On the Ninth Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Nine pups a-pondering!

Well, are you going to finish that sandwich, carterse?
Here’s the rest of the canon!



  1. Gah! I want to live there! I think those 9 puppers would get along fine with my 10 kittehs, don’t you???

  2. Looks like some kind of dog intervention.

    “Rover, we’d like to tell you how your sock-eating addiction affects US.”

  3. Think of the stampeede if that sandwich is droped!!

  4. wow… that little one down in the bottom corner is giving some serious stinkeye!
    and! And!
    The entire back row is sporting lovely eyebrow dots!!

    heading out soon to start the visiting, so for y’all who are traveling for the holidays:
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight!


  6. Pinkies & The Brain…nuff said!

  7. And there were in the same corner, shepherds a a-hiding at the heel, keeping watch over your ‘tocks by night.

  8. cellarmouse says:

    well, i can see why they had to put the li’l pink bandanna on that one so they could tell her apart…

  9. bob drummond says:

    Nine wow-wows in one place , you’ll need a pretty big “pooper Scooper ” !!
    Or have a cat walk onto the scene uninvited and watch the fun begin !!! Kitty will B running for her life and Nine crazed dogs will be giving chase !!!!

  10. Good thing it wasn’t “Nine pups a-pooping….”

  11. That poor right-front doggy looks particularly pathetic.

  12. They could form a synchronized pooping team. I would love to see that!
    I am three years old.

  13. It would be something to see…all those herding dogs trying to keep your kittehs in line. :mrgreen:

  14. I’m right with ya, s-mom. I think poop jokes are hilarious. 🙂
    Probably be/c with cleaning up as much poop as I do, ya gotta laugh, or cry…

  15. 🙂

  16. I’m not too sure about the little one with the peenk scarf. That one looks like trubble to me.

  17. stubble trubble

  18. Cutemas is my new favorite holiday.

  19. CO needs more poop. Let’s start a movement.

  20. All. Those. Herding. Dogs. 😯

    Mom could have used them when she was teaching 2nd grade.

  21. Smell it, not so much. 😳

  22. His expression is a lot like the “The maple kind? Yeah? Yeah? OOOOOH, no, you’re kidding me!” doggie.

  23. NICE!

  24. Beautiful babies!!!!!
    (You must have a huge backyard!)

  25. Bwah! (I see what you did there.)

  26. Ba-dum-bum.


  27. Oakie you make me smile so many times .. I have now lost count.. This being… well one of those times! 😀

  28. “You’re probably wondering why I asked you all here today…”

  29. How’d they do that? Either these are some well-behaved pups OR they waited til they all had to go potty and made them wait by the door.

  30. ♪♫♪Two of these things are not like the others .. ♪♫♪ two of these things don’t belong.. ♪♫♪ can you guess which two are not like the others, ♪♫♪ now before I finish my song?♪♫♪♫

  31. Awkward family photo? The pup on the bottom right looks like the crazy uncle.

  32. I didn’t see what I did until after I did it.

  33. LisaLassie says:

    The seven herding dogs are recognizable. But it looks like the casting agent ran out of them and thought: “It’s just impossible to round up 9Australian Shepherds this close to Christmas. I’ve got seven ,and after those seven nobody looking at it will notice the breed of the little non-union cutie who just happened to be in the waiting room. I’ll camouflage it with a pink bandana, trim the ears, and Yes! Then by the time they get to the old timer on the lower right, well….let’s just hope they even think he’s a dog.”

  34. Brilliant!

  35. NONE of you are coming into the Mod Lounge today. 😯

  36. Imagine if they have a teenage daughter?The boyfriend would have to try and get past these dogs.lol.

    Somewhere in the world a father is silently thinking of having 9 dogs.

  37. cellarmouse says:
  38. Oh, yeah, Theresa? CUCUMBER!!!

  39. HA! I just defied Theresa, but she doesn’t know it yet!

  40. *Hurling thunderbolts*

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    Maybe they’re all pondering why the little one gets a cute pink bandanna, and none of the rest of them do. And she looks so grumpy! Why is that being rewarded with a bandanna?? What did we do wrong, Mom? We want bandannas too! baroooo!!

  42. Picking up thunderbolt, using it to stir drink.

  43. I think Pinky just came from the groomer. S/he is all “I don’t care if you ARE all bigger than me, I’M the FABulous one.”

  44. Baaahhhahaha !!
    LOVE eet!

    Why yes, I’m drinking at the airport… aren’t you??
    What? Poop jokes are hilarious !

  45. Wow, ‘poop’ isn’t a trigger word? Fantastic!

  46. The others might be pondering, but the pink bandana on the left has it all planned out. Napoleon was on the petite side too,and we all know what he was about.

  47. So, that drink-stirring thing – how does that affect the flavor of the drink? Just curious…back in my young and innocent TV-watching days, they used a hot poker to stir drinks on “Daniel Boone”. I always wondered what that did. (yay Fess Parker!)

  48. well hello, skippymom! are you in the mood for a frosty beverage or were you thinking something warm and yummy?

  49. My brother’s family was owned by an Aussie shepherd when my niece was a baby. Any time any group of humans (even just one adult with a stroller) would take him along on a walk, _everybody_always_ stayed with their group. Cu (short for Cú Chulainn, after the Irish legend – ‘Cu’ means ‘hound’ or ‘dog’ and my brother would bleed green) was great at herding humans…

    In later years, patient Cu contributed some of his white chest fur (he looked pretty much like the next to last on the right, but with blue eyes like the left-most…) so that the same niece could do a school presentation as Mark Twain, complete with bubble-gum cigar and dog-hair mustache, and an ‘ice cream suit’ of her grandmother’s wedding jacket and some white jeans…

  50. Do, you, by chance, have a photo of your niece in this costume?

  51. I was thinking Pinky looked a bit … um, perturbed? It’s tough being the shortest in the bunch, you know!

  52. Skippymom, you never fail to crack me up.

  53. Why, thanks, Nikki.
    I’m having a hot buttered gin and some lovely Marmite canapes. Care to join me?

  54. The two little ones in the front are Mom and Dad and they are trying to figure out why their kids are all so BIG!

  55. cellarmouse says:

    oh…oh…i just got it…the one in the five funniest you-tubes…my next favorite miserable good dog after the cupcake fella learning from the brit dominatrix…

  56. That is a great name! Are you familiar with the song “The Sick Bed of Cu Chulainn” by The Pogues?

    I would imagine that someone in this household of herding dogs would not so much walk anywhere as be borne gently along on a tide of dogs.

  57. And blue-eyed goggie has a genuine look of concern. 🙂

  58. That made me make snorty noises out my nose.

    How did they get all those pups to sit in one place and be still long enough to take the photo? Well-trained pups!

  59. Well, now that you mention it, they DON’T look much like their fa…. ummm, that is to say, ahhhh, its probably nutritional.

  60. Fird Birfle says:

    DON’t I know that. However, might I mention the followingk??
    A very very amusingk professor of mine, once made the Gabriel-Iglesias-y
    (before Gabriel Iglesias had been doing television) comment, that I could
    consider myself not so much SHORT, as “closer to the sidewalk” 🙂

    I can’t come up with any reason why that could be a Bad Thing
    (unless one were a slither critter and a semi-truck were advancing) so
    I have rather adopted it. I share it here with you in case you might also
    enjoy it; you and I seem sometimes to appreciate l’un l’autre’s funny bones!!!!

  61. Fird Birfle says:

    particularly well worded , KA 🙂

  62. Fird Birfle says:

    @ skippy: erm …. on this occasion, while I nearly always find myself
    enjoying your logique and humor …..erm….well, see……
    “Here’s the thing ….” 😯

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    I know I AM. 🙂

  64. Skippymom, I’m surprised that you’re having buttered gin–by the direction of this particular thread, I just assumed you’d be sipping hot chocolate. 🙂 Silly me.

    And why yes, I think we should have a little holiday celebration in the Mod Lounge…

  65. STAINS! The blue-eyed fella up above looks like him.

  66. There’s a family of cats on my block– well, the hoomin took in the petite mom when she was pregnant. She had four kittens, who grew up to be these huge sprawling blobs of blorp. 😉 She remained a dainty little kitten-ish looking gal, surrounded by these big galloots who were each several times her size.

  67. I think the one in the back row, third from the right, is in on the joke – that sly smile!

  68. Thanks for all the laffs, not to mention the fist, Oakley. You have enhanced my whole year. Hope you have a very wonderful holiday and all the other CO peeps as well. Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!!

  69. Imeant “fish” of course, not “fist”. Can type and drink at the same time I guess,

  70. Goodness! Dinnertime must be a challenge with the looks these dogs can pull off. beautiful and technically challenging photo!

  71. I do sometimes shake my fist at my computer screen, but only when Pyrit has grabbed all the best puns. 😉 Hope you enjoyed that drinkie and a very Merry Christmas to you too, arv9y!

  72. “HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, with members of the Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry…….”

  73. LisaLassie: Tears.Spouting.From.Eyes!!! Laughed so damn hard.

    Thanks for getting my endolphins hopping!

  74. Me too, my friend. But you know, it really lasts ALL YEAR!

  75. They would. They have 4 kitties of their own.

  76. That is Sophie and you have a good eye. She is indeed trouble and bosses them all.