We Wish You a Puppy Christmas

Welcome to the living room of the Perfect family, so named because they are about to get the perfect gift: Santa’s jumbo box o’puppies!



  1. nooooo don’t keeeeel me with this.
    wahh what a world…what a world.

  2. I want each and every one of them. I must have theem!

  3. Okay, okay, I am NOT nuffing because this is an impossibly adorable video, but as a former Humane Society marketing/education person, I lost count of the WRONG things after only about 15 seconds! Yowza. It’s like they used an HSUS public service announcement about having a safe pet holiday and used it as a shooting guide. That said, I will watch it again, mostly for the little pup that sproings off a package about halfway through. I want them ALLLLLLLLLLLL …. (which is why they don’t let me foster dogs any more).

  4. Oh my gosh. That was just so adorable! Such little sweeties. I want to wake up in that house on Christmas!

  5. Ooooh mah gah . . . . wottthe . . . why . . . I . . . wherethe . . . 😀

    Not to go all nuffer, peeps, but please don’t let your doggies, kitties or other anipals eat anything you know, tinselly, Xmas morning.

  6. Aw~dorableness!!! Paw~dorableness? Can I have one, too? :~)

  7. Oooh! My first time in the mod lounge! I’m making hot cider and cheese straws.

  8. Why, oh why are there no puppies (or kittayns) wreaking havoc amidst my presents? What have I done to deserve this? (Eats Santa’s cookies to soothe myself)

  9. Is it too late to amend my letter to Santa? Box’o puppies please!

  10. Gaahhhhh! I’m DED from the cute…..dead, I tell ya. *thud*

  11. O! my heart!
    can’t breathe… too… stinkin… cute….

    oh lordy, this is the stuff dreams are made on! DREAMS, I tell you.

    If this isn’t what heaven looks like, I want a refund.

  12. Alexandra Noel says:

    OKAY. I’m dead.
    soo danng cute! and how they all got worn out from playing…..daww.
    and the one’s yawn, and the peeenk tongue.
    I need a puppy now…. :/

  13. I’m dead of cuteness overload xx

  14. That sounds delicious, I should start swearing on here just to join you!

  15. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    The one in the Santa hat is cracking me up. “I… I can’t!… I don’t have… I can’t get…! Oh, there we go.”

    Are these some manner of rat terrier?

  16. Sing it with me:
    Let there be pups on Earth, and let them come home with meeee…

    Honestly, how convenient is it that these pups are already wrapping paper-trained? Of course, my grandfather would not have been pleased. There’s no way he could have folded up that paper and used it again next year.

  17. I’m betting they’re Shih Tzu’s.

  18. kibblenibble says:


    (the helpless sounds of kibblenibble trying to verbalize her response to teh Qte after melting into a puddle of rainbow-glitter goo on the floor)

  19. The tongue curl!! The tongue curl!!! @1:30 Must…watch…repeatedly…
    (I know if I check MY gifts there will not be a box of puppies with BOWS!! *pouts*)

  20. Someone tell me what kind of pups these are so I may be specific in my letter to Santa! 🙂

  21. So..many tiny tails. So…much destruction…

  22. Oh my friggin’ Bob! I could smell the puppy breath….I want to scoop them all up.
    This is just too much. I can’t bear the cute.
    I repeat….Oh my friggin’ Bob!

  23. Well….I’m in here with you jakepets, may I have some cider and cheese straws please?

  24. Oakley, your grandfather must be related to my mother–we have a bag of bows that have been recycled so many times–it just doesn’t feel like Christmas if we don’t get a gift with a bow from 1967 on the present! So funny.

  25. I was going to nuff on this (coughdon’tgivepetsasgiftsdon’tletpetseattinselcough), but then I realized it was a professionally made video, and I’m sure that the animals were well cared for. So, I’ll tell a story instead.

    When I was barely five years old, I desperately wanted a puppy. We discussed it as a family, and M&D made sure I understood what my responsibilities would be, and Fritz came home with us on Christmas Eve. And under the Christmas tree the next morning was a crudely wrapped present addressed to him from me: My security blanket, to line his bed until he was house-trained.

  26. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DdI2eKDY-Rqc&v=dI2eKDY-Rqc&gl=US

    Have y’all seen this commercial? It’s some football player with a puppy 🙂
    Muy heartwarming

  27. Did someone say there was cider in the mod lounge? *harrumph*

  28. Excuse me because I will be falling over in a puppy induced coma throughout the Christmas holidays. Seeya all next year.

    * plonk! *

  29. Mod lounge is getting crowded. I’d like some cider and cheese straw too!

  30. Oh the prancing, the playing, the sniffing, the pure joy of the little creatures. Proof to me that there is a God who loves us enough to give us these adorable puppies to care for and to love. All I want for Christmas is to remember how this video made me feel.

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    Um, cheese straws? I don’t know what those are. And re: the video — I want to go to there!

  32. Jackie Rose says:

    Thank you, Theresa, for pointing that out … so I didn’t have to!

  33. I hear you.

    My gnawing nuff is the inadvertant marketing of pupppies and kittens for Christmas without including the long term responsibilities.

    Really really tried not to nuff but can’t help it, I don’t want a ton of puppies and kittens discarded in shelters or worse in January when people realize that they’re more than cute, they’re major nuisances if you’re not prepared.

  34. Cheese straws are like thin breadsticks, except made o’ cheese. They are delicious and addictive and go good with a whole box of wine (not a bottle, duh?). Not that I’ve had a whole box of wine

  35. SQEEEEEEEEE! I want the jumbo box o’ puppies! Actually my mom has a new puppy named Kibbles (Kibbie for short). She is a blast. Tucker (my dog) and I love visiting her every day. 🙂

  36. Hahahahahha! *slaps knee* Hahahahahahha

  37. The only thing that could possibly be cuter than this would be a box full o kittens >.>

  38. Will this do? 🙂

  39. “Close the windows! I’m not paying to heat the entire neighborhood!” 😛


  41. I know! One for you, and two for me. One for Theo, and one more for me! What?! I “found” ’em, right?! 😉

  42. Sorry, Ozbirds, I stepped out for a while … hope you enjoyed the buffet!

  43. Yuzu, you have to try the “juice boxes for grownups” at Target … their very-drinkable box wines in individual servings. I smuggle ’em into movies! “-)

  44. You laughin’ at me? I loved that blanket. It was a huge sacrifice.

  45. Indeedly doodley.:)

  46. Exactly…it was that very sacrifice of your beloved blanky that made it all the more poignanat. Not laughing at you…laughing at the ingenuity of your parents. 😉

  47. poignanat? Well…you know what I mean. *rolls eyes at lack of typing skills*

  48. Alice Shortcake says:

    Something tells me that there was much festive urinating we weren’t allowed to see,,,

  49. Wee wish you a merry Christmas!

  50. Thank you. Oranges are always a welcome Christmas gift.

  51. Pees on Earth

  52. A puppy Christmas… and a Kitty New Year! 😉

  53. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Have yourself a merry widdle Christmas.

  54. earlybird1 says:

    Tinkle bells, tinkle bells, tinkle all the way…

  55. It’s impossible to encounter the BoOK without making the squealing noises made by the hoomans in the video. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the BoOK in real life, and I think I gained an upper octave in my voice.

  56. bookmonstercats says:

    I like your parents, HP. That was a wise and subtle way to drive the lesson home.

    Apart from that, laughing till I’m crying.

  57. bookmonstercats says:

    No link, Tl.

    *Shifty eyes* Is it David Beckham?

  58. Is there still time for me to get adopted by this family so I can wake up to a box o’puppies on Christmas morning?

  59. lemme try this one? it’s totally worth posting

  60. wow you just made my day 🙂
    *item added to shopping list*

  61. So cute. But is it wrong that I expected the tree to be tipped over int eh final wide shot?

  62. it’s a good rule of thumb to ask yourself before helplessly nuffing, “does it cheer people up?”

  63. And don’t slam the door! You were not raised in a barn!

  64. LOL I cant decide puppies or kittens.

    The puppy sproinging off the gift looks similar to mine. The dot on the b ut t. He has grown.

  65. I used to buy those in Italy all the time and take them to our outdoor movie theater! I’m so glad they’re at Target!!

  66. And stop running with that [insert object] in your hand! You can’t replace an eye!

  67. [sniff sniff] dust in my eye…

  68. OMG – that brought little tears to mine eyes – but then those adopt-a-pet-from-the-shelter-please commercials always do!

  69. I was so thoroughly enjoy the cute/funny (and the dogs little ear that kept sticking up) and then they hit me with the tearjerker! Sneaky.

  70. You keep making that face and it will freeze like that!

  71. It’s all fun and games until they start leaving their own “presents” under the tree. We wish you a stinky Christmas!

  72. You haven’t had a cute Christmas until you’ve had bunnies under the tree. They hippy hop all around…they nibble on gift corners they think you’ll like….they play in the tissue paper…And the wrapping paper? Forgettabout it!

  73. That is absolutely the most adorable video I have seen in a while!!!!!!! I want them all under my Xmas tree. 🙂

  74. I can’t handle this kind of cuteness!

  75. Plus bunnies do a great job of cleaning up all the needles that fall off the tree (real trees that is). My big bun SnowFlake used to help me wrap presents and then she would push them under the tree for me. The only problem with them eating pine needles is they peed orange for a little while.

  76. Which is why I’m frantically beating the nuff box away……(although the pupcakes did a better job of cheering me up this morning….)

  77. And yet, it only takes one kitteh to accomplish the same amount of damage. :mrgreen:

  78. “Stop running in the house! How many times do I have to tell you?!”

  79. Don’t we all?? *puzzled look*

  80. Thank you for saying that. This is an exceptionally cute video but wow I hope no one thinks puppies should play with tinsel, or around the tree.

  81. Just send him a recording of the video and say,”I want THESE ones!”

  82. Don’t have snacks between meals! You’ll ruin your appetite!

  83. Barking around the Christmas tree, have a hoppy holiday…

  84. Oh bartender? Could I get another martooni, please?

  85. I iz Awsome says:


  86. sniff, *wipes eyes*

  87. Festive unrinating, ha ha. I’m going to start using that when I am urging Francesco to make a nice big pee. And I’ll also start referring to Eddy’s “festive vomiting”.

  88. augh. I teared up at the end. I’m overly emotional or something, but that’s amazing.

  89. oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh SNEEF SNEEF

    not to mention I just adore big burly dudes with petite little dogfriends. It’s precious. BREAK DOWN THOSE GENDER ROLES WITH FLUFFY PALS.

  90. The look on his leetle face…breaks my heart *sniff*

  91. My first rabbit would hang out under the tree all day once it was up, and whenever she wanted a “snack” she’d stretch up and chew off parts of branches. Sometimes the whole tree would shake!

  92. so cute but please, PLEASE remember to adopt and ONLY bring home a puppy/ dog/ cat/ rabbit if you are ready to give them a forever home! Happy Holidays

  93. so cute

  94. I believe the phrase is ‘barfing rainbows’?

  95. shellybeans says:

    Merry puppies (who are loved), Happy New Year (full of soft paw-ness). There’s nothing like puppy breath and puppy-snorgling on Christmas Day night.

    And for those who didn’t do the homework . . . puppies are living creatures who deserve a great home with warning and advance notice to make a little room, if it can be done, for the next little furry ball of love.