Congratulations, Fuku, you won!

As of Monday, 10PM PST, the clear winner in the Holiday Hat-Off is none other than famous kitten Meme’s father  兄:スコのふ (Also know as Fuku) from the author 飼い主の hana by photographer 同居人@桜子.

Congratulations, Fuku!

[Who me!?!]

You won. You may take a bow:


See more of the famous Meme and Fuku here! And of course on The FaceBooks and Twitt-ta-ru. Hai!


  1. Cats Rule….

  2. FUKU!!!!!! You rule!
    (for the moment)

  3. I thought Fuku was Meme’s Uncle?

  4. What a cutie! Notice they didn’t try to dress the two calicos…. calicos are, by nature, “feisty”!

  5. Well there are always exception to the rule, my Penny (see my avatar) is a very laid back kitty cat. I can pretty much do anything to her, kiss her, mess with her fur, rub her face, hug her like a teddy bear, I can do anything except cut her claws that is, then she turns into a hell cat on wheels!!

  6. AWW :D I would just love to see a picture of you holding your dear sweet kitty, Penny, Gigi :D

  7. I have never yet tried to put clothes on my calico, Chloe Zoe, but I suspect she might be okay with it as she is my total teddy bear lovebunny. Maybe I’ll get her a dress for Christmas.

  8. We’ll need pictures of that, please!!

  9. Is the lady on the right, the grown-up Meme?

  10. yes it looks like her, she has the same markings on her darling little face

  11. The video in the April postingk on MeMe says Fuku is her UNCLE, not her father :-)

  12. He, uh, could be both. >.>

  13. *snerk*

  14. Yeah, well, there are uncles and there are “uncles” *wink-wink*

  15. ROFL!

  16. I failed to notice the Shrek ears sewn onto the hat the first go-around. Kyoot!

  17. As a crocheter, I now kind of want to make this in human size. :)

  18. As a not-crocheter, I’d like to buy that from you. ;)

  19. lol me not-crocheter either, it would be worth the bandages I will need.

  20. It was quite a breakthrough to me when I realized that as long as you understand how to make the basic geometric shapes in crochet, the possibilities are nearly endless. For example, I can see from the faceplant shot that the cap and ears are constructed of basic spirals of double and single crochet, respectively. This would be very easy to construct. What keeels me is that the hat looks sort of fuzzy and well-worn, meaning either that it gets trotted out every Christmas for photo-oppery, or the kittehs have batted it about a little. :)

    I once made a crocheted kitteh for a friend of mine, and worked it from the legs up (kitteh was sitting upright). With the legs attached to the pear-shaped body, my hubby remarked that it looked a bit like a gray roasted turkey. :D

  21. Fuku’s eyes look really annoyed, but he sure is cute with his antlers! I love his little turned out front feet, too.

  22. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I know – his posed paws – just like a supermodel would pose. Awesome.

  23. Like I said, strongly contributed to the win.

  24. I love his little fishy tag on his collar.

  25. That is some nice bling.

  26. Yes, the feet! So prim.

  27. Alice Shortcake says:

    That’s the second thing I noticed after the antlers – FIRST POSITION PAWS!

  28. I think this contributed to the win.

  29. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    pas de chat pas de chat!

  30. I don’t think the last photo is Fuku taking a bow, I thing he’s hitting is head on the floor chanting:
    Krusty’s comming
    Krusty’s comming
    Krusty’s comming

  31. Think maybe he is eating reindeer snacks. :)

  32. Okay, that cat — and hat — are pretty darn cute. But I think my black cat, Felix, in his Santa hat, is a close second. :-)

  33. He’s pretty stinkin’ cute.

  34. I secretly think your kitteh Felix is the winnah! But maybe all kittens in hats are win.

  35. Oooohhhh…gorgeous kitteh!

  36. Oh, fur heaven’s sake. What a handsome boy!

  37. Blush. Thank you, guys. We think Felix is most handsome — and that the red hat really complemented his black fur — but we may be a bit biased. Dare we try to get the antlers on him this year? ;-)

  38. bob drummond says:


    Love Bob D.

  39. Lewis n' Clark says:

    well, I have to say Felix also looks a little disapproving….maybe he’s heard the “Felix Navidad” joke one too many times…?

  40. My given name is Noelle. Every. Single. Year. At this time, someone thinks it’s clever to sing, “Noel, noel” to me (“The First Noel”).

    Oh well, I suppose I ought to be grateful they care enough to try. :)

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    The other day, a friend told me she had just seen a t-shirt in a store which
    showed an ole hound dog, scratchin’ an’ itchin’.

    It said (drumroll, please) “F’leas Navidad!!!”

    (ba-dum CHHHHHHH)

    Thank you. I’ll be here all year. Don’t forget to tip your waitperson :)

  42. bob drummond says:

    Very cute FIRD , that was original, or at least to me it was !!!

  43. Fird Birfle says:


  44. Is the other calico Meme’s Mama?

  45. Yes. The other calico (without the white chest and mustache) is Meme’s mother, Goma.

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    dunno but me loves yer alliteration!!!

  47. Love how Meme almost looks jealus on that picture.
    So cute all grown up now :D.

  48. Wasn’t Meme the Russell Crowe kitten?

  49. Those are the cutest kitties!!!

    the one on the side seems to be smurking

    Head on floor Lol at hoover text.

  50. You know you have been here too much when you read this and immediately think “Fuku is her uncle, not her father!”

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    *considers re-posting the bit from “Chinatown” again….*

  52. Tired brain figuring out how he can be her uncle and her father…okay, yup, got it. Eww.

  53. My kitteh is from a rather inbred feral colony. I always tell her she’s her own grandpa.

  54. :lol:

  55. Actually, according to a Meme video i watched, Fuku is Meme’s uncle! At least that’s what the caption said, could be a mistranslation from whomever did the captions….?

  56. Nope, the owner’s website also lists Fuku as Meme’s uncle.

  57. And she is his sister and his cousin and his aunt…

  58. You go back far enough, all cats are related!

  59. Ballet feetsies. :)

  60. emmberrann says:

    Note the perfect tornout of the knees!

  61. Fird Birfle says:

    — which are closely associated, with “JAZZ HANDS!!!!!” :)

  62. I love this! Reminds me of playing “beauty parlor” with my dad when I was a kid. He’d let me put barettes (those molded plastic ones w/flowers) and yarn ribbons in his hair. I miss those days.

  63. AWW :lol: What a thing to do to a kitty :lol:

  64. warrior rabbit says:

    That last photo is totally heddesk. (Hedfloor)

  65. Totally thinking that. You can see the slow boil/breakdown in the second photo.


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