would never be caught ded at a place called Cute Overload, and he would think all of you are as completely insane as he thinks I am.

  56. Skippymom, I won’t say you’re not insane but I will say you are my kind of insane. *hug*

  57. old goatloady says:

    Ah well, your brother is probably right…. but it’s more fun this way! ;)

  58. old goatlady says:

    woops – my name is old goatLADY – see that’s where the insane part comes out – can I come out of moderation now?

  59. My bun would love to have the cat hold him like that! He’d be over the moon! But the cat only deigns to pay occasional attention to him.

  60. My bun was always trying to have his wicked way with the cat.

  61. 8O

  62. Um, yes, mine did too – until I had him neutered ; )

  63. bob drummond says:

    Some male bunnies are horney little devils !!!!

  64. I had a fosterbun for a few months several years ago, and he would hop straight toward the cats, and they would scatter in his wake, like they were intimidated by him. I never really figured out if he wanted to bond with them or just thought he owned the whole house…

  65. The kittehs must have taken all those stories about ‘doin it like rabbits’ to heart.

  66. SlaveToCat says:

    Is this what they mean by kittyporn??


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