THIS JUST IN: Honk-shuing Polar Bear

Born last month at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Copenhagen, little Siku (it means “sea ice”) wasn’t getting enough milk from his mother, so keepers are giving him 24-hour care until he’s big enough to rejoin the family (contrary to the video’s title, he’s not an orphan). Listen closely for some classic honk-shuu action!

Also, check out the photo gallery at the Chicago Sun-Times.



  1. Gimme-gimme-gimme *grabie hands* I just want to cuddle that wee little bear for a few minutes. He needs a teddy bear to snuggle up with while he’s snoozzzing.

  2. Oh my, that was just so much fuzzy bear. What a way to start the day! 🙂

  3. I thought the tongue action alone was redonk, and the he’s sucking on the finger! Ultra cute.

  4. This has keeled me. I am ded.

  5. omg the belleh!! the str-eeee-tch !! the rolling around!! what i would give to plant my face right in that furry little neck!

  6. cellarmouse says:

    finally…i just kept thinkin’ give the baby a binkie…and maybe a sheepskin instead of a floormat…

  7. Oh, GET OUT! *Elaine Benes shove*

  8. That is one adorably ruint baby bear.

  9. so so sweet and cuddlesome.
    but in 2 years, he’ll be eating seals.

  10. wannadance says:

    love that his movements are just like any kind of baby: human, dog, cat, etc. i mean my daughter did all that when she was within me and also out, all you mommas or blessed animal raiser-uppers will recognize it.

    this baby has kind of a rectangular little tongue. don’t recall that p art…

  11. wannadance says:

    LOL, shouldn’t laugh but very funny. a true cynic in our midst…

  12. O.k. how did that guy in the video keep his face out of that belleh ??????

  13. You don’t know what happened 30 seconds after they turned the camera off…

  14. That man clearly belongs in the Men of Cute Overload calendar!

  15. I just checked and there is no bebbeh polar bear on my dining room table. Life is so unfair! *pout*

    On the other hand, how lovely that we all get to share in the joy of this video. What on earth did we do before the interwebs were invented???

  16. We had to cut down trees, spray ink all over them into patterns of static images or mutually agreed on symbols that describe in second hand account of what happened.

  17. I saw this yesterday and I’m still cleaning my brain bits from the walls.

  18. It’s not in Copenhagen. It’s outside an itty bitty town called Kolind. Copenhagen is just the capital of Denmark, where Kolind also happens to be.

    Cute polar cub though. It’s on the news a lot here ^.^

  19. This is much, much more cute than human beings can bear. I am not able to go on living after viewing this. Will someone volunteer to take care of my cats?

  20. I NEEEED to snorgle that bebeh bear belleh!!!!!

  21. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    OMG that suckling sound. That would soothe my sleep any night.


  23. Mary (the first) says:

    I will.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Not enough milk? That bebeh is so roly-poly he almost roly-ed off the table!!
    On another note, I wish I had a nice man with interesting accent tickling me to sleep.. *sigh*

  25. I for one find our future “godless killing machine” (not my words, Colbert’s) utterly adorable and irresistible.

  26. Is that Danish?

  27. TUMMEH!

  28. My thoughts exachary!

  29. You can just hear the ehn, ehn, ehn (or maybe my ‘magination is makin the sound) as the bebeh tries to roll over, but that snorgible belleh is just in the way.

  30. For now…

  31. (speaking from the beyond) Thank you, Mary! You’ll find them pretty easy to care for. I left all my money on the dining room table for food and litter.

  32. Translation:
    “What’s up, you wanna lie on your stomach again?”
    “I should have never let you in, it’s gonna go all bad [meant in a lovely way when Siku is sleeping on his stomach, as if the man thinks it’s too cosy for both of them]”.
    “Aarh, no reason to fall down now” as Siku almost rolls off table.
    And, as the man scratches Sikus tummy, almost whispering: “That’s nice right, yes, very nice”

  33. Fleurdamour says:

    Bear-hanced bare handed bear handler!

  34. The tongue! The tocks! The belleh! The stretch! The handsome hands! Oh. Wait. My attention wandered a bit there.

  35. YES!!!! x1000!!!!!

  36. Don’t we all? *sighing in sympathy*


  38. OMG he looks like an adorable abominable snow-monster!
    That I want to squeeze!

  39. Wouldn’t it be really awesome if it could be determined that this baby was in fact the reincarnation of Knut?

  40. Adorminable?

  41. Agree!

  42. Skippymom is actually hanging out drinking mulled wine in the Mod Lounge.

  43. Knut, barooooooooo! 😥

  44. Totally understandable, Juno. My thoughts travelled along exactly those same lines.

  45. Oh, she changed from the gin? *runs away, grinning*

  46. baileysgrandmom says:

    Him sounds like a Polar Bear Motor Boat…

  47. Hmmmm;……..Mebbee he Will be eating seals in two years………
    But he is just doing what God created him to do: being the best little polar bear he can;
    (Wish I could say the same: that I am being the bestest Hyuoomin Bein that I can……
    Just seem to fall short sometimes…….Oh well; just gotta keep on trying…..!) 🙄

  48. Abdominable.

  49. (some of the guys here might not want that)

  50. You win.

  51. I. Want. That. Job.

    Will work for free ! Will pay to do eet !

  52. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. all the stress of the holiday season just ebbed awaaaaay.


    thank you CO and merry chrihtmaht!

  53. What, no, a-ha is from Norway 🙂

  54. has anyone else clicked on the snowflake in the bar under the video? Cute effect!

  55. I was marvelling at the self control, that he didn’t at least rub it!!! Such a round wittle belly welly!

  56. I so hear you, cheshirekettehkat. Although, sometimes, rather than short, I seem to fall flat on my face. Darn temper!! I just keep working on it, and try to celebrate the small improvements that I make. *sigh*

  57. It’s actually mulled gin.

  58. I love it when critters sleep with the tip of their tongue sticking out; I don’t know why, it just looks so cute to me! Such a sweet little bear!

  59. He’s wearing his own fur onsie so he’s probably warm enough but yes, a binkie would be good….

  60. yes! Thanks for letting us know. Didn’t even notice it the first time. Nice effect indeed.

  61. *unbecoming touchdown dance*

  62. I have never wanted to poke anything more in my entire life.

  63. Nice job, CuteOverload. Kill me right before Christmas! 😉

  64. Oh my gosh! That belleh – snorgle time! Sooo adorable !

  65. ROFLMAO! Too truw Skippymom TOO True

  66. LMAO!!!!! 😀

  67. Thank you, sincerely, for the translation. 🙂

  68. First thing I thought was OMGPBB. (omg polar bear belly)

  69. Oh my word! I had a very stress-day today, and coming home and seeing the adorable li’l bear bein’ all cute and kid-like really helped me relax! Thank you, C.O.!

  70. Mischief Girl says:

    Hands down, that was the cutest item of the year! Adorubls…I am killed dead with the cuteness factor. MADE MY DAY!

    Now, how do I re-do my entire life so I can get a job like that?

  71. The “honk-shuu” with the TONGUE sticking out! Kilt me ded! *collapses*

  72. We were all so cute when we were small…

  73. in our polar bear jamoots…

  74. Little Siku *should* have snowflakes — he IS a polar bear after all. Plus he just wanted to catch some on his lovely little rectangular tongue!

  75. MASSIVE bonus tongue ACTION.
    Hope I get one under the tree. I miss Knut.

  76. ALL the YouTube vids have that now. I have made it snow on LOLcats and on Handel’s Messiah. 😛

  77. Jamoots?

  78. I remember that sound from the famous Klondike and Snow videos. They make that sound to comfort themselves, is what I recall from the video.

  79. What a cute little tummy, it makes you want to rub and tickle it and just hug the baby WHAT A CUTIE!

  80. Martha in Washington says:

    Any man who would give a polar bear a back rub clearly belongs in the calendar!

  81. bob drummond says:

    I can hardly wait ! But enjoy the little guy while he is still sweet and innocent !!

  82. bob drummond says:

    That’s absolutely true, Skippy, WE DON’T WANT THAT !!!!

  83. bob drummond says:

    HAS ANYONE NOTICED ? In the opening picture he looks like he’s Break Dancing !!

  84. Ahahahaha!! When the cub looked like he was about to roll off the table, I had a flashback to trying to keep my daughter from rolling off of the changing table and the sort. Oh, good times.

  85. Fird Birfle says:
  86. Fird Birfle says:


  87. Fird Birfle says:


  88. Fird Birfle says:

    hauls out the Hello Kitty Defibrillatorthingamajig and the mop.

  89. Fird Birfle says:

    I have no doubts, that YOU were cute. ME?? see the below.
    (Note: the image pretty nearly fills your screen, so be prepared !!!!)

  90. I second Rumi’s thanks.

  91. Oh man! I was thinking the same thing. RIP, Knutling. Welcome to the world, Siku.

  92. I know, that cute little tummy…so needs some scratching.. etc.

  93. Exactly!!! Snorgle snorgle.

  94. My thoughts exactly!

  95. i want one for christmas and one for every holiday- ummmmmmm

  96. Forever! One of the things I love most about Polar Bears is that they are so frakin’ cute yet at the same time they are one of the most dangerous animals (to humans) on the planet. Love love love ’em!

  97. All part of the friendly service! 😀

  98. DaytimeDeb says:

    Going to sleep now, and hoping that Santa leaves me a cute little Polar Bear under the tree…or on my dining table… whatever. I know my cats will be pissed that I let the Polar Bear up on the table, but OMG DIDYOUSEEHOWCUTEHEIS????

  99. Several points need to be made: 1. The only reason this video was made was so that those people could show off to the world their cool job & make everyone jealous. I hate them!
    2.On the other hand (excuse the pun) I want to see who the nice looking hands belong to! I am torn people, torn!
    3. How can something so cute be on earth and their still be this many people on the planet. Surely at least a billion person’s brains have exploded since this vid was posted.

  100. Teh most cuteful creature alive.
    And the ‘tocks! Oh I die from teh cute

  101. heads on over to the mod lounge…gin or wine 🙂 I’m down. And maybe I’ll find a cute polar bear on my way there?

  102. I have officially died from cuteness overload. I hope you’re happy C.O.

  103. 😯

  104. Look at that belly . . . .just made for scratchin’ . . . if it weren’t for his little limbs, he’d roll right off the table like a hamster ball . . . so cute . . .my Christmas is complete

  105. Here’s the webpage of the Skandinavisk Dyrepark, with more photos and a video of Siku being fed:
    I like the very last scene, where the man scratches Siku behind the ear…

  106. Oh, Siku is so adorable! How I wish that Knut was still here ;( By the way, have you heard about the tiny polar bear cub that’s born here in Finland? I do not know yet whether it is a boy or a girl, and it is so young and vulnerable that we should really hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed that we could see a great survival ❤ check it out!

  107. Siku made the Today show! December 27th, with the face belonging to those hands.

    I think we need a new tag–TV Stars.

  108. Fleurdamour says:

    On a more serious note – this is why we should care about global warming. These guys live at ground zero for climate issues, and it’s getting worse. They’re going to go extinct if their habitat continues to deteriorate.