As Long As I Get to Keep the Dust Mice

They use my tail for dusting those hard to reach places. I don’t mind but whew I wish they would lay off the furniture polish.

A little mouse keeping never hurt anybody, Chief Sister Officer!


  1. Talk about modesty tail.

  2. The completely immodest placement of the feet, combined with the “nobody is seeing nothing!” tail and fierce glare–this kitty is sending some serious mixed messages.

  3. The Original Jane says:

    Maybe kitty was bathing and quickly repositioned the tail before the picture was taken. “How dare you?! Hmmf. If this shows up on the internet you are in serious trouble!”

  4. Cats don’t reposition their tails to hide their bits, it’s usually that you’re getting the camera ready to take their picture that they start cleaning parts that you really don’t want a photo of.

  5. The Original Jane says:

    You’ll find a lot of posts on C.O. are attempts at humor, not necessarily factual. ;)

  6. The Original Jane says:

    Okay….you have visiting nuns? Now this is getting interesting.

  7. “Attempts”? :P

  8. The Original Jane says:

    Well, sometimes I think my posts are humorous but I was giving the benefit of the doubt to those who don’t share the same sense of humor. ;)

  9. Oh I thought it was humourous, just that must be the only cat worried about modesty! I did laugh :) My Jasper is the type to plop down in front of a visiting nun and display all he’s got with a bit of cleaning there to boot ;-)

  10. I have an aunt who’s a nun, and even I don’t have visiting nuns!

  11. oh dear! the more i look at that the more i get tickled!! lol

  12. Me too–what a funny picture!

    If the kitty’s pupils were dilated, I’d assume that s/he was about to go into frenzied running around the room. However, since those pupils are quite small, I conclude that the kitty is merely peeved.

  13. Oh, I think this has caught an early-stage frenzy. I think the eyes are about to go black with wack. ;)

  14. The Original Jane says:

    “Black with Wack” the follow up album from AC/DC!

  15. Tee hee

  16. *crunchy guitar riff*

  17. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Also, my tail really hurts… (does anyone remember *that*?)

  18. I do!! A classic NOMTOM post. I sometimes look it up whenever I’m in need of a good chuckle. :D

  19. I don’t remember! What was it?

  20. ah, praise the goddess: i so adore NOMTOM. my lifetime love…i suppose i shall have to propose again. no answer last time.

    MIKE, PUHLEEEEESE…with a man like you, who needs TV?

  21. Ah, yes! Thank you for reminding me.

  22. It was the snow leopard, no?

  23. bookmonstercats says:

    My first thought was “You are a very handsome kitty, with your tabby Zorro mask, but you ain’t no snow leopard.” ;)

  24. Kari Callin says:

    The TAIL! Good for: balance, displaying one’s mood, and the upgradeable model’s are useable as a head rest! Get your upgrade today!

  25. i so want a tail…

  26. Deep, dark secret, secretly shared: I have always wanted a tail. Think how much fun it would be. You could lash it when you’re annoyed, curl it around yourself when you’re content, trip your friends (as a joke) and enemies (they probably deserve it), lick it when you’re bored or to get rid of those endless talkers who say nothing. You could flick just the tip for emphasis, and, when you go to sleep, you could warm your nose if the room is cold. Ahhhhhhh. That, and being able to purr would be the cat’s meow, dontcha think?

  27. There are all kinds of tails, though. You might have one like this;

    Or this:

    Or this!

  28. you, know, that last one is absolutely lovely. the text especially..

  29. Alice Shortcake says:

    One word, Angel: ‘Avatar’!

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    Why/how is it that everyone on the internets has better / cleaner furniture/ house than I have? WHY!?? *baroooo* .. And cute kitteh also, although no cuter than mine.

  31. Human said “bite your tongue” but kitty heard “bite your tail”. There will be retribution and it won’t be pretty.

  32. Kitteh looks like Bette Davis, resting her chin on one velvet-gloved hand.

  33. kibblenibble says:

    This kitteh has the “Don’t laugh at me” expresh they get when you are stifling a laugh because they look inadvertently undignified.

  34. and then they do a long elegant grooming as if to say ‘i always do this, dignity plays no part in this. do not mistake this for anything inadvertant…

  35. Looks like some kind of kitty yoga to me.

  36. Up dog half lotus

  37. Airplane ears! VROOOM!

  38. emmberrann says:

    At first, I thought Kitty was nomming his tailio, but then a closer look shows the typical cat facial expression of “if this shows up on the internet, you better check your shoes before put your feet in them!” My guess is kitty iis less than pleased with this pose, ya think? )

  39. :lol: And a smart cat owner would make sure said picture NEVER shows up on the internet :lol:

  40. wannadance says:

    this is SUCH a funny pic. i love the feet balancing, the look of what could only be called fierce modesty…

    i try to catch jasmine in an immodest pose so i can check quickly for interlopers. she has immensely dense fur so hard to do. even harder because she senses my peeping, assumes a military attention pose and shoots me a truly terrifying look which says ‘you are a horrible person, go write that one hundred times in your notebook.’
    sigh. oh, okay…

  41. The Original Jane says:

    Reminds me of when my cat started coming home daily with baby slugs all stuck in his thick belly fur. I used the brush to get them out and he loved it (since he was getting brushed). Eventually the vet said keep him inside for a week so he forgets wherever it is he’s going and picking up the slugs on his belly. Miserable week indoors but it worked, he didn’t go back to that spot.

    So, what interlopers are you looking for?

  42. interlopers, attempt to be dainty: similar to slugs, much smaller, located further south on cat and usually exiting from what one could call the exit. trick is, have to pull tail up, look quick, never quickly enough. jasmine protective re: her tail, evidently indifferent towards interlopers.

    slugs on belly? ye gods…quiver… so cat demanded, yearned, complained?


  43. The Original Jane says:

    Worms? Yuck! Jasmine needs some medicine.

    And yes, the baby slugs were gross, I used tissues to pull them off and then brushed him. I think we first noticed when he was walking/acting weird like “something doesn’t feel right”…checking his own belly, etc. Kind of a bemused “how did this happen to me, WHAT is happening to me?”

    So then we checked and found them. All I can think is that he found a woodpile or somewhere comfy to lie down and check out someone’s yard and it happened to be a slug nursery.

    That was years ago and he is no longer with us.

  44. oh, you know, the usual: aliens from Rigel; Bigfoot; the odd vampire hiding from the sun’s ray, etc.

  45. 8O
    That’s one floooofffyyy cat you got there!

  46. *snerk*

  47. I thought it was possibly a variant of the “OMG, did I leave the oven on?” look myself.

  48. Omg, that cat looks SO much like my Fjodor (who incidentally also does a lot of weird stuff):
    Meet Fjodor!

  49. So handsome! How do you pronounce that name?

  50. It’s the Swedish spelling of Fyodor (like Dostoyevsky). :)

  51. I love the paw-out-the-hole-in-the-bag-and-snagged-the-pony-holder one.
    Great photo!

  52. He’s adorable, Gryt.

  53. Aww, my late grandmother gave me a T-shirt which read “I Don’t Do Mouse Keeping,” with a rather snooty-looking cat face on it. :) I still have it somewhere.

  54. That’s my philosophy!

  55. Great pose!! It always amazes me that peeps are able to catch those magical moments on camera. I try, but the subject seems to sense my intentions …

  56. Yeah, mine tend to get into redonkulously adorable positions and then just as I am raising the camera they move. Damn cats.

  57. yoga?

  58. “Mousekeeping” is what they call Housekeeping in Disney resort hotels. They left a towel mouse on my bed!

  59. The Original Jane says:

    I was waiting for this. From a fellow disney lover.


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