Just Another Video of a Dog Chasing Cars

They say that some people just go to NASCAR races hoping to see a crash. Not us, though; we’re in it to see the frantic dog attacks.



  1. I’m seriously considering buying one of these to entertain my kitten!

  2. Poor confused goggie

  3. Its funny until puppers actually stops a car and then its “Bad dog!”.

    Whats a poor, puppy to do?

  4. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Near th end of the video I started counting down the cars that were left. They probably all got eaten at some point, after they stopped recording.

  5. Good way to burn off all the treats he got for Christmas.

  6. Is that a bottle of carpet cleaner behind the pup?

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    ditto from me.

  8. That is going to be one tired puppers.

  9. Same old story, the dog never knows what to do with the car after catching it.

  10. I kind of hope the dog sneaks downstairs in the night and stashes all the cars behind the couch. That’s all.

  11. Endless fun for everyone!

    (The kid was loudly protesting, something oft-heard among siblings–I’m not worried.)

  12. I want to get one of these to keep my little tubby dog in shape. Burn off all those Christmas calories :]

  13. Road rage.

  14. Dooogggzillaa…..aaaahhhhhaaa lol.

  15. Dog being dog.

  16. ..and I thought laser pointers were fun 🙂