Cats ‘n’ Baths

You’ve seen Cats ‘n’ Racks. Now there is the much-more-furious but super prosh Cats ‘n’ Baths!


Wolverine's First Bath

Wash, then rinse

Eddie's 1st Bath

Cold Calico by Sender-Inner Stephanie P. Wolverine’s first bath by Kristin. This is Kinda Nice, Actually! is by Alowisney. Formerly Fluffy also by Stephanie P. Wash, then rinse, by Daily Dose of Kitten. Eddie’s first bath by Betsy Cole.



  1. I am inspired by this post to go home tonight and bathe all of my cats.

  2. I is simpleh ded from the qte.

  3. One at a time, of course. Although…think of the fun we could have if I put all four of them in the tub at once. Bears considering.

  4. “Wash, then rinse” looks like Philo as a baby. Poor li’l puddem taters…sometimes they get dirty and need help getting clean! ♥

  5. phred's mom says:

    We will pray for you…

  6. I absolutely love the first one… «when I’M outa there I’m gonna unleash hell» – so cynic. woahhhh.

  7. old goatlady has cats too says:

    Every time I see a bath post, I feel like I should batten down the hatches for the nuffing that must most assuredly come. The storm’s brewing…I can feel it.

  8. Oh my… Meg is apparently trying to start the Cats Don’t Need To Be Bathed Commentroversy again… Maybe enough people are off work this week that we’ll slide by without it. But I’ll get my pudding ready anyways. Chocolate!

  9. old goatlady has cats too says:

    Hey! Made it to the Mod Lounge once again, I seem to have a knack for it…maybe I’ll just help myself to some of these yummy leftover Christmas cookies and something warm to drink. Ooh, look a nice comfy chair by the window….

  10. Yeah,, a few bubbles for them (mine have always been tempted by them), throw in a few of their favorite waterproof toys… nice warm water.. Whee! For the life of me, I can’t imagine why this would be viewed as a bad thing by cats..

    Mine spend a great deal of time in the tub anyway, it’s one of their favorite playing places, as long as there are ping pong balls in there to roll around. Epic, epic games of soccer are played in there. Add water though? It’s like they never existed.

  11. … um…
    I’ll, uh, be over here… on standby with ointment and bandages.

    … and gin.

  12. uh huh..
    ‘nanner, right here! leaves a good, satisfying Splort!

  13. This should be an interesting experiment – determining if cats can levitate. We already know they grow extra arms and legs (and claws) when being lowered into a body of water.

  14. Rice pudding…without raisins!

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    # 3 looks like a baby Yoda. And # 4 is definitely Wilford Brimley. I’ve never tried to fully bathe a cat although have had to dunk their nether regions in the sink a couple times after some kind of “accident”. (I won’t go into detail.) They actually took it pretty well.

  16. Butterscotch!

  17. Anyone who has had a long-haired cat with “the runs” knows a cat needs bathing help sometimes. Trust me on that one. *shudders at the memory*

  18. No, please, go into detail! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Beefeater, please.

  20. I don’t know… When Valium had motion sickness AND diarrhea (at the same time, right on the seat of a rental car) I had to bath him under the tap of a service area’s restroom (not sure about the term, my online dictionary seem confounded, the car stop at the side of a road?). Believe me: He needed bathing. RIGHT NOW. EVEN WITH COLD WATER.
    (and afterward he was dried with my own towel, wrapped in a blanket, cuddled for a good half hour until he was completely dried and warmed up, I’m not that bad of a mom)

    That said, I can see with they named the second kitten Wolverine, look at theses CLAWS!

  21. yeah, we don’t get enough poop here on CO! 🙂

  22. Yeah, what she said!
    (you know, cj, there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to start thinking you and I are some kind of sick, twisted perverts)

  23. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Back when the faucet in the tub in my bathroom leaked the cats would take turns standing under it and getting dripped on, yet they all hate getting squirted with a spray bottle. I don’t understand cats.

    Tried to find pics of cats that seemed to enjoy baths, but everything fell into one or more of four categories:
    1. The cat was obviously not enjoying itself
    2. The “cat” was a tiger
    3. The cat was not bathing
    4. It was totally irrelevant

    It was worth it, though, because I found this:

  24. Erm…. START thinking?
    (said with the greatest love and affection for you both and all the other whacky CO-ers)

  25. Buried in this story is a GREAT cat name: Valium! Now I want a whole litter named after “mother’s little helper” drugs!

  26. 8)
    I don’t know if that will work. It’s supposed to be the shocked googly-eyed face.

  27. Ok, so how does one make the shocked googly-eyed face?

  28. 😯

  29. It’s an eight and then a capital O.

  30. thank you! 😯

  31. That is one blissed out dog! 🙂

  32. I totally thought that was a polar bear at first. What a great dog.

  33. 😯

  34. My own experience with the late-and-much-beloved Mr. Picky was he hated water, except when he was thirsty, and the water was just put into his bowl. Other than that, fuggedaboudit! Just about as bad as trying to put on clothing on him!!

  35. #4 looks like Winston.

  36. With an extra shot of gin? *rummages for armor suit* (Gee, I wonder if this thing is waterproof?)

  37. Fird Birfle says:

    Moral of the story/ pics: At this time, our [the above cats’] statement is “we are not amused”.

    There might be an updated statement, later, after our humans grovel and snuggle us in guilty attempts to make it up to us.

    But for now, definitely, “we are not amused.” Thank you.

  38. When my two old cats were young, they had ringworm and had to be dipped in a Nolvasan solution. The orange tabbeh was OK with it. The long haired female however…was NOT amused. After I dipped her and toweled her off, she would run two steps and look back at me and give me the I HATE YOU glare and then run under the couch for a few hours to collect her dignity.
    Cats! 🙂

  39. Philo gets up on the side of the tub nearly every morning when I take a shower. The shower curtain liner is semi-clear (frosted) and I can see him there. He’s pretty much content to just sit there and…supervise, but recently we’ve added a new twist to the experience. I meow at him and he meows back. Lather, rinse, repeat. If I bend over so my face is close to the curtain, he’ll gently paw it through the curtain.

    Of course, the cat’s a little weird. I was making cookies the other night, and the electronic timer was beeping, and I didn’t get into the kitchen quick enough, and I found Philo in a state of dismay in front of the stove, frantically meowing after each beep of the timer!

  40. Well this cat loves his bath

  41. Yup. My dear Niko, a floofy Siamese mix, sometimes gets up into the bed with “klingons.” He is summarily, but gently, pushed off the bed and urged to go wash. :O

  42. I meant 😯

  43. I am not amused either. Pics may be cute and/or funny, cats don’t need to bathe. Unless they got dirty rubbing under a car or … had a messy diarrhea and happen to have long hair.
    Both happened in my house and i cleaned as good as I could. But I would NEVER wash a cat just for the fun of it.
    Fun should go both ways. And cats who enjoy being wet are really not many….
    So please, for your cats’ sakes, keep throwing cat toys. Stay away from the bathroom.

  44. ah, there it is!

  45. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……pudding. 🙂

  46. My house is 108 years old, and has, well, _quirks_ …

    One of these is that the ‘master bath’ is actually a half-bath inserted into the original pantry, with a new door cut through from my bedroom. (The other bathroom was created by taking space from the other two bedrooms, which are now, respectively, _small_ and _tiny_.)

    Between the shower enclosure and the toilet is a tall-but-doesn’t-reach-the-ceiling ‘linen closet’ contraption, covering where one of the pantry windows used to be.

    You can count on it that, if I take a shower, Dusty will leap from the tank of the toilet to the top of the linen closet and then sit there, looking over the top of the shower enclosure, watching. I suspect she’s also criticizing my technique (“Not enough tongue!”), but at least she does it quietly. I am, however, always reminded of Snoopy sitting on his doghouse, pretending to be a vulture – it’s exactly the same pose. Not exactly what you want to be thinking about early in the morning…

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    poor, anguished Philo.

  48. “Not enough tongue!” Oh, that’s awesome.

  49. I wanted to name my second cat Prozac or Xanax, but I got her already named and it suit her so well I kept the name (Crevette=Shrimp) 🙂

  50. My girl-cat got all stinky once, and as she’s in the habit of laying right under my nose I felt it prudent to give her a bath. Surprisingly, she didn’t object too strenuously. She just gave me this rather pathetic look the whole time.

  51. If I have to bathe a cat (for one or more of the many reasons listed), this is what I do: Gather up lots of towels and put them near the kitchen sink. I put a non-skid, soft plastic dish mat into the sink and make sure the sink is draining freely. Using a spray attachment on the faucet I set the water temp to what feels warm (not hot!) and adjust so that there’s not too much pressure, just enough to softly spray. I have some gentle soap (baby shampoo) at hand. I bring in the cat, lower her into the sink, and keeping the spray nozzle close to her skin, begin to wet her down. I only wash the parts that need it. When her fur is wet, add shampoo, rinse well, turn off the water, “squeege” the cat’s fur with my hand to get off as much extra water as possible, then wrap the cat in the towels and start the drying-off process. The cat is never immersed in standing water.

  52. phred's mom says:

    Trixand Sam…I, too, shudder at a similar memory with my WHITE ANGORA
    kitteh. She also was the world’s most snippy cat at best. I have just curled
    up in the corner with thumb in mouth. It was that bad. Everything had to
    be either hosed down or bandaided afterwards. Gack!!!!!!!!!!

  53. The “This is kinda nice” kitty (3rd pic) seems to be channeling a “Yoda” essence. MUCH cuter, though! 😉

  54. This cat appears to be battling an invisible…something. What is he really attacking?

  55. Mary (the first) says:

    I have an elderly medium-long-hair cat whose grooming habits have faded greatly. I found that trimming her “pantaloon” fur so it doesn’t catch klingons, helps greatly. It does have her little bum out in the breeze a bit, but it’s easier on both of us. And sometimes I have to bathe a bit, but I also don’t try to plunge her into a sink. Yikes.

  56. Mary (the first) says:

    Basically, the phrase “scared the s-youknowwhat-t outta him” is not just a phrase. It happens. And when it’s all down the back of the cat’s legs, something has to be done. Now I’m trying the googly eyed face: 😯

  57. Oddly enough, none of these photos show the reason WHY the cats were bathed. So I’m wondering how you extrapolated that they were bathed “just for fun?”

  58. 🙂 I absolutely did NOT press the “start/stop” button on the timer repeatedly after that to see if he would react (he did).

  59. Makes me think of Paula Poundstone’s bit she does about her cats lined up on the bathmat while she takes a shower. “It was ALL OVER you!”

  60. Mary (the first) (being sarcastic, I hope y'all got that) says:

    Obviously if you take a photo and send it to CO, the whole thing was staged just “for fun” (human fun, that is) and with no regard whatsoever for the cat’s comfort or pleasure. Not other possible explanation could exist.

  61. Uh, yeahhh. There’s just not enough liquor in my house to make me bathe a cat “for fun.” Usually It is “because of poop.”

  62. yeah, free drinks in the mod lounge until the storm blows over.

  63. What’s the lounge cocktail this evening, Sharpy?

  64. That thir one just melts me.

    BTW, how have we not learned, YOU DON’T LET THEM GET WET! Seriously, that’s a christmas message up there with not sticking your tongue on the frozen flagpole.

  65. *snerk*

  66. Wait, you think of “fun” and “bathe cat” belong in the same sentence? That is a really silly assumption. *gets out the tapioca launcher*

  67. (dumb tiny screen! I forgot that extra word in there! Ignore the “of” in that sentence.)

  68. Poor, poor baby kitten in picture 3. He is so tiny and I can only imagine he might have a few stowaway fleas that needed to be bathed away or needed to have feces or urine removed from his tiny body. Believe me, I am not judging…I’ve had more than my fair share of flea-ridden kitties who needed to be bathed in a pinch. Baby #5 is working it for the camera. Number one is plotting his revenge ….baby with splayed paws is gonna jump out of that tub in 3-2-1….. Kitties #4 and #6 are the very picture of indignant. They are all gonna spend the next 5 hours licking themselves dry. Love these adorable house kittens. May your lives be long, your sunbeams plentiful and your baths few.

  69. Or, as NTMTOM would say, “that organ music in the backgroud – should I be worried about that?”

  70. You don’t see THAT every day…8O

  71. Yes yes, this is known as the “sanitary cut” and it certainly helps greatly 🙂

  72. What flavor is that tapioca, Victoreia? If it’s butterscotch, lob some my way!

  73. There are such things as pet wipes which work well, also a damp cloth. No need to dunk your kitties in a bath unless you have one that loves water. o_O

  74. I grew up in the country with cows all around. Once, our longhaired grey kitty was in the wrong place at the wrong time underneath a cow. Don’t ask how. That was the only time I have ever had a cat that was almost grateful to be bathed.

  75. Alice Shortcake says:

    #6 looks like a small furry Donald Trump. I think it’s the combover.

  76. My brother-in-law once squeezed it out of the late lamented Fuzzball. Not a pretty sight.

    Actually, he didn’t really squeeze – he just picked the cat up to keep him from coming into the house during a VERY bad spell of diarrhea, and in doing so, applied a small amount of pressure. BIL really paid for that.

    Fuzzball was better by the next day but BIL wasn’t too happy for a while.

  77. Get out!

  78. As noted earlier, please make mine chocolate.

  79. snoopysnake says:

    Hoomin bather – you’re fired!

  80. well, the stock is getting a little low. some hooligans busted in here and trashed the place and they drank the bar dry. let’s see here … how about a nice cup of tea while i clean the place up a bit?

  81. Fird Birfle says:


  82. 😯 and lol!

  83. bob drummond says:

    Tea ? Nuthin’ doin ! I want my cappucino !!!

  84. P.S. Having made cookies again last night, and having repeated the experience with the timer beeping and Philo meowing, I have now come to the conclusion that he was not so much in distress, as experiencing a feline “double rainbow” moment. “The beeping…WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?”

    (so intense)

  85. Well, I was just wondering if there was some mystic photo meta-data that nuffers were privy to that the rest of us couldn’t see.

  86. Oh man, me too!

  87. I would need a turnakit (sp lol) if I attempted such a thing.

    #1 the eyes ..I would NOT FALL ASLEEP!

  88. Why’s the rum gone?!

  89. oooh! A Great Pyrenees! I have a GP pupster who does the exact same thing if you pet his tummy (here it would be washing his tummy whilst petting it). A bomb could go off and he’d maintain tummy-n-paws-up position so as not to disturb getting maximum pettings.

  90. The rum is always gone!!!

  91. Especially when you have to close your eyes to rinse the soap out of your hair!

  92. When i washed my cats because they couldnt or shouldnt do it themselves it was always an emergency and I seriously wasn’t thinking about taking pictures.

  93. Again, there’s no evidence in these photos that indicates the cats are being washed for no reason (or “for fun”). Thank you for expressing your thoughts on the matter but don’t leap to conclusions about others’ reasons for washing and photo-taking.

    *hands Frogleg a mug of soothing chamomile tea*

  94. You’ve never had a long-haired kitty with Poop Pantaloons. No pet wipe or damp cloth can take care of that. But if you insist on it, I will gladly send Mr. Poopy Panaloons to you next time he needs a clean-up. 🙂

  95. Finished product

    And the finished product is even cuter!

  96. I sympathize. Really. The giggling is only.. er.. a coping mechanism. That right. I’m coping.

  97. I’m sure adult cats under normal circumstances are self-cleaning, but when you’re a pet parent with a sick or young or feeble kitty sometimes baths have to happen. We recently took in a feral kitten and i had to go through the whole cleaning poop-fleas-kitten-formula-whatever other gunk she got herself into, and there were quite a few necessary baths. It definitely wasn’t fun for either of us, but as the foster mamacat i tried to make it as painless as possible.

  98. Sorry, all the chocolate is MINE! But Have some butterscotch…

  99. 😯 😯 😯

    Yet another reason I’ll keep mine indoors!

  100. Hmmm….I wonder why the middle 😯 didn’t show properly? *wanders off to the mod lounge…*

  101. Heh, Just recently sent a batch of Ash of the Stripey Tail submission pics, he figures you missed including him in this set on account of his gremlin like appearance. 😉

  102. Bah, forgot to include pic: :eyeroll at self:

  103. Is it me or does that last kitty look like Brendan Gleeson?

  104. These kittehs are much more tolerant of their baths than my ResQte foster kitten was.

  105. In that case I think a good shave in that general area would be recommended as a routine for hygienic purposes.

  106. Because, as we all know, mogwai/gremlins were based on cats…… 🙂

  107. OMGosh!!! Soooooo anerable…and snorglable…and fluffy! *smooch*

  108. 😯 😯 😯


  109. Humbly presented–
    Result of test: Space 3 times between the symbol set for each emoticon. (I read somewhere that the computer doesn’t recognize the codes when the symbols are too close together.)

  110. 😯 Oh, man 😯 Poor kitty 😯 I also grew up on a farm with cows and cats, NerdyHill 😀 One time I saw a cat sitting on the back of a cow 😀 Kitty was warm and I think the cow appreciated the warmth 😀 Other than that, our cats avoided being under a cow just in case like that stinky event happened to your poor kitty.

  111. 😆 I would just love to see the “after the bath” picture on that one 😆

  112. Philo sounds like a cutie! I wish my Cali was like that, she is just content to look at me while I’m running around in the kitchen.

  113. I know what you mean,i had many long haired cats and oh boy when they go,they go….