Uke Tide Carols

And now, everyone’s favorite Japanese-ukelele-playing-bunny-puppy-puppet-duo, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE CHRISTMAS HITS of U-900! [Kermit-like arm frantically waving in an introduction-like fashion]

Sleigh Ride

Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Silent Night

Jingle Bells

Walk, Don’t Run and Diamond Head are other faves. Don’t miss ’em!



  1. Sits at desk… confused and befuddled yet happy with that Awww Ute comment on my lips… also Sori Sori Sube Sube… Merry Christmas (Wink Wink) 🙂

  2. :8O:

  3. ?? color me confused ??

  4. Jingurl bale, jingurl bale, jingurl alll da way! Hey!

  5. Hmmm I’ve pulled out my giant box of crayolas but I don’t see that one??

  6. Well, THAT’S time I will never get back.

  7. I think that’s a bear, not a puppy….

  8. Too funny! Happy holidays, peeps!

  9. lololol

  10. Sorry that your life got a little cuter with their vids.

  11. ditto…. this site is about cuteness….. that was not cute.

  12. These are adorable! Thanks for posting them, it really gets the Christmas going.

    It seems there are a lot of stuffy, uptight types on C.O. today, doesn’t it? It’s nice to see what becomes of the middle school hallway monitors when they get a few wrinkles.

  13. WhUt?!! OMG I thought it was adorable!! It reminded me of something out of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. Or this awesome video of Happy Bus Day:

    I gotta give props to any non-English speaking person emulating an English song! Rock on little crocheted critters!

  14. I think they are adorbs. Silent Night reminds me of a crocheted Rankin Bass cartoon 😀

  15. Dr. Emile Schoeffhausen says:

    What the what, Liz Lemon?

  16. Enoshima or Bust!

  17. Nice George Benson Breezin’ Jingle Bells mashup!

  18. Encore presentayshons here. I remember loving this so much the first time around, I bought their xmas cd. Love it!

  19. Some peeps just don’t do kawaii. I get a lot of weird looks when people see the Totoro! print hanging in my hall.

  20. We fink dis qter…..

  21. By the Hammer of Thor!

  22. These are sooooo cute! I love the grumpy bear and perky bunny!! I feel a little guilty… feeling a little embarrassed – but to Americans, well, maybe the color combination of the bunny with the big pink lips is a little insensitive – we have an embarrassing history of offensive cartoon characters….Poor little bunny! maybe he should be pink? I still love them though!!!

  23. Francesca D. says:

    wait what is this???

  24. Francesca D. says:

    not rlly this was just boring. ugh it kinda burned to hear it no offense. come on cute overload. this is the only thing ive ever been disappointed with.

  25. Francesca D. says:

    i agree, if i understand u correctly.

  26. Zzzz!

  27. …..When I read uke+japanese+cute, this is not what my mind came up with. I can’t be the only one….