On the Eighth Day of Cutemas,

My ewe lof gave to me: Eight babes a-milking!

Fleece Navidad to Trish V., who explains this is a “homemade ‘lambateria’ made by my sister’s husband in New Zealand. They are all orphan lambs.”



  1. Lambateria? You keel me, CO!!!!!

  2. and baby orphan lambies! /swoon/

  3. Jumpin’ cats, Claude, the kids are all drinking Sprite! They’re gonna be bouncing off the walls all night!

  4. Sprite’s caffeine-free, they’ll be fine. :P

  5. We don’t know what’s really in those bottles. Could be gin. They could all be getting totally lambinated.

  6. If it’s gin, there’s a good chance these cuties are going to get sheepfaced…

  7. three sheeps to the wind?

  8. Well, at least they should sleep through the night, then, and I can get the goldurned presents wrapped. :P

  9. Gin-raised lamb is the best.

  10. Bah bah bad puns!!! :lol:

  11. I don’t dare confirm that it’s the eighth day, or I’ll fall asleep.

  12. *snerk*
    good one TUM

  13. Lambateria! Now with eight times the cuteness!

  14. Fleece Navidad?! Good heavens, the punnitude!

    (Also, where does one acquire such a setup? If one purchases and/or builds a lambateria, are the lambies in the price? Is there a kit at Home Depot?)

  15. Well, I’d say try Woolworths, but I’d be dating myself.

  16. Spelling mom says:

    haha my first thought to that phrase is, “well, I have to date myself, no one else will”.

  17. *giggle*

  18. *snerk*

  19. TrixandSam says:

    Maybe Woolgreen’s then? Or Woolmart?

  20. I MISS Woolworths! I lived in walking distance of one, growing up. It was amazing. So much better than the big box stores now. Plus you could get egg creams there.

  21. Me, too! Our local one has been gone for more than a decade, but it still doesn’t seem quite like Christmas anymore without spending a day shopping there and then getting ice cream at the soda fountain!

  22. Only one decade? I thought they’d been gone longer than that. (Like, two….)

    Soda fountains…. *sigh*

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, at the counter with the red stools!

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    and I gotta love my Nana quoting their marketing line from probably, before
    *I* was born (which is approximately 150 yrs ago) ….

    “Woolworth’s. It’s wool-worth the money !!”
    (even more appropos under this particular photo, today than it would
    generally be …. :)

  25. A lambateria! No, seriously, a lambateria! So cute! So functional…

  26. This is the best thing EVER. I’m waiting for several batches of raw wool to come in for washing, spinning, dyeing, and knitting to my heart’s content, so I approve of anything that brings more sheep into the world. Especially when it’s this cute!

  27. :lol: I was waiting for the partridge to pup up somwhere but your hovertext is simply inspired! You outdid yourself Pyrit. BRAVO!

  28. Myself, I was thinking that they are “milking” this song for all it’s worth.
    *cringes off before reeealllly long cane reaches in to grab me*

  29. i don’t think lambs should drink soda.

    i’m KIDDING!!! i know it’s seltzer water.

    i’m KIDDING!!! I KNOW its meeelk.

  30. The soda gives them extra sproing.

  31. Well, naturally!

  32. kibblenibble says:

    When I was a very little girl, we had a set-up something like this for some motherless calves…a “calf-a-teria,” I kid you not. I loved the calves so much, I begged to feed one of them. So my parents let me hold the bottle while he was drinking. I had to lean backwards with all my weight to counter-balance his vigorous sucklingks, and when he was all finished, he let go without warning, and I went flying backward and landed on my bottom.

  33. That’s a fabulous story! What a great memory for you to share with us. *hug*

  34. lol, great story! thanks for sharing. :)

  35. It’s a meelk bar. So cute I just can’t stand it!

  36. Full of baaaaasomeness, this is! The looks like a two headed lamb on the top left, then the two on the right crossing haids to drink, plus lambs, people, lambs!
    But, where’s Bea?! ;-)


  38. Fird Birfle says:


    And, in a related Story (“who’s cute???”):

  39. Check out the tail-waggage on the lambikin in the lower left! I luf them all, but THAT one I want to bring home and turn out in my back yard to keep the grass short and my spinning wheel full.

  40. good eye!

  41. Soooooooo cute. Spent a year in NZ, part of it on a sheep farm and I can tell you that getting up at 5am to bottle feed lambs does wear thin after a while….

    …nah….who am I trying to kid…it was always fab.

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    I need one of those, I really do. Because, supposedly, I “had” one, and yet I don’t currently have one. So clearly, I need a replacement.

  43. Good one, Mary!!

  44. Why are they orphans???

  45. Can be lots of reasons. New Zealand’s spring weather can be pretty raucous and when we were kids we were often sent out to walk the farm after storms and look for any lost lambs. They sometimes get separated from their mothers, or the ewe has two but can only look after one, or she dies. Sometimes if a lamb looked smaller than its cohort we would take it back as well, just to feed it up.

  46. (runs out to buy sprite to attract lambies)

  47. Now this is what I call a true “genius bar.” To think someone imagined this just for the lambies and then built it, well, that’s too awesome for words. Makes the heart swell a bit.

  48. Look at the little tailio on the left! :)


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